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Event #61: Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship



Event #61: Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship
Day 1 Completed

Sharma Gargee Bags Biggest After Day 1 of the $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

gaellej • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
Gargee Sharma
Gargee Sharma

The first day of Event #61: Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship has come to an end and Sharma Gargee bagged an exceptionally large stack of 419,000 to end the night as the chip leader. Gargee has one cash in a WSOP event this summer and four cashes in total from her poker career.

Cherish Andrews is not far behind with 363,000 chips and will be a serious competitor for a first WSOP title. Andres has $875,392 in total live earnings helped by reaching three final tables in WSOP events, including an eighth place in the ladies event last year.

Event #61: Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Gargee SharmaUnited States419,000210
2Cherish AndrewsUnited States363,000182
3Wendy BeckersUnited States285,000143
4Melanie PittardUnited States262,500131
5Charlotte Van BrabanderBelgium228,000114
6Mina Yean SaeleeUnited States227,500114
7Tanja VujanicAustralia219,000110
8Marybeth AndersonUnited States218,500107
9Samantha GonzalezUnited States213,500106
10Juli BlackSt Lucia212,500106

The day started out with 613 entries but quickly grew to a total of 1,074 by the end of late registration, by far surpassing the 644 entries of last year. Bust-outs happened frequently throughout the day and when it was time to bag, only 274 ladies were still in the running for the top prize of $166,975 and the WSOP gold.

Last year's Ladies Event Champion, Lara Eisenberg, was here at the beginning of the day to defend her title. She found a bag at the end of the night and returns with 52,000 chips as she attempts to defend her title tomorrow. She managed to double up her short stack right after the dinner break when she went all-in on a flop with the flush.

GGPoker Brazilian streamer Rebeca Rebuitti stayed at the top of the counts for most of the day and bagged a comfortable stack of 275,500. Some other notables who progressed included Xuan Liu (133,000), Melanie Weisner (120,000), two-time bracelet winner Loni Hui (90,500), winner of last year's The Closer - No-Limit Hold'em Leo Margets (76,000) and chess Grand Master and WPT Global ambassador Qiyu "Nemo" Zhou with 80,500.

Kristen Foxen
Kristen Foxen

Heidi May, the 2017 Ladies Event champion, took a seat early today but busted right after late registration closed. Right before the players bagged their stack, it was three-time champion Kristen Foxen who also hit the rail when she couldn’t win her flip with ace-ten suited against Michelle Bricknell who held pocket eights.

Several familiar female players who were spotted in the field did not survive to the day. Among them were members of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame Kathy Liebert, Allyn Shulman and JJ Liu but also Natasha Mercier, Kelly Minkin, Carol Fuchs, Ana Marquez, reality Tv contestant Trishelle Cannatella and Daiva Byrne.

With 162 players making the money for a min-cash worth $1,600, hand-for-hand play will start in the first few levels after cards are in the air tomorrow.

The 274 remaining players will restart tomorrow, June 30th, at noon local time to play ten more levels with a 15-minute break every two levels and a 60-minute break after Level 16 (≈ 6:30 p.m.).

The PokerNews Live Reporting team will be providing coverage from the tournament floor until a winner is crowned so keep it here for updates from the Bally's and Paris Las Vegas.

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Seat Draw For Day 2

YorkshirePud • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's6051Jennifer CassellAustralia50,50025
Bally's6052Jennifer WilliamsUnited States50,50025
Bally's6053Angela Prada-MoedUnited States38,00019
Bally's6054Shayna BottUnited States79,00040
Bally's6055DID NOT REPORT 1United States10
Bally's6056Dehlia DejongNetherlands29,00015
Bally's6057Vilde FagerbakkeNorway193,50097
Bally's6058Hayley HilliardUnited States126,50063
Bally's6059Liina VarkUnited States42,50021
Bally's6061Chiori GannonUnited States63,50032
Bally's6063Juli BlackUnited States212,500106
Bally's6065Donna LadukeUnited States71,00036
Bally's6066Lindsay KidoUnited States21,00011
Bally's6067Melody McKeeUnited States53,00027
Bally's6068Alissa AllenCanada50,50025
Bally's6069Ying LaiCanada71,50036
Bally's6071Christina SookramCanada30,50015
Bally's6072Khamsy BowlesUnited States23,50012
Bally's6073Monica ChampaUnited States108,00054
Bally's6074Barbara StahleckerUnited States64,00032
Bally's6075Megumi TakanoJapan79,50040
Bally's6076Lauren BunchUnited States22,00011
Bally's6077Lisa PhuUnited States99,50050
Bally's6078Michelle BricknellUnited Kingdom52,50026
Bally's6079Kate KoppUnited States42,50021
Bally's6081Melanie KayeUnited States40,00020
Bally's6082Lynh NguyenUnited States15,0008
Bally's6084Janet BerryUnited States71,50036
Bally's6085Ann GrahamUnited States80,50040
Bally's6086Leo MargetsSpain66,50033
Bally's6087Cynthia KellerUnited States20,50010
Bally's6088Pamela SteinhouseCanada23,50012
Bally's6089Pamela BalzanoArgentina81,00041
Bally's6091Susan MacphersonUnited States70,00035
Bally's6092Kelli StorckUnited States29,50015
Bally's6093Jerri ThomasUnited States79,50040
Bally's6094Felisa WestermannGermany43,00022
Bally's6095Jenna LangUnited States55,50028
Bally's6096Jana ChristopherUnited States55,00028
Bally's6097Kelli PhillipsUnited States18,0009
Bally's6098Dragana MackelprangUnited States26,50013
Bally's6099Marle CordeiroUnited States41,50021
Bally's6101Huifang ZhangChina96,00048
Bally's6102Junxiu ZhangUnited States86,00043
Bally's6103Camille BrownUnited States200,000100
Bally's6104Wendy WeissmanUnited States48,50024
Bally's6105Stephanie MillerUnited States65,50033
Bally's6106Milagros PetersonUnited States33,50017
Bally's6107Lori KilpatrickUnited States44,00022
Bally's6108Cherish AndrewsUnited States363,000182
Bally's6109Jessica WilliamsUnited States34,50017
Bally's6111Yuri IshidaJapan117,50059
Bally's6112Abby MerkUnited States73,00037
Bally's6113Caroline GarkischGermany93,00047
Bally's6114Bernice MclennanCanada20,50010
Bally's6116Ruth HallUnited States191,00096
Bally's6117Judith BielanUnited States99,50050
Bally's6118Cindy ManningUnited States39,00020
Bally's6119Shirley StawskyUnited States46,50023
Bally's6121Laura WestfallUnited States130,00065
Bally's6122Erika WeinsteinUnited States87,50044
Bally's6123Christy PhamUnited States43,00022
Bally's6124Gabrielle TetreaultUnited States88,00044
Bally's6125Laura HoppeUnited States10
Bally's6126Joan ShortUnited States109,00055
Bally's6128Amanda BotfeldUnited States49,00025
Bally's6129Dannah KampUnited States189,00095
Bally's6131Jennifer CarrilloUnited States58,00029
Bally's6132Yihua ZhangUnited States26,00013
Bally's6133Vitaliya DubovikIndia204,000102
Bally's6134Jill BurkeUnited States82,00041
Bally's6135Rebecca ThompsonUnited States46,00023
Bally's6136Evelyn IrahetaUnited States33,50017
Bally's6137Deborah TallaksenUnited States33,50017
Bally's6138Sokha YongUnited States55,00028
Bally's6139Tanja VujanicAustralia219,000110
Bally's6141Hanna AzimaiUnited States71,00036
Bally's6142Helia MahzounUnited States57,00029
Bally's6143Ruth GrahamUnited States47,00024
Bally's6144Anne EasteyUnited States40,00020
Bally's6145Angel SmithUnited States57,00029
Bally's6146Tarah WheelerUnited States30,50015
Bally's6148Lindsey KludtUnited States40,00020
Bally's6149Jessica VierlingUnited States138,50069
Bally's6161Stacey SullivanUnited States58,50029
Bally's6162Susan KaufmannUnited States98,50049
Bally's6163Qiyu ZhouUnited States80,50040
Bally's6164Ann SorensenUnited States17,5009
Bally's6165Yingge YanUnited States30,50015
Bally's6166Melanie PittardUnited States262,500131
Bally's6167Tracy RouseCanada108,50054
Bally's6168Ronit ChamaniSouth Africa103,50052
Bally's6169Donna GaddUnited States66,00033
Bally's6171Rachel UsackUnited States30,00015
Bally's6172Marybeth AndersonUnited States218,500109
Bally's6173Roni TaylorUnited States38,50019
Bally's6174Ruby AguilarUnited States46,50023
Bally's6175Juliet HegedusUnited States63,50032
Bally's6176Cherie CollinsUnited States153,50077
Bally's6177Chai ChungCanada35,00018
Bally's6178Jennifer AlvaradoUnited States27,50014
Bally's6179Laurie BurnierItaly141,50071
Bally's6181Sharon ChenUnited States115,00058
Bally's6182Sandy VennerUnited States106,00053
Bally's6183Meg ZampinoUnited States87,00044
Bally's6184Donna ThomasCanada44,00022
Bally's6185Natasha TattaCanada55,50028
Bally's6186Cheryl BaugusUnited States86,00043
Bally's6187Lisa LevyUnited States40,50020
Bally's6188Lauren MonossonUnited States52,00026
Bally's6189Sandy TranUnited States178,50089
Bally's6191Xuan LiuCanada133,00067
Bally's6192Lisa SantyUnited States95,00048
Bally's6193Libby WilsonUnited States70,50035
Bally's6194Sandra ChavezUnited States41,50021
Bally's6195Margot MoskovitzSouth Africa211,000106
Bally's6196Natalja HowellUnited States124,00062
Bally's6198Linh LuongUnited States45,00023
Bally's6199Christina GollinsUnited States103,50052
Bally's6201Nancy NguyenUnited States134,00067
Bally's6202Neiasha RussellUnited States31,00016
Bally's6203Yekaterina LukinaUnited States40,00020
Bally's6204Jennifer LomanUnited States97,00049
Bally's6205Carolyn WayneUnited States37,00019
Bally's6206Jolyne ThompsonUnited States150,00075
Bally's6207Jieun UmSouth Korea24,00012
Bally's6208Thi NguyenCanada113,00057
Bally's6209Jennifer GermanyUnited States79,50040
Bally's6211Corine ShiSingapore93,50047
Bally's6212Meikat SiuUnited States35,00018
Bally's6213Helen EllisUnited States53,50027
Bally's6214Kayla VoogdUnited States146,00073
Bally's6215Sondra LacoyUnited States187,50094
Bally's6216Lara EisenbergUnited States52,00026
Bally's6217Candelaria VacaUnited States68,00034
Bally's6218Kimberly McclymontCanada51,50026
Bally's6219Christina HillUnited States108,00054
Bally's6221Julie HerbertUnited States191,50096
Bally's6222Amanda WallaceUnited States17,0009
Bally's6223Lexy GavinUnited States105,00053
Bally's6224Elizabeth TedderUnited States24,50012
Bally's6225Suehane SanchezUnited States154,00077
Bally's6226Halyna BuriachenkoUnited Kingdom26,50013
Bally's6227Yian SaeleeUnited States227,500114
Bally's6229Heidi SjogrenUnited States102,50051
Bally's6231Sunny ChenUnited States61,00031
Bally's6232Samantha GonzalezUnited States213,500107
Bally's6233Lyly VoUnited States24,50012
Bally's6234Natalie BromleyUnited Kingdom50,00025
Bally's6235Sarah PluardUnited States63,50032
Bally's6236Lisa GjaltemaCanada104,00052
Bally's6237Chenyi LiuChina196,50098
Bally's6238Melissa FrintnerUnited States165,00083
Bally's6239Yulia LisichkinaUnited States68,00034
Bally's6241Dina HanUnited States26,00013
Bally's6242Hana ChoUnited States51,50026
Bally's6243Fatima NanjiCanada39,50020
Bally's6244Manda MooreUnited States60,50030
Bally's6245Deb BlairUnited States75,50038
Bally's6246Kayoung ParkUnited States68,00034
Bally's6248Susan ArmstrongUnited States31,00016
Bally's6249Krista LoweryUnited States83,50042
Bally's6251Kultida BermanUnited States187,00094
Bally's6252Marie ChalendardFrance123,00062
Bally's6253Mikhaile RichardsUnited States57,00029
Bally's6254Lika GerasimovaRussia37,00019
Bally's6255Kimberly ScottUnited States55,00028
Bally's6256Amy HenkelmanUnited States21,00011
Bally's6257Amanda BakerUnited States100,00050
Bally's6258Nesrine ReillyUnited States55,50028
Bally's6259Gloria DavilaUnited States38,50019
Bally's6261Alisha DuckworthUnited States53,50027
Bally's6262Sombat MillerUnited States49,50025
Bally's6263Ana FreitasBrazil47,50024
Bally's6264Marguerite SpagnuoloUnited States101,00051
Bally's6265Tiffany MichelleUnited States85,50043
Bally's6266Sonam JainIndia113,50057
Bally's6268Luz MoralesUnited States32,00016
Bally's6269Nancy MatsonUnited States149,00075
Bally's6271Tonia WilliamsUnited States138,50069
Bally's6272Maria KonnikovaUnited States153,00077
Bally's6274Janet BransonUnited States150,00075
Bally's6275Qing LuUnited States137,50069
Bally's6276Lucia MartinezSpain81,00041
Bally's6277Sarah ShermanUnited States21,00011
Bally's6279Jennifer OarUnited States37,00019
Bally's6281Jaymie VirtusioUnited States66,00033
Bally's6282Sharyl AllensworthUnited States36,50018
Bally's6283Haven WernerCanada39,00020
Bally's6285Meredith HoltzmanUnited States58,50029
Bally's6286Samantha LakeUnited States15,0008
Bally's6287Monah ZainiUnited States58,00029
Bally's6288Zhang LipingUnited States18,5009
Bally's6289Jinny WalkerUnited States53,00027
Bally's6291Molly MosseyUnited States55,50028
Bally's6293Lavonne SchaafsmaUnited States62,50031
Bally's6294Gina StagnittoUnited States161,50081
Bally's6295Tanya StendzisUnited States29,50015
Bally's6296Natalie HofGermany72,00036
Bally's6297Shelly GriffithUnited States51,00026
Bally's6298Julie LeUnited States63,50032
Bally's6299Jamie VelaUnited States59,50030
Bally's6301Jessica TeuslAustria67,50034
Bally's6302Melissa LandersUnited States86,50043
Bally's6304Orly YavinUnited States34,00017
Bally's6305Lysbeth MontgomeryUnited States42,00021
Bally's6306Debbie PechacUnited States35,00018
Bally's6307Sophia YonUnited States38,00019
Bally's6308Barbara BlechingerUnited States64,00032
Bally's6309Priti PatelUnited Kingdom64,00032
Bally's6311Angelina RichUnited States116,00058
Bally's6312Jacqui NewmanUnited States59,00030
Bally's6313Stephanie AgostinettiSwitzerland57,50029
Bally's6314Jacqueline MonteroUnited States32,50016
Bally's6315La SengphetUnited States164,00082
Bally's6316Min ZhangChina39,50020
Bally's6317Katie SwiftUnited Kingdom27,50014
Bally's6318Anastasija ZavorotnajaUnited Kingdom60,00030
Bally's6319Stephanie DaoCanada55,50028
Bally's6321Huayi ZhengUnited States89,50045
Bally's6322Loni HarwoodUnited States90,50045
Bally's6323Melissa SchubertUnited States71,00036
Bally's6324Michelle ReidyUnited States42,50021
Bally's6325Melanie WeisnerUnited States113,50057
Bally's6326Audrey VerlommeUnited States39,50020
Bally's6328Qing YasuiUnited States99,00050
Bally's6329Taylor BrownUnited States44,00022
Bally's6331Kathryn KellyUnited States30,00015
Bally's6332Alison EndeeUnited States45,50023
Bally's6333Greta CimboleUnited Kingdom85,50043
Bally's6334Sarah LeeUnited States28,50014
Bally's6335Deborah SternbergUnited States9,5005
Bally's6336Caitlin ComeskeyUnited States67,50034
Bally's6338Wendy SusiUnited States44,00022
Bally's6339Samantha GruberUnited States23,50012
Bally's6341Ranae WarrenUnited States32,00016
Bally's6342Rachel EddardsUnited States35,00018
Bally's6343Janet WyvillUnited States62,00031
Bally's6344Charlotte Van BrabanderBelgium228,000114
Bally's6345Ashlea DoroUnited States14,5007
Bally's6346Hai NguyenUnited States46,00023
Bally's6347Juliana VidalBrazil146,00073
Bally's6348Rebeca RebuittiBrazil27,50014
Bally's6349Regina CicconiUnited States36,50018
Bally's6371Gargee SharmaUnited States419,000210
Bally's6374Lyra VanceUnited States135,00068
Bally's6375Diana KalietinaUnited Kingdom198,00099
Bally's6376Tambra DunamsUnited States20,00010
Bally's6377Wendy BeckersUnited States285,000143
Bally's6378Nan MinUnited States34,00017
Bally's6379Elizabeth HansenUnited States51,50026
Bally's6381Anna RudolphUnited States84,50042
Bally's6382Laura NeuhauserUnited States42,50021
Bally's6385Gloria JacksonUnited States114,50057
Bally's6386Kerryjane CraigieUnited Kingdom127,50064
Bally's6387Jacqueline BerensonUnited States10,0005
Bally's6388Anna AntimonyUnited States155,00078
Bally's6389Nellie ParkUnited States11,0006
Bally's6391Santa ZawaidehUnited States136,00068
Bally's6392Naomi PazolUnited States22,00011
Bally's6393Line LindsholmUnited States53,00027
Bally's6394Yayoi NishitaniUnited States19,00010
Bally's6396Annie SpellmanUnited States118,00059
Bally's6397Jacqueline BurkhartUnited States18,0009
Bally's6398Nicole HarrisUnited States42,20021
Bally's6399Brigitte KorakCanada119,00060
Bally's6401Julie TicsayUnited States96,00048
Bally's6402Carol-Anna SouchereauCanada27,00014
Bally's6403Chien Chih WengTaiwan172,50086
Bally's6404Samantha MerzUnited States21,00011
Bally's6406Karina JettUnited States90,50045
Bally's6407Jamie KerstetterUnited States133,50067
Bally's6408Christine ParkCanada109,50055
Bally's6409Jennifer JonesUnited States52,00026

Official End of Day Chip Counts (full)

will_shill • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
Gargee Sharma us
Gargee Sharma
us 419,000 -31,000
Cherish Andrews us
Cherish Andrews
us 363,000 -11,000
Wendy Beckers US
Wendy Beckers
US 285,000 25,000
Melanie Pittard us
Melanie Pittard
us 262,500 32,500
Charlotte Van Brabander be
Charlotte Van Brabander
be 228,000 196,200
Mina Yean Saelee US
Mina Yean Saelee
US 227,500 59,500
Tanja Vujanic au
Tanja Vujanic
au 219,000 -26,000
Marybeth Anderson US
Marybeth Anderson
US 218,500 218,500
Samantha Gonzalez US
Samantha Gonzalez
US 213,500 43,500
Juli Black us
Juli Black
us 212,500 212,500
Margot Moskovitz LC
Margot Moskovitz
LC 211,000 211,000
Vitaliya Dubovik it
Vitaliya Dubovik
it 204,000 204,000
Camille Brown us
Camille Brown
us 200,000 59,000
Diana Kalietina ua
Diana Kalietina
ua 198,000 91,000
Chenyi Liu tw
Chenyi Liu
tw 196,500 196,500
Vilde Fagerbakke NO
Vilde Fagerbakke
NO 193,500 193,500
Julie Herbert US
Julie Herbert
US 191,500 -6,500
Ruth Hall us
Ruth Hall
us 191,000
Dannah Kamp us
Dannah Kamp
us 189,000 39,000
Sondra LaCoy US
Sondra LaCoy
US 187,500 140,500
Kultida Berman us
Kultida Berman
us 187,000 187,000
Sandy Tran US
Sandy Tran
US 178,500 178,500
Chien Chih Weng tw
Chien Chih Weng
tw 172,500 172,500
Melissa Frintner US
Melissa Frintner
US 165,000 165,000
La Sengphet us
La Sengphet
us 164,000 164,000

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Yong Scores a Late Double

will_shill • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

Sokha Yong moved all in for 26,800 from under the gun. Another player three-bet over the top for approximately 70,000 and the remaining players all folded.

Sokha Yong: {k-Spades}{q-Spades}
Opponent: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}

The flop {9-Spades}{7-Spades}{3-Spades} saw a stunning turnaround for Yong who flopped a flush. Her opponent could still make a better flush and implored the dealer to put a fourth spade out there. However, the {6-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} runout didn't help her and an excited Yong jumped to her feet to celebrate her late double.

Sokha Yong us
Sokha Yong
us 60,000

Sharma Looking Like End of Day Chip Leader

will_shill • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

Gargee Sharma appears to be the chip leader heading towards the end of Day 1 with well over 400,000 in chips.

Two players opened to 3,300 before Sharma raised to 18,000 in the big blind. Both opponents folded with one open-folding {6-}{6-} with Sharma telling PokerNews that she had picked up aces in the hand.

Gargee Sharma us
Gargee Sharma
us 450,000 289,000

Four More Hands

gaellej • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

The tournament's clock has now been paused and tournament officials have announced that four more hands will be played to close out the day.

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Chad_Holloway • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
PokerNews Podcast
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Andrew Keeps Adding Chips

gaellej • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

The board showed {k-Spades}{9-Spades}{7-Clubs} in a heads-up pot with around 30,000. Both Cherish Andrews in the small blind and her opponent checked.

The turn was the {7-Spades} and this time Andrews fired 21,000, which was enough to make her opponent muck her hand.

Cherish Andrews us
Cherish Andrews
us 374,000 95,000

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