Main Event

Poitr Sadowski Doubles Against Reinhard Schneiber

Jaxon • Level 4: 150-300, 25 ante
Poitr Sadowski

Poitr Sadowski, Australian Lewis Murray, and online qualifier Inna Ohorodnyk are now all part of a 6-max table while awaiting more players to join in on the action.

It was Sadowski recently doubling up to 60,000 when all the chips got in on the flop after he spiked a set with his {J-}{J-}. His opponent, Reinhard Schneiber, overplayed his {A-}{A-} and to make matters worse Sadowski made quads later in the hand.

While Schneiber is out, the family affair still continues. His two brothers are still alive, and Gerald Hutterer, their brother-in-law just entered. Schneiber may still be in line for a good payday as he plans to enter the €50 buy-in side event with a €10,000 prize pool guarantee that just began.

Player Chips Progress
Poitr Sadowski PL
Poitr Sadowski
PL 60,000 60,000
Gerald Hutterer DE
Gerald Hutterer
DE 30,000
Lewis Murray AU
Lewis Murray
AU 27,000 -3,000
Inna Ohorodnyk UA
Inna Ohorodnyk
UA 25,000 -5,000
Reinhard Schneiber DE
Reinhard Schneiber
DE Busted

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