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Pokerstars VIP Club

At PokerStars players are rewarded with a comprehensive VIP loyalty scheme. The level a player reaches is all dependent on how many VPPs the player has accumulated during the prior month. There are four different monthly VIP-tiers; Players who have just opened an account will start directly from the Bronze level. After that we have Silver, Gold and Platinum. For each new VIP level the player reaches, he or she can expect a variety of benefits, cash incentives, exclusive online events, and even access to live events.

To gain access to the next VIP level doesn't just give the player access to both new cash bonuses and other benefits, it will also give the player a higher FPP multiplier. These FPP can later be used in the PokerStars VIP store and be traded in for a variety of items, from electronics to EPT buy-ins, all the way up to a Porsche.

Monthly VIP benefits

Besides the monthly tiers PokerStars also offers two annual tiers for the really hard core players and these are Supernova and the most prestigious of all, Supernova Elite. To get into the highest of all VIP the player needs to accumulate 1 million VPPs during a calendar year, and the sooner the player reaches this level the longer he or she can benefit from it. This stretches from January 1 until December 31. So if a player reaches this level in November, he will benefit from this VIP level from then until December 31.

At Supernova, VIP-level all players accumulate FPP five times faster than normal, and the estimated reward for a SuperNova Elite is set at an incredible amount of $103,910, that is if the player started all the way from the Bronze level. If a player was a Supernova player the previous year and reaches this level again the following year, then the benefits would increase all the way up to $129,600. Out of these two sums, the players would get $98,710 and $124,400 in pure cash while the remaining part would be a WCOOP Main Event ticket worth $5,200.

Frequent Player Points

Belonging at the top of the VIP tiers as a Supernova or Supernova Elite, the players gain their Frequent Player Points at a much faster pace than other players. These points could then later be used in the PokerStars VIP store where they are exchanged for all kinds of goods from electronics to a sports car such as a Porsche Cayman, that’s if you have 3 million FPPs laying around.

These points could also be used to claim buy-ins from PokerStars sponsored live events such as EPT, APPT or even PCA. To gain access to a EPT Main Event you need to be prepared to pay up 560,000 FPP and upwards depending on which even you plan to attend. To get a PCA Main Event buy-in you will have to pay 900,000 FPP.

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