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PokerStars VIP Program Rebates and Rewards

At PokerStars players are rewarded with a comprehensive VIP loyalty scheme. The level a player reaches is all dependent on how many VPPs, ad ultimately StarsCoin, you accumulate during the prior month. There are five monthly VIP-tiers and a yearly status; Players who have just opened an account will start directly from the BronzeStar level. After that we have ChromeStar, SilverStar, GoldStar and PlatinumStar. The yearly status is called Supernova. For each new VIP level you reach, you can expect a variety of benefits, cash incentives, exclusive online events, and even access to live events.

VIP Levels

Players earn VPPs each time they contribute to the cash game rake or pay fees in tournaments. These are converted to StarsCoin, and it is the number of StarsCoin you earn during the month and year that determines your VIP level.

Each level required between 20 and 110 steps to achieve, with each step requiring between five and 1,000 VPPs to complete. The table below shows the number of steps, VPPs per step, and cumulative monthly rebates associated with each PokerStars VIP level.

VIP StatusSteps to MaintainVPPs per StepCumulative Monthly Rebates
PlatinumStar11015500 to 1,000

VIP Benefits

Benefits of the VIP scheme start right away from BronzeStar level, but increase in value the further up the ladder you climb.

VIP levels higher than BronzeStar gain access to all of their level's benefits and those benefits from the next level down. These benefits include a $5,000 BronzeStar+ VIP tournament, a $20,000 ChromeStar+ freeroll, a $30,000 SilverStar+ freeroll, and a $100,000 GoldStar+ freeroll.

Once you reach SilverStar you gain access to live VIP bashes, with Supernovas receiving prioritized support and live event benefits.

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