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Poitr Sadowski Continues to Pile Chips

Jaxon • Level 11: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Poitr Sadowski

Poitr Sadowski, who is seated at the same table as online qualifier Inna Ohorodnyk and Australian traveler Lewis Murray, continues to pile up the chips.

In fact, his stack is now up to 120,000 after this hand happened. Sadorski bet on a {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{5-} flop and his opponent called. He was then all-in when the {5-} hit the turn, and was pleased to be called when his opponent turned over {J-}{10-} for top pair. Sadorski, who had one pair and a flush draw on the flop with {5-Hearts}{3-Hearts} which improved to two-pair on the turn. The river was inconsequential, and Sadorski now has one of the bigger stacks in play.

Player Chips Progress
Poitr Sadowski PL
Poitr Sadowski
PL 122,000 67,000

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