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2018 Cash Game Festival London
2018 Cash Game Festival London
Day 5 Completed

Gang Wang and Jon Kyte Make History at the Cash Game Festival London

Gang Wang
Gang Wang

The 2018 Cash Game Festival London at Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City has been a resounding success. During the festival's peak-time, 24 cash game tables were running simultaneously.

As is always the case, the festival featured a wide variety of games including no-limit hold'em, dealer's choice pot-limit Omaha, Sviten Special and super dealer's choice at stakes low and high.

The festival hosted 11 televised feature tables with stakes ranging from £1/£2 to £10/£25. Throughout the festival it appeared that Sam Miller would win the fourth-ever feature table trophy after winning £5,775 or 1,155 big blinds on the Day 1 £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha feature table.

However, during the last 30-minutes of the final feature table of the festival, China's Gang Wang was able to amass a huge pile of chips to pass Miller and then some. After the final hand was over, Wang entered the record books by winning the most big blinds ever at a feature table after walking away with £9,064 in profit or 1,812.8 big blinds on the £5/£5 pot-limit Omaha feature table.

DayPlayerGameProfitBig Blinds Won
Day 1David Newson£2/£5 NLHE£1,424284.8
Day 1Sam Miller£2/£5 PLO£5,7751,155.0
Day 2Jakub Stozek£1/£2 NLHE£398199.0
Day 2Jon Kyte£2/£5 PLO£4,260852.0
Day 3Alasdair Alexander£1/£2 NLHE£463231.5
Day 3David Clarkson£5/£10 NLHE£2,655265.5
Day 4Mick Smith£1/£2 NLHE£474237.0
Day 4Caroline Cove£1/£2 NLHE£12462.0
Day 4Jon Kyte£5/£10 NLHE£6,500650.0
Day 5Alireza Safarabadi£1/£2 NLHE£499249.5
Day 5Gang Wang£5/£5 PLO£9,0641,812.8

The previous Cash Game Festival feature table record for the most big blinds won was established at the last Cash Game Festival at Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn when Heiti Riisberg won €3,364 or 1,682 big blinds on a crazy €2/€2 no-limit hold'em table. While Riisberg was not in attendance this festival the other two trophy winners were including NordicBet player Jon Kyte (London - September) and Kevin Malone (Ireland - October).

Jon Kyte
Jon Kyte

While neither Kyte or Malone was able to win a second Cash Game Festival trophy, they both had success at the tables. Kyte also set a record after being the biggest winner two separate times to be the first player to ever be the biggest winner five times at a feature table across all Cash Game Festivals.

Of course, the Cash Game Festival is mostly about poker. However, every festival also features amazing activities away from the tables where players with similar interests can bond. New friends were made while old friends from previous festivals got a chance to catch up. During the 2018 Cash Game Festival London, players with the hospitality package enjoyed welcome drinks, exercise at a trampoline park, a VIP dinner, a beer-pong party and a guided tour of Camden Town.

Don't Miss Bratislava

If you were unable to make it out to Aspers Casino in east London, rest assured you will not have to wait too long to enjoy the next festival.

For the first time, the Cash Game Festival heads to Banco Casino in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 4-8 for another five days of nonstop cash game action. The festival is expected to attract many players from around the globe thanks to the festival's reputation and the wonders and splendors the Slovakian capital has to offer.

As usual, the PokerNews live reporting team will be on hand to report on all the events both on and away from the tables.

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Gang Wang Wins With a Bang

Gang Wang
Gang Wang

Sam Miller was in the lead for the Cash Game Festival trophy awarded to the player that won the most big blinds at any feature table after winning £5,775 or 1,115 big blinds on the Day 1 £2/£5 pot limit Omaha feature table.

It came down to the final few minutes of the last feature table of the festival for that to change in a hurry. China's Gang Wang went on a run and shipped a huge profit of £9,064 or 1,812.8 big blinds on the £5/£5 pot-limit Omaha feature table to ship the trophy.

Wang has appeared at every Cash Game Festival at Aspers Casino and received a huge round of applause during the trophy ceremony.

Meanwhile, Sam Miller, who was also on the feature table, appeared disappointed his lead was shattered and joked, "I think I will quit poker now."

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Will Anyone Catch Sam Miller on the Final Feature Table of the Festival

Sam Miller
Sam Miller

The final £5/£5 pot-limit Omaha feature table of the 2018 Cash Game Festival London should generate a lot of action. George Sandford, who was on the earlier feature table today, will join Ryan "Metalface" Davey in the commentary booth. You check out each hand on a 20-minute delay on the televised feature table on the Cash Game Festival Twitch channel and within our PokerNews coverage by clicking on the Live Stream tab.

Sam Miller, who is currently in line to win the trophy after winning £5,775 or 1,155 big blinds will have a chance to keep his opponents from chasing this amount in Seat 2.

One player who vocally wants the trophy in a big way is NordicBet player Jon Kyte in Seat 1. Even if Kyte falls short if he is the biggest winner at the feature table he will join a short list of players to be the big winner at a feature table three-times in one festival.

All of the other players are also known for action so there will likely be some memorable hands during the stream. Here is a look at the rest of the line-up.

Ernestas Romeika, in Seat 3, is a Lithuanian web developer. He has dabbled in other games outside of hold'em and Omaha throughout the festival including logging in a few hours playing Sviten Special.

Terry Jordon, in Seat 4, loves playing tons of pots and hates to fold before he sees a flop. His style sometimes throws his opponents off as it is nearly impossible to range what hands he has.

American Arie Juliusburger, in Seat 5, appeared in an interview with PokerNews on Facebook Live earlier in the festival where we learned he was once the commentator for the now-defunct NHL team Atlanta Thrashers.

China's Gang Wang, in Seat 6, appears at the Cash Game Festival whenever it appears in London. He is another big action player that has several gears to his game.

Rounding off the table is Cash Game Dublin trophy winner Kevin Malone, who was playing at Aspers Casino through the night until 3 p.m. today when he decided to hit his hotel for a nap before appearing at the feature table.

Alireza Safarabadi Wins Big

Alireza Safarabadi
Alireza Safarabadi

Alireza Safarabadi beat out a very competitive £1/£2 no-limit hold'em table after booking a profit of £499 or 249.5 big blinds.

While this does not put him near the running for the Cash Game Festival trophy with Sam Miller winning 1,155 big blinds on a Day 1 feature table, it does make his Sunday a bit brighter.

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