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£5,200 EPT London Main Event
£5,200 EPT London Main Event
Day 1a Completed

Day 1a Complete

The first flight of the EPT London £5,200+£200 Main Event championship at the historic Grosvenor Victoria Casino has come to a close. There are approximately 77 players remaining. They all advanced to Day 2 which will be held on Friday.

Day 1b begins tomorrow at 1:30 PM local time where 280 or so players will be in the mix. Return to tomorrow for complete coverage.

Here's who advanced to Day 2...

Mohammed Jaber 101,500
Max Pescatori 99,300
Liya Gerasimova 97,400
Sorel Mizzi 94,300
Carter Gill 81,600
Walid Rizkallah 73,500
Gus Hansen 72,800
Michael Martin 72,200
Jeffrey Hakim 62,600
Ian Frazer 60,700
Erik Friberg 58,400
Joseph Elpayaa 57,100
Priyan Demel 54,500
Ali Sarkeshik 54,300
Soren Blanner 53,500
Ramin Henke 52,900
Eric Liu 52,300
Arnaud Mattern 51,800
Theodoros Aidonopoulos 51,400
Scott Montgomery 51,300
Darrin Flint 50,300
Raphael Kampshoff 46,800
Victoria Coren 46,700
Guillaume de la Gorce 45,500
David Benyamine 44,800
Beth Shak 44,400
Mohammed Zahour 44,100
Phidias Georgiou 42,700
Georges Moussa 42,700
Ran Azor 41,400
Vanessa Rousso 40,300
Neil Suarez 40,100
Gicquel Youn 39,200
Pascal Perrault 38,900
Marcello Marigliano 37,500
Steffen Rasmussen 36,900
Michael Watson 34,200
Daniel Albright 33,700
Peter Smurfit 32,900
Robert Firestone 32,700
Mark Deacon 30,600
Franklin Diaz 26,200
James Reid 25,800
Andrew Rees 25,700
Pier Ruscalla 25,000
Denes Kalo 24,500
Andre Johnstone 24,000
Paul Dack 23,900
Oscar Schweinbarth 23,500
Tim Witte 23,100
Anthony Cascarino 22,900
Sondre Horgmo 22,700
Kathy Liebert 22,700
Robert Willis 22,700
Christian Grundtvig 22,400
Frode Gjesdal 22,300
Jerzy Hajdamowicz 21,900
Isaac Haxton 21,400
Alexander Kravchenko 21,300
Joseph Mouawad 21,100
Allan Baekke 20,900
Davor Lanini 20,600
Fuad Serhan 20,600
Charles Berreby 20,400
Bruno Martin 20,400
Justin Truesdell 19,900
Alexia Portal 18,400
Florant Aubert 17,800
Brian Green 16,800
Alexander Jung 16,800
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 15,200
Pawel Chmiel 14,900
Nicholas Levi 14,600
Jeff Kimber 14,500
Edward Holden 14,300
Rumit Somaiya 12,400
Victor Ramdin 7,900

The Gorce is Strong in This One

"Let's just get it all in," suggested Vicky Coren as the final hand was being dealt. But it wasn't just an idle threat, as after Guillaume de la Gorce had made it 2,200 to play, Coren reached for chips and added an extra 3,100. "I have a nice hand," she claimed, perhaps honestly. Either way, it was good enough to take the pot uncontested as de la Gorce swallowed up the hand and made the fold. "I had to raise that one, but I am so superstitious," added the former champ.

Late Night Bluff

Like a shark sensing blood, I knew there was a big pot brewing nearby, and when I trundled into the heart of the card room, I spotted Scott Montgomery entwined in a late-night waltz with an unknown assailant.

With 30,000 already in the pot, and a board of {7-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}, Scott Montgomery led for 18,000. His foe, a young, innocent looking lady, mulled over her options briefly before pushing in for a total of 45,100.

A grimace from Montgomery told the initial story, but as he began to deliberate, the possibility of a call became more and more likely. However, even though he ate up the majority of the last five minutes, he did indeed fold, allowing his triumphant foe to reveal {10-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}, much to the muted delight of the rest of the table.

Erik Excels

Erik Friberg is now on 62,000 after flopping a straight with {10-Diamonds}{8-Clubs} versus {A-Clubs}{A-Hearts} on a {9-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} flop. No change on a {Q-Clubs} turn and {3-Clubs} river.

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Benyamine on the Offensive

David Benyamine raised to 1,800 preflop, Isaac Haxton made it 4,300 and Benyamine called. On the {2-Clubs}{6-Spades}{K-Clubs} flop, Benyamine checked, Haxton led for 3,000, Benyamine move all in and Haxton folded.

Haxton -- 38,300
Benyamine -- 35,800

90 Players Remaining

Down to the final table tables. 90 players are left with about 15 minutes to go before play ends for the evening.

From the Jaws of Elimination

Fuad Serhan, who recently finished second in a bracelet event at this year's World Series of Poker Europe, has just hung into this London EPT like a clawing cat being pulled towards the veterinary.

With {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs} versus {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}, it was all doom and gloom for the Londoner, but a {2-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{6-Hearts} board chopped up the monies and kept Serhan alive with 15,000.

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Jason Mercier Eliminated

Jason Mercier was taken out by Nicolas Levi. Both were short-stacked with under 10 big blinds apiece. Levi shoved with {4-?}{3-?} offsuit. Mercier tanked for several minutes before he called with {A-?}{6-?}. The door card was a four and and Levi took the lead. Mercier's hand could not improve and he was eliminated. Levi increased his stack to 16,000.

"I shoved with four-high. He was right about my range," said Levi.

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Plain Sailing for the Italian Pirate

Victor Ramdin made it 2,000 from UTG only for Max Pescatori to reraise to 7,500 from the next seat down. Ramdin passed immediately.

Pescatori is in good shape 66,200.