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Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Feature Table Hands #6-9: Mahin Check-Shoves

[user101598] • Level 32: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante
Scott Mahin

Hand #6: The action folded to Maximilian Senft in the small blind, and he raised to 525,000. Felix Stephensen surrendered his big blind.

Hand #7: Mark Newhouse raised to 425,000 in middle position, Luis Velador defended his big blind, and the flop came down {j-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{q-Hearts}. Both players checked, the turn was the {k-Spades}, and the two checked again.

The {9-Hearts} completed the board, Velador led out for 350,000, Newhouse called, and Velador won the pot with {k-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} for kings up.

Hand #8: Andoni Larrabe was the first player to act and raised to 400,000. Scott Mahin called out of the big blind, the flop fell {7-Hearts}{j-Spades}{6-Spades}, and Mahin checked. Larrabe tossed out 450,000, Mahin moved all in for 3.215 million, and the Spaniard snap-folded.

Hand #9: The action folded to Mahin in the small blind and he completed. Larrabe raised to 600,000 and Mahin folded.

Player Chips Progress
Bruno Politano br
Bruno Politano
br 19,100,000 -570,000
Mark Newhouse us
Mark Newhouse
us 16,280,000 -890,000
Luis Velador mx
Luis Velador
mx 13,310,000 -50,000
Thomas Sarra Jr us
Thomas Sarra Jr
us 13,070,000 -570,000
Maximilian Senft at
Maximilian Senft
at 9,110,000
Andoni Larrabe es
Andoni Larrabe
es 7,570,000 20,000
Felix Stephensen no
Felix Stephensen
no 7,065,000 -420,000
Craig McCorkell gb
Craig McCorkell
gb 6,230,000
Scott Mahin us
Scott Mahin
us 4,175,000 755,000

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