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GGSeries 2020 Festival Has $50 Million Guaranteed

GGSeries 2020

The latest GGSeries hits GGPoker between April 5-26 and it is nothing short of massive. A staggering $50 million worth of combined guaranteed prize pools are up for grabs, the biggest festival ever run on the GG Network.

There’s a GGSeries 2020 tournament for literally everyone. More than 1,000 tournaments pack out the schedule, tournaments with buy-ins starting at only $1 and increasing all the way up to $5,000 for the high rollers among you.

Each of the events come in four tiers: Low, Mid, High, and High Rollers with satellites and tournament dollar satellites making it possible to win your way into the bigger buy-in tournaments.

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GGSeries 2020 Weekday Highlights

Every day of the $50 million guaranteed GGSeries 2020 has a fresh look, but also a set of core tournaments that aren’t to be missed. These core highlights run from 13:00 CET through 22:00 CET and have buy-ins from $2 to $5,000 and guarantees ranging from $2,000 to $200,000.

Time(UTC)Tournament nameBuy-inGTD
12:00GGS-H: $200 Starter$200$50,000
12:00GGS-M: $20 Starter$20$15,000
12:00GGS-L: $2 Starter$2$2,000
13:30GGS: $33 Daily Special$33$30,000
15:00GGS: $55 Daily Special$55$50,000
16:30GGS: $88 Daily Special$88$80,000
17:30GGS: $210 Bounty Special$210$100,000
18:00GGS-HR: $5K Daily Main$5,000$200,000
18:00GGS-H: $500 Daily Main$500$100,000
18:00GGS-M: $50 Daily Main$50$50,000
18:00GGS-L: $5 Daily Main$5$7,500
19:00GGS: $1K$1,000$100,000
20:00GGS-HR: $2.5K$2,500$80,000
20:00GGS-H: $250$250$50,000
20:00GGS-M: $25$25$15,000
20:00GGS-L: $2.5$2.5$3,500
21:00GGS-High Roller: $5K$5,000$150,000

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GGSeries 2020 Sunday Highlights

Sundays, as you’d expect, are the biggest days on the GGSeries 2020 schedule. It’s on the final day of the week that you’ll find the biggest, baddest guaranteed prize pools!

You simply can’t miss the $500,000 guaranteed GG Masters. The $150 buy-in freezeout is fast becoming the must-play event in the online poker world. The $500,000 sponsorship package for the overall Player of the Year has something to do with that.

Some of the Sunday tournaments are massive, check out some of the highlights for yourself below.

*Time(UTC)Tournament nameBuy-inGTD
12:00GGS-H: $200 Starter$200$75,000
12:00GGS-M: $20 Starter$20$20,000
12:00GGS-L: $2 Starter$2$3,000
13:30GGS: $33 Sunday Special$33$40,000
15:00GGS: $55 Sunday Special$55$75,000
16:00GGS-HR: $2.5K$2,500$150,000
16:00GGS-H: $250$250$150,000
16:00GGS-M: $25$25$30,000
16:00GGS-L: $2.5$2.5$5,000
16:30GGS: $88 Sunday Special$88$100,000
17:00GGMasters $150, $500K GTD$150$500,000
17:00GGS-HR: $5K Omaha Main Event$5,000$150,000
17:00GGS-H: $500 Omaha Main Event$500$40,000
17:00GGS-M: $50 Omaha Main Event$50$12,500
17:00GGS-L: $5 Omaha Main Event$5$2,000
17:30GGS: $210 Bounty Special$210$150,000
18:00GGS-HR: $5K Sunday Main$5,000$300,000
18:00GGS-H: $500 Sunday Main$500$200,000
18:00GGS-M: $50 Sunday Main$50$100,000
18:00GGS-L: $5 Sunday Main$5$15,000
19:00GGS: $1K$1,000$100,000
20:30GGS-Phased: $250~$1K [Day2]$250~$1K$500K~$1M
21:00GGS-High Roller: $5K$5,000$200,000

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$300,000 GGSeries Leaderboard

If you needed any more enticement to play in as many GGSeries 2020 events as you can, you have it in the shape of the $300,000 GGSeries Leaderboard.

Full details haven’t been released yet, but PokerNews knows there is $37,500 going to the winner of the leaderboard! That’s a pretty hefty prize on top of all the other prize money the winner will have secured during the three-week grind.

Leaderboard points are awarded using the following formula, which rewards those who go deepest in GGSeries 2020 events.

f * sqrt(Prize pool / k)

  • k is the finishing position
  • f=2.0 (1st place)
  • f=1.5 (Final table)
  • f=1.0 (In the money)
  • f=0.5 (Bubble)

Sign up for a free GGPoker account via PokerNews, get your hands on a welcome bonus worth up to $600, then bring your A-game to the GGPoker tables between April 5-26 and see if you can win yourself bags full of cash!

  • It's time for a massive, $50M guaranteed tournament series on GGPoker.

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