blakjack19 Defeats Chidwick to Bag Super MILLION$ Title ($344,407)


Cyprus’ “blakjak19” is the latest poker star to win a massive prize online at GGPoker. Blakjak19 topped a ridiculously stacked field of 137 of the world’s best tournament players in the $10,300 Super MILLION$ High Rollers event and padded their bankroll with a colossal $344,407.

Super MILLION$ High Rollers Final Table

2Stephen ChidwickCanada$263,791
3Dario SammartinoAustria$202,045
5Alex FoxenCanada$118,529
6Idris AmbraisseMorocco$90,785
8Niklas AstedtCanada$53,258
9Rica CopagBrazil$40,792

Those 137 starters were whittled to a more manageable final table of nine during Day 1 on October 11. Ireland’s “Gr4vyB04t” was the 10th place finisher, collected $31,244, and burst the final table bubble.

The final table commenced on October 13 under the watchful eye GGPoker’s army of Twitch followers. Cards-up coverage combined with expert commentary from Kevin “Rotterdam” van der Kooi and Randy “Nanonoko” Lew made for an exciting and educational spectacle.

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First Elimination at the Final Table

Brazil’s Rica Copag was the first player at the final table to lose their stack. Blinds were 35,000/70,000/8,500a and 2019 WSOP Main Event runner-up Dario Sammartino opened to 140,000 from middle position with pocket aces. Copag three-bet all-in from the next seat along for 501,312 with pocket jacks, and Sammartino called instantly. Sammartino flopped a set and Copag busted in ninth place for $40,792.

Niklas Astedt was the next player eliminated. He open-shoved for 10 big blinds with pocket threes in the cutoff. Alex Foxen called all-in from the button with pocket tens and Foxen’s hand held, leaving Astedt with less than two big blinds.

Astedt hung on for a few more hands before busting. The action folded to blakjak19 on the button and he raised to 154,000 with ace-seven. Idris Ambraisse called in the small blind with pocket fives and Astedt called off his last 7,790 chips in the big blind with king-six. Blakjak19 made a continuation bet, which folded out Ambraisse. Astedt was in front courtesy of flopping a six, but a seven landed on the turn. The river bricked and Astedt busted in eighth place, a finish good for $53,258.

The blinds had increased to 40,000/80,000/10,000a when “winnerwsop” of Belarus crashed out. Everyone folded to winnerwsop in the cutoff and he open-shoved for 1,021,638 with king-queen. “V@der” was in the small blind and they shoved for 1,093,188 with the dominating ace-queen. Stephen Chidwick folded king-queen in the big blind, which left winnerwsop drawing to the remaining two kings or an unlikely straight. An eight-high board sent winnerwsop to the sidelines with the $69,534 seventh-place prize in tow.

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Last Five-Figure Prize of the Evening

Sixth place and $90,785, the last five-figure prize of the tournament, went to Ambraisse of Morocco. Chidwick min-raised to 160,000 on the button with pocket aces and Ambraisse called in the big blind with queen-nine of hearts. The flop smacked both players square in the face; Chidwick flopped top set but Ambraisse flopped an open-ended straight draw and a heart flush draw.

Ambraisse initially checked, leading Chidwick to bet 126,000. Ambraisse then check-raised all-in for 1,405,980, despite Lew stating from the commentary booth that a call was best. Chidwick called and was a 60.15% favourite in the hand according to the GGPoker software. That soon changed to 100% when the turn and river missed Ambraisse.

Thirty-Three Players Received Money When Foxen Busted

The waters grew less shark-infested when Foxen ran out of steam in fifth place. It wasn’t only good news for the surviving four players but also for the 33 GGPoker players who bought a piece of Foxen’s action using the in-built staking software.

Foxen busted at the hands of blakjack19. The latter open-shoved from the small blind with king-four of spades and Foxen called off his last 15 big blinds with pocket sevens. A king on the flop was enough to send Foxen home in fifth for $118,529. “Atuana” purchased 4% of Foxen and received $4,741.16 as a result! In total, Foxen sold 17% of himself in this event at 1.3 markup.

Fourth-place went to V@der during the 50,000/100,000/12,500a level. They jammed from the cutoff, which was also under the gun at this stage, for 811,504 with ace-eight of hearts and Chidwick woke up on the button with a pair of queens in the hole and he moved all-in for 1,662,941. The queens held on a jack-high board and V@der was gone.

Heads-up was set when Sammartino’s tournament came to an abrupt end after reaching back-to-back final tables. Blackjack19 min-raised from a massive 94 big blind stack with king-jack, Sammartino responded with a 20 big blind shove from the small blind with pocket sixes, and Chidwick woke up in the big blind with pocket kings and quickly called. Blackjak19 ducked out of the way and Sammartino fell by the wayside when the five community cards ran ten high.

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Heads-Up Lasts a Single Hand

Chidwick trailed blakjack by 4,398,183 chips to 9,126,817, but still held almost 44 big blinds. Amazingly, heads-up lasted one hand and one hand only.

A raise to 220,000 from Chidwick with six-four of spades was three-bet to 840,000 by blakjak19 holding ace-jack with the jack of diamonds. Chidwick called and flopped a straight but that flop was all diamonds. Blakjak19 continued with a 426,250 bet, Chidwick raised to 1,052,500 before calling off his last 2,555,683 chips when blakjak19 set him all-in. The turn was the deuces of spades, which kept Chidwick in front, but the river was a diamond. Chidwick bowed out in second place for $263,792 and blakjak19 banked $344,408 and the title of Super MILLION$ champion.

The next Super MILLION$ High Rollers event shuffles up and deals at 8:00 p.m. CET on October 18. It costs $10,300 to enter unless you manage to win you way into it via the $250 and $1,000 satellites that run throughout the week.

Eleven players have already bought in, at the time of writing, including this week’s champion blakjak19 and fifth-place finisher Alex Foxen. Both these superstars are selling action, will you buy a piece?

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