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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Taking the Mic...

Jack Effel, Annie Duke, Ray Romano, and Brad Garrett Giving the shuffle up and deal.

Jack Effel is on the microphone right now from the featured table dais, and he's announcing the rules and schedule for the assembled masses.

"Please make sure you know the rules of the game," Effel said, adding that his staff is eager to help players understand the specifics so they don't make any mistakes.

Don't conceal your chips. That's the big one. A couple players have been disqualified already this year for pocketing chips during table breaks.

We'll be playing five two-hour levels today with a dinner break after the third. Players from today will play their Day 2 on Monday, July 11th. If they're lucky enough to survive to the bag-and-tag, that is.

With everyone duly informed, the stage was turned over to today's honorary host. She's a bracelet winner, and a former Tournament of Champions Champion. She's one of the most charity-oriented people in the business, and she's generally regarded among the top players in the world of any gender. Annie Duke!

Duke brought TV's Ray Romano and Brad Garrett to the stage, and Romano put a free-massage bounty on Garrett's head.

"We're both still in the Main Event," Garrett chimed in. "And we're both here to meet lots of men."

"Good luck everyone," added the fourth member on the stage, the champion of Cupcake Wars. "Shuffle up and deal!", she yelled.

And with that, Day 1c is under way!

"All in, Table 5!" Romano finished.