Live Events 2
£5,200 EPT London Main Event
£5,200 EPT London Main Event
Day 2 Completed

Day 2 Complete

Day 2 of the EPT London £5,200+£200 Main Event championship at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino is complete. We are down to the final four tables of 32 players. France's Antony Lellouche and Canada's Philippe D'Auteuil ended the day among the chip leaders.

End of Day 2 - Top 10 Chip Counts:
Philippe D'Auteuil 477,000
Antony Lellouche 446,000
Johannes Strassman 442,000
Erik Sjodin 342,500
Eric Liu 326,500
Huseyin Yilmaz 325,000
David Benyamine 323,500
Joseph Elpayaa 309,500
Peter Eastgate 295,500
Peter Busch 294,000

Stay tuned for official end of day chip counts and Day 3 seating assignments.

Day 3 will begin at 1:30 m local time on Saturday. That's when we'll play down to a final table of eight players. Check back in with for complete live updates.

Money Winners: Places 33-40 (£11,419)

The following players won £11,419:

33rd - Rene Mouritsen (Denmark)
34th - Priyan De Mel (UK)
35th - Erik Friberg (Sweden)
36th - Andrea Benelli (Italy)
37th - Axel Albertsson (Sweden)
38th - Victoria Coren (UK)
39th - Vanessa Rousso (USA)
40th - Toni Ojala (Finland)

Money Winners: Places 41-48 (£9,789)

The following players won £9,789:

41st - Theodoros Aidonopoulos (Cyprus)
42nd - Carlo Gabriele (Italy)
43rd - Jonathan Aguiar (USA)
44th - Daniel Albright (Denmark)
45th - Thomas McNamara (UK)
46th - George Moussa (USA)
47th - Paul Dack (UK)
48th - Antto Lohvansuu (Finland)

Rene Mouritsen Eliminated

Rumour has it...
Word on the grapevine is...
DrPauly says...

With all my disclaimers safely in place, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the last man to exit today was Rene Mouritsen. He therefore leaves in 33rd place for £11,419, which should buy him plenty of novelty London souvenirs including miniature Big Bens, teddy bear beefeaters and cheap china with Prince Charles plastered on the front. Failing that, he can hit the bar.

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Money Winners: Places 49-56 (£8,156)

The following players won £8,156:

49th - Gicquel Youn (France )
50th - Mohammed Jaber (Lebanon)
51st - Arnaud Mattern (France)
52nd - Panzeri Stefano (Italy)
53rd - Joe Grech (UK)
54th - Alain Emile Bernard Roy (France)
55th - Javier Dominguez (Spain)
56th - Florent Aubert (France)

Strassmann Takes One Off Lellouche

On a board of {Q-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{J-Hearts}{8-Spades}{3-Diamonds} and with 70,000 in the pot, Johannes Strassmann led out for 55,000 and Antony Lellouche snap-passed. Both players are chipped up going into tomorrow however, Strassmann carrying 320,000 over whilst Lellouche may well boast the chip lead with a whopping 445,000.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

No, Scotty Nguyen isn't out, but I'm absent tomorrow and wanted to use my pun before I left. He is low though, having lost an {A-?}{Q-?} versus {5-?}{5-?} coinflip right at the death. As a result, he'll be returning tomorrow as a short stack with just 35,000 in chips

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Lellouche! Lellouche! Lellouche is on Fire

Le chip leader
Le chip leader
Antony Lellouche busted another player. Didn't catch the betting action but he was all in preflop with {10-?}{9-?} against an unknown opponent's pocket queens. Lellouche flopped two pair and his hand held up. When you are hot, you are hot.

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Scotty Finding Life Hard

It hasn't been the best of levels for Scotty Nguyen, the 1998 World Champ being bashed down to 70,000. In his last encounter, he raised Eric Liu's standard preflop raise to 20,000, but conceded his hand when Liu made it around 125,000 to play.

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