Guns and Cancer Couldn't Kill Him, Now Doyle Taking No Chances With Coronavirus

Doyle Brunson taking no chances with Coronavirus

There's not a lot that Doyle Brunson hasn't lived through, and 'Texas Dolly' as he's known is one of a number of poker players voicing their concerns about the Coronavirus on social media.

The octogenarian admitted that he was in self-quarantine mode so as to not infect his wife Louise. He added that despite being robbed at gun point five times, been stabbed, beaten cancer three times and survived three car wrecks, "the Corona can't touch me."

Meanwhile, Ronnie Bardah has been spreading the word about the dangers of shaking hands in the current climate, going on a Las Vegas television station teaching new greetings to reporters.

Although figuring out how you're going to greet someone is a moot point when you're stuck on an airplane. That's exactly what happened to reigning WSOP APAC Main Event champion Scott Davies, who endured a more than six-hour plane ride with "nearly every single person sitting around [him] having a bad cough."

Other players have their own ways of dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak. Mike Matusow announced that he would be writing a new book whilst self-isolating, Sasha Liu praised Taiwan and its response to the outbreak while Kitty Kuo is hitting the gym whilst also self-isolating.

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