2020 888poker LIVE Festival Madrid

€888 Main Event
Day: 1b
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2020 888poker LIVE Festival Madrid

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800,000 / 1,600,000
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€888 Main Event

Day 1b Completed

Kfir Ivgi Claims Overall Lead in Madrid After Day 1b

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Kfir Ivgi
Kfir Ivgi

The second of four starting days of the 2020 888poker LIVE Madrid €888 Main Event at the Casino Gran Via in the heart of Madrid attracted a field of 286 entries to boost the total number of entries at half time to 466 entries, and the event is on track to surpass the guaranteed prize pool of €800,000. On top of the cash prize, the winner can also look forward to a package for the 2020 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas worth $12,500, courtesy of event sponsor 888poker.

With the upcoming weekend and two flights remaining, a regular heat on Saturday, February 1st, 2020, and a turbo heat prior to Day 2 on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, staff expects very busy two days to come. Similar to Day 1a, essentially half of the field made it through as 149 hopefuls bagged and tagged for the night.

The overall chip lead has also changed, as Kfir Ivgi managed to spin a late entry in the final three levels of the night into the top stack of 535,000, and he is followed by Karmel Varas Tierro (478,800), Claudio Di Giacomo (453,000), Krasimir Kirilov (440,800) and Gleb Novik (436,500).

Ivgi doubled through Irena Macesovic when his jack-eight suited flopped trips and turned a full house while Macesovic's eight-seven suited only made trips. He then knocked out Tom-Aksel Bedell - both had exchanged banter when they were joking about getting the chips in blind, which they did soon after - and that vaulted him above half a million.

The Brit with roots in Israel is no stranger to the live poker circuit and the 888poker LIVE circuit. Last December, he had a big chip lead after Day 1 at the Aspers Casino in London, yet busted just before the money after running bad when it mattered.

Other notables that advanced with healthy stacks are Alex Montgomery (386,700), €2,200 High Roller finalist Daniel Tafur (287,000), Antonios Onoufriou (285,300), Abdelhakim Zoufri (283,900), Jordi Corominas (269,000), Ebony Kenney (267,700), Federico Anselmi (267,200), and Carl Shaw (251,800).

Montgomery was part of a memorable hand in the late stages of the day when he came out on top of a three-way all-in with a turned set of aces against the flopped set of jacks of Sinisa Radovanovic and the top two pair of a third player. Kenney also had a strong finish to the night thanks to a key hand in which she flopped a jack-high flush and sent an opponent with the ten-high flush to the rail.

Ebony Kenney
Ebony Kenney

Not all big names were as fortunate. Luigi Shehadeh, who lifted the trophy at the 2017 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event, was ousted in the last level of the night. In a three-bet pot, he flopped top pair with ace-jack and called the shove of Frederico Da Rocha. The Portuguese only had six-four suited for second pair but spiked a four on the river.

The only 888poker ambassador to take part on Day 1b was Sofia Lovgren, who had finished 6th in the €2,200 High Roller earlier on the day. Unfortunately, Lovgren was not able to find a bag and will try again in one of the two remaining starting days.

All those that busted or want to give it another shot to accumulate more chips can do so again on Day 1c and Day 1d. In case participants bag up more than once, they can pick a stack for Day 2 and the other stack(s) will become void.

As usual, the PokerNews team will be on the floor to provide all the action and there will also be a live stream on the 888poker social media channels after the first break on Day 1c.

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Leonardo Mancuso Wins €2,200 High Roller (€52,000)

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Leonardo Mancuso Wins the €2,200 High Roller
Leonardo Mancuso Wins the €2,200 High Roller

While the second starting day of the €888 Main Event was running at the stunning Casino Gran Via Madrid and a Bounty Side Event occupied most other tables that were not already filled with cash game action, one further tournament played down to a champion. After bagging up with the final nine out of a field of 103 entries, the €2,200 High Roller needed another seven levels of 45 minutes each until one contender had collected all the chips.

Jose Manuel Planells seemed destined to be the first on the rail as he returned to just four big blinds and change. However, the Spaniard "won the first flip" as he started on the button and subsequently doubled his stack more than once. Valeriano Toledano became the initial casualty when his ace-nine suited failed to catch any help against the ace-king of Ignacio Molina.

The next two to fall were Dmytro Yevseienko and Daniel Tafur, and 888poker ambassador Sofia Lovgren had to settle for 6th place. Planells had nursed his shorter stack for a long time and eventually ran out of chips when his ace-nine lost a dramatic flip against the pocket treys of Arie Zilberman. A nine on the flop and ace on the turn gave Planells two pair but Zilberman spiked a trey on the river.

Shortly after, Zilberman also struck gold with ten-trey against the ace-ten suited of Andrey Golubev to reduce the field to the final three hopefuls. Yet, it was the player from Israel that headed to the payout desk next and left Leonardo Mancuso with a mountain to climb against overwhelming chip leader Molina.

Scooping the 888poker LIVE €2,200 High Roller trophy with pocket eights and possibly another eight on the board as the winning hand would have sounded unbelievable. Molina certainly tried to strengthen the brand awareness twice but lost a flip against ace-queen before then ending up-second best against pocket jacks.

Ultimately, the blinds caught up on the former dominating chip leader and Molina got it in with jack-eight. Mancuso called with jack-ten suited and a ten-high flop left the Spaniard in need of a nine for a straight or running eights. Two blanks came on turn and river to send the trophy to Italy.

PlacePlayerCountryPayout (in EUR)Payout (in USD)
1Leonardo MancusoItaly€ 52,000$57,372
2Ignacio MolinaSpain€ 37,000$40,822
3Arie ZilbermanIsrael€ 27,000$29,789
4Andrey GolubevKazakhstan€ 21,000$23,169
5Jose Manuel PlanellsSpain€ 16,000$17,653
6Sofia LovgrenSweden€ 12,000$13,240
7Daniel TafurSpain€ 9,000$9,930
8Dmytro YevseienkoUkraine€ 7,000$7,723
9Valeriano ToledanoSpain€ 5,700$6,289
10Andre MoreiraPortugal€ 4,500$4,965
11Sonny FrancoFrance€ 4,500$4,965
Total  € 195,700$215,916

It was the far-biggest score of Mancuso on the live poker circuit, as his biggest cash until now was a cash in the 2019 EPT Barcelona Main Event, also on Spanish soil.

Leonardo Mancuso Wins the €2,200 High Roller
Leonardo Mancuso Wins the €2,200 High Roller

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Assorted End of Day 1b Chip Counts (full)

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
Kfir Ivgi gb
Kfir Ivgi
535,000 -65,000
Day 1B Chip Leader
Karmel Varas Tierro
Karmel Varas Tierro
Claudio Di Giacomo it
Claudio Di Giacomo
453,000 78,000
Krasimir Kirilov bg
Krasimir Kirilov
440,800 440,800
Gleb Novik ru
Gleb Novik
436,500 -38,500
Salvador Soria es
Salvador Soria
403,000 123,000
Cristian Tamas ro
Cristian Tamas
396,000 396,000
Alex Montgomery gb
Alex Montgomery
386,700 -53,300
Berkan Acarman tr
Berkan Acarman
Andoni Martinez es
Andoni Martinez
298,100 126,100
Daniel Tafur es
Daniel Tafur
287,000 107,000
Jorge Arias es
Jorge Arias
285,900 285,900
Antonio Oliva pt
Antonio Oliva
285,800 285,800
Fernando Banda es
Fernando Banda
285,600 285,600
Antonios Onoufriou cy
Antonios Onoufriou
285,300 75,300
Abdelhakim Zoufri nl
Abdelhakim Zoufri
283,900 33,900
Liberato Bonifacio
Liberato Bonifacio
281,500 281,500
Pedro Prada
Pedro Prada
Pedro Feijo
Pedro Feijo
Manuel Carballo Campana es
Manuel Carballo Campana
271,300 59,300
Jordi Corominas es
Jordi Corominas
269,000 269,000
Ebony Kenney us
Ebony Kenney
267,700 77,700
Federico Anselmi it
Federico Anselmi
267,200 -22,800
Adam Lulat
Adam Lulat
263,300 263,300
Omar Del Pino es
Omar Del Pino
261,500 21,500

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Day 1b Completed

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

Out of a field of 285 entries on Day 1b, it appears that fewer than 150 players have bagged up for the night. All those that haven't secured a stack for Day 2 yet will very likely be back tomorrow as of 5 p.m. local time for the final regular flight.

No Day 2 Yet for Lovgren

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

Sofia Lovgren can no longer be found at her previous table and it appears that the 888poker ambassador has been eliminated. nadir Molinari also ran out of chips and told the bad news to Claudio Di Giacomo.

Tsunamy has re-entered and essentially doubled on a table that also includes David Lebron.

Player Chips Progress
Carl Shaw gb
Carl Shaw
190,000 95,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Tsunamy es
170,000 170,000
Carlos Correia pt
Carlos Correia
David Lebron es
David Lebron
135,000 55,000
Da Quan cn
Da Quan
30,000 -90,000
Nadir Molinari ch
Nadir Molinari
Sofia Lovgren se
Sofia Lovgren

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Shehadeh Takes a Nasty Beat

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Luigi Shehadeh
Luigi Shehadeh

Frederico Da Rocha opened the action with a raise to 5,000 on the button and Luigi Shehadeh three-bet to 21,000 out of the small blind, which Da Rocha called. On a flop of {a-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{5-Hearts}, Shehadeh bet 17,000 out of a stack of approximately 86,000 and Da Rocha jammed for 90,000, Shehadeh quickly called.

Luigi Shehadeh: {a-Spades}{j-Hearts}
Frederico Da Rocha: {6-Spades}{4-Spades}

The {k-Hearts} turn changed nothing and the {4-Hearts} on the river improved the Portuguese to two pair, triggering several gasps from the players at the table.

"Ah well, tomorrow is another day," 2017 Barcelona champ Shehadeh said on his way out.

Player Chips Progress
Frederico Da Rocha pt
Frederico Da Rocha
220,000 130,000
Luigi Shehadeh it
Luigi Shehadeh

Tags: Frederico Da RochaLuigi Shehadeh

Montgomery Skyrockets Up the Leaderboard

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

A massive three-way pot has vaulted UK's Alex Montgomery to nearly half a million in chips as he turned a set of aces against flopped top pair and turned two pair, as well as a flopped set of jacks.

Montgomery held {a-Diamonds}{a-Hearts}, the short stack tabled {a-Clubs}{k-Hearts} and Sinisa Radovanovic revealed the {j-Spades}{j-Clubs} as the board came {k-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{a-Spades}{9-Clubs}.

Player Chips Progress
Alex Montgomery gb
Alex Montgomery
440,000 440,000
Sinisa Radovanovic rs
Sinisa Radovanovic
130,000 130,000

Tags: Alex MontgomerySinisa Radovanovic

Ivgi Has Heaps Once More

Level 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

It remains unclear if Kfir Ivgi and Tom-Aksel Bedell stood true to their promise to get it in blind but the seat of Bedell is empty and Ivgi has become the new chip leader.

Irena Macesovic also pointed out that the hot run of Ivgi had started with a double against her when Ivgi defended {j-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and flopped trips eights. Macesovic had {8-Clubs}{7-Clubs} and a jack on the turn locked up the double for Ivgi.

Whether or not the Brit with roots in Israel will remain at the top is a whole other topic.

Player Chips Progress
Kfir Ivgi gb
Kfir Ivgi
600,000 260,000
Day 1B Chip Leader
Tom-Aksel Bedell no
Tom-Aksel Bedell

Tags: Irena MacesovicKfir IvgiTom-Aksel Bedell