Main Event

Pavel Kovalenko Eliminated in 15th Place ($33,790)

poolshir • Level 26: 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante
Pavel Kovalenko

Ludovic Geilich raised to 225,000 from the hijack and Pavel Kovalenko three-bet to 650,000 on the button. Action folded back to Geilich who shoved and Kovalenko called for the around 3,500,000 he had behind.

Pavel Kovalenko: {j-Spades}{j-Diamonds}
Ludovic Geilich: {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}

Everyone sighed and laughed when they saw the cards go on their backs.

The flop came {q-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{3-Clubs} for Geilich to flop the flush draw and the crowd gasped.

The turn was the {3-Hearts} which didn't change the situation much but the {9-Clubs} on the river gave Geilich the flush indeed.

Kovalenko just sat there for ten seconds or so, not being able to believe what had just happened.

Geilich just commented: "When you're running good, you're running good."

Player Chips Progress
Ludovic Geilich gb
Ludovic Geilich
gb 19,000,000 4,520,000
Pavel Kovalenko ru
Pavel Kovalenko
ru Busted

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