Lone Star Poker Series 2020 NJCOOP
₱110,000 Main Event

Event Info

Prize Pool 64,244,070 PHP
Players 669

Level Info

Level 31
Blinds 80,000 / 160,000
Ante 160,000

Players Info - Day 4

Players Left 1
Entries 9
₱110,000 Main Event
Day 4 Completed

Unstoppable Florencio "Flo" Campomanes Wins PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event for ₱13,815,070 ($270,183)

poolshir • Level 31: 80,000-160,000, 160,000 ante
Florencio Campomanes Wins the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event for ₱13,815,070 ($270,183)
Florencio Campomanes Wins the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event for ₱13,815,070 ($270,183)

He's done it again! After taking down the 2019 APPT Manila Main Event, Florencio “Flo” Campomanes has won the inaugural PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event for ₱13,815,070 ($270,183) and the stunning Red Dragon trophy. Campomanes overcame a 669-strong field, which created a prize pool of ₱64,244,070 ($1,256,428) crushing the ₱50,000,000 guarantee.

Campomanes only planned to play three events at the stunning Okada Manila: the Super High Roller, Main Event, and the two-day High Roller. He finished in second place in the first tournament behind Lester Edoc and reflected on that result: “Everything was going well for the Super High Roller and when I got to heads-up with Lester, we were even in chips. At one point he made a mistake and I got like a 15-to-1 chip lead… and then I lost every flip after that. And so, that was kind of bittersweet because I obviously want to win that.”

Florencio Campomanes Wins the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event for ₱13,81
Florencio Campomanes Wins the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event for ₱13,815,070 ($270,183)

Campomanes finished in the top ten after Day 1b of the Main Event but started Day 2 by winning the first Platinum Pass awarded in 2020. This changed his mindset: “After winning the Platinum Pass I felt like ‘F***! This is running unreal!’ obviously, so I tried to use my ‘luck’ during that day and it was working out – I got really lucky that day and from feeling lucky, it somewhat turned to pressure.”

“Winning the PSPC Platinum Pass definitely gave me confidence, it was like a stamp saying ‘you are a lucky boy,” Campomanes explained. “That sort of lessens any pressure, not that there’s any pressure for me getting into the money or not, but like, it really puts me up there on the value of the pass, which is $30,000, that’s like me already reaching the final table in terms of value. I think that was really significant, that changed the complexion of the tournament for me.”

PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event Final Table Players
PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event Final Table

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (PHP)Prize (USD)
1Florencio CampomanesPhilippines₱13,815,070$270,183
2Tetsuro TomitaJapan₱8,557,000$167,350
3Zejin ShenChina₱5,300,000$103,653
4Tao ChenChina₱4,015,000$78,522
5Gerardo LubasPhilippines₱2,730,000$53,391
6Xijie SunChina₱2,088,000$40,835
7Yufei HuiChina₱1,735,000$33,932
8Martin StausholmDenmark₱1,445,000$28,260
9Andres KornArgentina₱1,221,000$23,879

From Nine to Six Players

The most experienced player who has cashed the most according to The Hendon Mob was Andres Korn with over $2 million in cashes. Korn shoved his last 15 big blinds in with king-ten and got looked up by Day 3 chip leader Xijie Sun, who held pocket fours. No help came on the board for the German/Argentinian player to be the first elimination.

Andres Korn & Florencio Campomanes
Andres Korn finishes in 9th place

Three hands later, Martin Stausholm was next to go when he got his last 11 big blinds in with king-six. The only other Filipino player at the final table, Gerardo Lubas Jr, called in the blind-versus-blind situation with ace-five. Lubas’ higher kicker held to send the Dane to the rail in eighth place.

Campomanes then claimed his first victim of the day when Yufei Hui pushed his 20 big blinds over the line with pocket tens. Unfortunately for him, Campomanes held aces to send the Chinese player away with ₱1,735,000 ($33,932) for finishing in seventh place.

Two Hours to Get to Three Players

Tetsuro Tomita was the shortest stack at that point but doubled up with aces through Sun. Several double-ups came in after that to go into the first break with Sun still in the chip lead trailed by Campomanes and Chen in third place while the rest had fewer than 20 big blinds left.

Florencio Campomanes & Xijie Sun
Florencio Campomanes claims monster pot from Xijie Sun

The turnaround for Campomanes came in a hand that lasted almost twenty minutes. In a three-way pot the flop read trey-nine-trey-six. Campomanes check-called the continuation-bet of Sun and so did Chen. The turn brought an off-suit six, Campomanes check-called another bet of Sun while Chen decided to let the hand go. The seven on the river gave Campomanes reason to check but Sun shoved with a slightly bigger stack worth just over 4 million by then. Campomanes contemplated for a while but decided he didn’t believe Sun and saw he was right. Sun had bluffed with ace-eight while Campomanes had flopped trip treys to see his stack increase to hold over 60% of all the chips in play.

Sun then lost his last two big blinds to Tomita with the lower kicker that accompanied his ace. Lubas was shot down the hand after when his ace-five couldn’t connect on the board against Shen’s pocket queens. Half an hour later, Chen was chucked out with ace-five by Tomita who held pocket sevens.

Campomanes Crushes

Tomita and Shen hovered around the 3 or 4-million mark for the majority of time during three-handed play with Campomanes hoarding almost 85% of the chips on the table. This went on for about 40 minutes until Shen three-bet shoved 16 big blinds after Campomanes had raised his button and called with king-queen. Shen was ahead with the ace-nine suited but the king on the turn got all the Filipino railers hollering happily.

Florencio Campomanes & Tetsuro Tomita Heads-Up
Florencio Campomanes & Tetsuro Tomita Heads-Up

Campomanes went into heads-up play with an 8:1 chip lead but they still decided to discuss a deal. Two attempts to come to an agreement failed. Tomita doubled up twice with an ace in his hole cards but in the end, he put his tournament life at risk when he called off with queen-eight. Campomanes’ pocket tens improved to a full house on the river to paint an even prettier picture for the well-loved Filipino.

After congratulating each other on their results, Campomanes made his way to his girlfriend first to receive hugs, then fist pumps and several high-fives from the rail. One of his close friends gave him the biggest hugs with tears in his eyes: “I am so happy for him. We have worked so hard for this over the past months!”

Campomanes indicated that he’d take a break for a bit before jumping into the two-day High Roller which PokerNews will also be covering from the final day onwards. Who knows what will happen, he might win that one too so keep following along from 1 p.m. local time on Saturday, January 11.

Florencio Campomanes & Tetsuro Tomita
Florencio Campomanes & Tetsuro Tomita after the final hand

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Tetsuro Tomita Eliminated in 2nd Place (₱8,557,000 / $167,350)

poolshir • Level 31: 80,000-160,000, 160,000 ante
Tetsuro Tomita
Tetsuro Tomita

Florencio Campomanes shoved from the button and Tetsuro Tomita called for his last 1,125,000.

Tetsuro Tomita: {q-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}
Florencio Campomanes: {10-Spades}{10-Diamonds}

Both players got up from their chairs to turn away from the table and look at the TV screen instead.

The flop came {9-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{7-Spades} to keep Campomanes ahead.

The turn was the {9-Spades} which didn't change things. Only a queen could help Tomita but instead the river completed the board with the {10-Clubs} for Campomanes to win the first-ever Red Dragon Manila Main Event with a full house.

They shook hands while the Filipino rail celebrated loudly and Campomanes walked to his girlfriend to kiss her. Tomita made his way to the payout desk to collect ₱8,557,000 ($167,350) for his biggest live cash ever.

The full recap of today's action is to follow.

Florencio Campomanes ph 20,075,000 1,125,000
Tetsuro Tomita jp Busted

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Tomita Gets Shorter and Shorter

poolshir • Level 31: 80,000-160,000, 160,000 ante

Tetsuro Tomita first raised to 375,000 on the button and folded to the shove of Florencio Campomanes. He then folded to the 380,000 bet of Campomanes on the button.

The hand after, Campomanes limped in on the button and Tomita opted to check.

The flop came {6-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts} for Tomita to check-fold to the 300,000 bet of Campomanes.

Florencio Campomanes ph 18,950,000 1,355,000
Tetsuro Tomita jp 1,125,000 -1,355,000

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Campomanes' Straight Doesn't Get Paid

poolshir • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 120,000 ante

Tetsuro Tomita raised to 300,000 from the button and Florencio Campomanes called.

They both checked through the {k-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} flop to the {j-Spades} on the turn. Campomanes bet 200,000 and Tomita called.

The river completed the board with the {q-Clubs}, Campomanes continued with a bet of 600,000 to which Tomita folded.

"What did you fold?" Campomanes asked and then showed the {10-Clubs} for the rivered straight.

Florencio Campomanes ph 18,355,000 500,000
Tetsuro Tomita jp 1,720,000 -500,000

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Tomita Down to 16 Big Blinds

poolshir • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 120,000 ante

Florencio Campomanes raised to 270,000 from the button and Tetsuro Tomita called.

The flop came {q-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}, Tomita check-called the 300,000 continuation-bet of Campomanes.

They both checked through the {4-Spades} on the turn to the {10-Hearts} on the river. Tomita check-folded to the 525,000 bet of Campomanes. The latter showed {j-Spades}{9-Clubs} for the rivered straight.

Florencio Campomanes ph 18,175,000 740,000
Tetsuro Tomita jp 1,900,000 -740,000

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