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David Yan Leads Final 6 Players in PokerStars EPT Malta €25,750 High Roller

After two grueling days of play, the 65-player field of the PokerStars EPT Malta €25,750 High Roller has been cut down to six with David Yan in the lead.

Scott Seiver Busts in Huge Hand

The floor just announced it was going to be the last hand before the break and from the hijack Philipp Gruissem raised to 6,000.

Four-Bet by Jensen

Nariman Yaghmai raised to 6,000 from under the gun and Patrick Leonard three-bet to 18,000 from the hijack. In the small blind, Frederik Jensen moved all in and Yaghmai folded after brief consideration.

Carrel Eliminated by Seiver

With 10,000 in the middle and on the table, Charlie Carrel moved all-in for 12,800 chips. Scott Seiver asked for a count but quickly realised he didn't need one to make the call. Carrel's tournament life was at risk.

Scott Seiver

Morten Mortensen was first to act and raised to, what we believe was 5,100. Adrian Mateos called on the button and big blind Scott Seiver came along for the ride as well. The flop came and Seiver and Mortensen both checked.

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2016 EPT13 Malta €25,750 Super High Roller

In two hours from now at 12.30 p.m. local time, Day 2 of the 2016 EPT13 Malta €25,750 Super High Roller will get underway at the Casino Portomaso.

Newey's Plan Fails

When the last four hands were announced, Paul Newey said to his table mates that he'd double up three times and fold the other hand.

Kisacikoglu Finds a Double

From early position, Orpen Kisacikoglu moved all in for 22,700 and Scott Seiver called in the cutoff. Kisacikoglu: Seiver: The board ran out and Kisacikoglu doubled towards the end of the night.

Kozlov Eliminated by Nemeth

It was folded around to Scott Seiver on the button and he made it 4,000 to go. In the small blind, Martin Kozlov looked at his card and shoved all-in right away.

Seiver Bullies Buddiga

In a blind vs. blind confrontation, Pratyush Buddiga and Scott Seiver saw a flop of appear. Buddiga bet out 2,000 and Seiver called. On the turn, Buddiga checked, Seiver bet 5,200, and Buddiga called.

Kolonias and Yaghmai Eliminated

Alexandros Kolonias was spotted leaving his seat over on table one and came back shortly after with a new ticket in hand only to draw the very same table and seat for his second bullet.

Seiver Takes From Kozlov

Martin Kozlov and Scott Seiver are both on their second bullet and now share a table. Kozlov raised to 1,200 from under the gun and Seiver called in the big blind. On the flop, Seiver checked, Kozlov bet 1,500 and received a call.

Yan Busts Seiver

We arrived with the entire board already out in a pot between Scott Seiver (hijack) and David Yan (cutoff). With the board reading , Seiver had a bet of 6,500 in front of him with 16,700 back.

Riverbet Works for Yan

In a big pot, with already 22,000 chips in the middle, David Yan fired out an 11,500 riverbet. Scott Seiver, his single opponent, had checked to him after the board ran out .

Seiver Stacks Shak

Scott Seiver raised to 700 and got a call from Jean-Noel Thorel. On the button, Dan Shak moved in for 11,375. Seiver flicked in a 1,000 chip to indicate a call, and Thorel got out of the way.

Silver Moves In On Shak

Scott Seiver opened with a raise to 700 in early position and Max Silver called one seat over. Dan Shak three-bet to 4,000 on the button, which Seiver called. Silver, however, put in a re-raise to 13,200.

Silver Makes a Big Call Against Seiver

Satish Sanan limped in from the button and small blind Scott Seiver bumped it up to 1,300. Big blind Max Silver had even bigger plans and three-bet to 5,300. Sanan had seen enough and got out of the way.

Shak Can't Believe It

On a flop, Dan Shak was first to act and checked. Behzad Ahadpour bet 1,000, Scott Seiver raised to 2,500 in late position, Shak put in a three-bet to 7,000, Ahadpour folded, and Seiver called.

Seiver Chips Up Right Away

Scott Seiver raised to 500 in middle position and got a call from Jean-Noel Thorel on the button. Thorel called a continuation bet from Seiver on a flop. Seiver checked the turn, Thorel bet 2,100, and Seiver called.

Another One

In the words of the great modern day philosopher Dj Khaled, 'another one'. Scott Seiver is in.