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₱110,000 Main Event
Day 2 Completed

Day 2 Chip Lead for Hong in the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event; Lau Brothers and Campomanes Also In Contention

poolshir • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante
Jehun Hong
Jehun Hong

After missing out on the chip lead on Day 1b by a mere 500 in chips, Jehun Hong has more than made up for that fact as he claimed the Day 2 chip lead with 1,910,000. That is a whopping 770,000 more than his closest competitor in the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event. Out of the 669 entries, 212 players returned to the felt at the start of the day and at the end of the day, only 34 players will come back for Day 3 on Thursday, January 9 at 1 p.m. local time.

Hong seems to have started playing tournaments last year as he has only cashed in 2019 according to The Hendon Mob. But he certainly seems to know what he is doing as he stayed around the top of the chip counts for most of the day. It was in one of the final hands of the day where he clashed with Xijie Sun when he five-bet and got the latter to fold.

Hong is followed by Yufei Hui with 1,140,000 and Piet Pape with 1,015,000 as the only other players to have bagged above the 1,000,000-mark. Shiyu Li and Florencio Campomanes complete the top 5.

PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event Day 2 Top 5 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Jehun HongSouth Korea1,910,000119
2Yufei HuiChina1,140,00071
3Piet PapeGermany1,015,00063
4Shiyu LiChina973,00061
5Florencio CampomanesPhilippines902,00056

Even though all 34 players are guaranteed at least ₱308,000 ($6,024), there is one player who has already gotten more out of the Main Event than anyone else for now. Campomanes won the APPT Manila in 2019 and is still in the running for the lion-share of the ₱64,244,070 ($1,256,428) prize pool but he’s also the first player in 2020 to have won a Platinum Pass for the PSPC in Barcelona in August.

Also, still in with a shot of becoming the third-ever two-time Red Dragon champion is Alan Lau with 779,000 in chips. Lau was up to over a million at one point but lost half of his stack with a wrongly timed bluff. His brother, King Sing Lau also made it through with 682,000, two spots below him in the chip counts.

Sandro Bruni has already won an event here in Manila a few days ago, he took down the Turbo and is now eyeing up another win. Bruni bagged 377,000 in chips which is below average but anything can happen in poker. Alexis Lim has gone home as the absolute short stack with 81,000 chips in his bag and will be looking up to double up a few times immediately at the start of Day 3.

Zeyu Zhang
Zeyu Zhang bubbles the PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Main Event

Fang Kai Yang burst the bubble when he eliminated Zeyu Zhang with king-queen while the latter had ace-king. Yang's flopped two pair ensured that the remaining 81 players were all in the money. Familiar names to cash include Mike Takayama, Huidong Gu, Ryan Yu, Natalie Teh, Sparrow Cheung, Paul Hong, Sebastian Wong, and Victor Chong. Chip leaders Hwany Lee (1b) and Sahil Agarwal (1a) both busted but managed to cash.

When the 34 remaining players return to the beautiful Coral Lounge at the Okada Manila, they will start with Level 21 which features a small blind of 8,000, big blind of 16,000, and a big blind ante of 16,000. Play will continue until the final table of nine players has been reached. A 15-minute break will take place after every two levels.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be back when the players open their bags and follow along with the action until the final table has been reached so keep reading the updates right here!

Day 3 Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
11Piet PapeGermany1,015,00063
12Zanzhang WangChina232,00015
13Long MengChina855,00053
14Jiansheng ChenChina812,00051
15Daewoong SongSouth Korea610,00038
16Shiyu LiChina973,00061
17Quan Zhou (CH)China301,00019
18Andres KornGermany585,00037
19Tao ChenChina782,00049
21Yufei HuiChina1,140,00071
22Alexis LimPhilippines81,0005
23Jeon Seung SooSouth Korea515,00032
24Jehun HongSouth Korea1,910,000119
25Zheng ShiChina174,00011
27Euryd RiveraPhilippines404,00025
28Jin Woo KimUnited States303,50019
29Hiroaki ManabeJapan367,00023
31Anthony AbramAustralia282,00018
32Zejin ShenChina442,00028
33Fuk On WongHong Kong895,00056
35Kunwoo KimSouth Korea308,00019
36Tetsuro TomitaJapan246,00015
37George SaludPhilippines513,00032
38Alan LauHong Kong779,00049
39Dongkyoon SeoSouth Korea362,00023
41King Sing LauHong Kong682,00043
42Gerardo LubasPhilippines288,00018
43Florencio CampomanesPhilippines902,00056
44Chunqing WangChina102,0006
45Sandro BruniPhilippines377,00024
46Xin WangChina690,00043
47Xijie SunChina806,00050
48Martin StausholmDenmark855,00053
49Chulwoo ParkSouth Korea530,00033

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End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

poolshir • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante
Jehun Hong cn
Jehun Hong
cn 1,910,000
Yufei Hui CN
Yufei Hui
CN 1,140,000 264,000
Piet Pape de
Piet Pape
de 1,015,000 73,000
Shiyu Li CN
Shiyu Li
CN 973,000 460,000
Florencio Campomanes ph
Florencio Campomanes
ph 902,000 -12,000
Fuk On Wong CN
Fuk On Wong
CN 895,000 -25,000
Martin Stausholm dk
Martin Stausholm
dk 855,000 300,000
Long Meng cn
Long Meng
cn 855,000 195,000
Jiansheng Chen CN
Jiansheng Chen
CN 812,000 32,000
Xijie Sun CN
Xijie Sun
CN 806,000 -4,000
Tao Chen cn
Tao Chen
cn 782,000 -39,000
Alan Lau hk
Alan Lau
hk 779,000 133,000
Xin Wang CN
Xin Wang
CN 690,000 350,000
King Sing Lau HK
King Sing Lau
HK 682,000 -48,000
Daewoong Song kr
Daewoong Song
kr 610,000 50,000
Andres Korn ar
Andres Korn
ar 585,000 -330,000
Chulwoo Park KR
Chulwoo Park
KR 530,000 -134,000
Jeon Seung Soo KR
Jeon Seung Soo
KR 515,000 -18,000
George Salud PH
George Salud
PH 513,000 -29,000
Zejin Shen CN
Zejin Shen
CN 442,000 -36,000
Euryd Rivera PH
Euryd Rivera
PH 404,000 104,000
Sandro Bruni ph
Sandro Bruni
ph 377,000 86,000
Hiroaki Manabe JP
Hiroaki Manabe
JP 367,000 -33,000
Dongkyoon Seo KR
Dongkyoon Seo
KR 362,000 124,000
Kunwoo Kim KR
Kunwoo Kim
KR 308,000 -45,000

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Play Ended

poolshir • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante

The 34 remaining players have bagged their chips for Day 3. The full chip counts and a recap are to follow.

Five More Hands

poolshir • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante

The tournament clock has been paused and the players need to play five more hands before they can bag and taga their chips for Day 3.

Big Stacks Clash

poolshir • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante
Jehun Hong
Jehun Hong

King Sing Lau raised to 27,000 from the hijack and Xijie Sun called on the button. Jehun Hong three-bet to 86,000 from the small blind for Shang Yan Zhou to fold his big blind. Lau folded too but Sun four-bet to 273,000. Hong responded with a five-bet to 783,000 which sent Sun into the tank. About 2 or 3 minutes later, Sun opted to fold.

Jehun Hong cn
Jehun Hong
cn 1,910,000 410,000
Xijie Sun CN
Xijie Sun
CN 810,000 -545,000
King Sing Lau HK
King Sing Lau
HK 730,000 170,000

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Chen Gets Pape to Fold

poolshir • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante

Piet Pape raised to 25,000 from the hijack and action folded to Tao Chen in the big blind who three-bet to 65,000 which Pape called.

They both checked through the {4-Hearts}{6-Spades}{6-Diamonds} flop and the {8-Clubs} on the turn to the {k-Clubs} on the river. Chen fired a bet of 60,000 over the line which was enough for Pape to fold to.

Tao Chen cn
Tao Chen
cn 821,000 555,000
Piet Pape de
Piet Pape
de 644,000 82,000
Martin Stausholm dk
Martin Stausholm
dk 555,000 269,000
Hiroaki Manabe JP
Hiroaki Manabe
JP 400,000 386,000
Jin Woo Kim US
Jin Woo Kim
US 315,000 -134,000
Euryd Rivera PH
Euryd Rivera
PH 300,000 7,000
Dongkyoon Seo KR
Dongkyoon Seo
KR 238,000 23,000

Tags: Piet PapeTao Chen