2017 World Series of Poker

Event #70: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship
Days: 1
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2017 World Series of Poker

Final Results
Heidi May
Winning Hand
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Prize Pool
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12,000 / 24,000

Event #70: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Day 1 Completed

Parm Mehmi Bags Day 1 Chip Lead in Event #70: Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante
Parm Mehmi
Parm Mehmi

Event #70: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship (with a $9,000 discount for women), drew a total of 718 entries. Only 85 ladies are still in the running for the top prize of $135,098 and the WSOP gold after 10 levels of play.

Several players were vying for the chip lead in the last couple levels of the night, but Parm Mehmi finished the day at the top. Mehmi stayed on an upward slope for most of the day and ended with 120,000 chips. Mehmi, who finished in fifth place in the 2015 Ladies Event, is in good position to make another deep run here two years later.

Deborah Worley-Roberts bagged the second-biggest stack of 114,900 after turning a set of fives and eliminating Lavonne Joyce in a big pot in the final level of play. Katie Ansorge finished third in chips, just behind Worley-Roberts with 114,800. Amanda Sizemore took third place in the 2015 Ladies Event the same year that Mehmi finished in fifth. These two were at the same table for much of the day, and both steadily accumulated chips. Sizemore bagged the fourth-biggest stack with 107,500. Kristen Deardorff rounded out the top five with 104,300.

Three-time bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst stayed at the top of the counts for most of the day and bagged a healthy stack of 94,800. Some other notables to bag were Oanh Bui (92,700), Heidi May (74,400), Lynn Gilmartin (71,500), Julie Cornelius (63,900), Mandy Baker (56,000), and Na Young Kim (47,000).

With 108 players making the money, hand-for-hand play with 109 left began during the final level of the night and lasted for just one hand. Last year's Ladies Event runner-up, Mandy Baker, eliminated a player on the bubble to get the field into the money. Baker and her opponent both turned trip sevens and got the chips in, but Baker had the best kicker to send the unfortunate bubble girl to the rail.

In the final level of play, the bustouts went quickly, and 23 players finished in the money before play concluded. Mina Greco, Estelle Denis, Natalie Hof, and Anna Antimony were all eliminated in the money today.

Several familiar female players who were spotted in the field did not survive to the money. Among them were Barbara Enright, Kathy Liebert, Celina Lin, Sofia Lovgren, Kitty Kuo, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Liv Boeree, Kelly Minkin, Leo Margets, Pok Kim, JJ Liu, Loni Harwood, and Jamie Kerstetter.

The lone male participant in the event, retired NHL player Simon Després, was eliminated shortly after the dinner break and exited to cheers and claps around the room. Former winners of this event including Courtney Kennedy, Jacqueline Scott, and Haixia Zhang. All played today but also fell short of the money.

The 85 remaining players will restart Saturday at noon local time to play ten more levels. All returning players are guaranteed a minimum payout of $1,605.

The PokerNews Live Reporting team will be providing coverage from the tournament floor until a winner is crowned on Sunday, so keep it here for updates.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Miranda6181Wendy WeissmanUnited States67,30056
Miranda6182Amanda SizemoreUnited States107,50090
Miranda6183Amanda BakerUnited States56,00047
Miranda6184Lisa SantyUnited States35,50030
Miranda6185Heidi MayAustralia74,40062
Miranda6186Janet BerryUnited States5,7005
Miranda6187Michelle ReidyUnited States64,70054
Miranda6188Lindsay KidoUnited States21,20018
Miranda6191Parm MehmiUnited States120,000100
Miranda6192Laura HoppeUnited States14,00012
Miranda6193Allison SchultzUnited States71,40060
Miranda6194Dayane KotoviezyUnited States23,00019
Miranda6195Patricia SaboUnited States29,00024
Miranda6196Lauren KlingUnited States14,00012
Miranda6197Margaret ZampinoUnited States68,80057
Miranda6198Nicole MalekovaSlovakia44,90037
Miranda6199Gina RossiUnited Kingdom15,40013
Miranda6201Carolyn KarettisUnited States21,80018
Miranda6202Rong TangChina30,30025
Miranda6203Thi NguyenAustralia15,00013
Miranda6205Tiffany LeeUnited States13,20011
Miranda6206Vesna KizmanicCroatia26,20022
Miranda6207Wing ChanCanada18,30015
Miranda6208Alexis GavinUnited States15,60013
Miranda6209Lynn GilmartinAustralia71,50060
Miranda6212Julie LeUnited States20,60017
Miranda6213Teresa SavageUnited States54,60046
Miranda6214Lisa KitoJapan7,4006
Miranda6215Nathalie SchaefferFrance13,20011
Miranda6216Anne BuschUnited States33,70028
Miranda6217Nika FuttermanUnited States57,90048
Miranda6218Jana DelacerraUnited States92,00077
Miranda6219Carolyn WilsonUnited States23,30019
Miranda6271Tonia WilliamsUnited States13,00011
Miranda6272Ranae WarrenUnited States8,7007
Miranda6273Angela Del ReItaly28,60024
Miranda6274Renn PfeifferUnited States42,30035
Miranda6275Jenny MarczynskiUnited States25,30021
Miranda6276Nicole SchwartzUnited States25,50021
Miranda6278Yolanda NavarreteUnited States17,10014
Miranda6279Larissa MetrannascenteBrazil25,90022
Miranda6281Lucia MartinezSpain36,20030
Miranda6282Katherine AnsorgeUnited States114,80096
Miranda6283Amber ChatwinUnited States57,50048
Miranda6285Chii SunUnited States20,20017
Miranda6286Oanh BuiNetherlands92,70077
Miranda6287Angela Prada-MoedUnited States9,4008
Miranda6288Alexis SternerUnited States70,80059
Miranda6289Marcelina IaquintoUnited States12,60011
Miranda6291Lisa TownsUnited States57,20048
Miranda6292Nathalie SaetherNorway18,90016
Miranda6293Jenny KangUnited States12,00010
Miranda6294Kelly TreatUnited States45,00038
Miranda6295Nesli OhareUnited States30,40025
Miranda6296Chellie CampbellUnited States26,60022
Miranda6297Julie DangUnited States58,90049
Miranda6298Diana SvenskStockholm, SE77,80065
Miranda6299Vanessa SelbstUnited States94,80079
Miranda6361Vanessa AmesUnited States60,50050
Miranda6362Laurie TournierJoinville, , BR51,00043
Miranda6363Joanna LebanUnited States32,60027
Miranda6364Manami HayamizuJapan18,90016
Miranda6365Xiangrui MengChina16,10013
Miranda6366Carol HarmonUnited States24,70021
Miranda6367Debbie RollandUnited States48,50040
Miranda6368Karen SortinUnited States73,80062
Miranda6369Judith EzagouriFrance11,90010
Miranda6371Anna MarcieUnited States16,80014
Miranda6372Duplynn Rhodes-BrownUnited States66,20055
Miranda6373Jodie FincarykCanada15,20013
Miranda6374Sonia PadovaniUnited Kingdom51,70043
Miranda6375Fatima NanjiCanada49,00041
Miranda6376Deborah WorleyrobertsUnited States114,90096
Miranda6377Etsuko YoshinoUnited States24,40020
Miranda6378Tiang LayAustria18,90016
Miranda6379Kimberly McclymontCanada30,80026
Miranda6381Shino FujiwaraUnited States31,90027
Miranda6382Julie CorneliusUnited States63,90053
Miranda6383Kindra GoodmanUnited States7,6006
Miranda6384Karen HodgeUnited States69,00058
Miranda6385Nayoung KimJapan47,00039
Miranda6386Ping WangUnited States39,00033
Miranda6387Susan ArmstrongUnited States43,90037
Miranda6388Nancy DavillaUnited States29,70025
Miranda6389Kristen DeardorffUnited States104,30087

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End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante
Player Chips Progress
Parm Mehmi us
Parm Mehmi
120,000 9,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts gb
Deborah Worley-Roberts
114,900 5,900
Katherine Ansorge us
Katherine Ansorge
Amanda Sizemore us
Amanda Sizemore
107,500 29,500
Kristen Deardorff us
Kristen Deardorff
104,300 37,300
Vanessa Selbst us
Vanessa Selbst
94,800 -27,200
WSOP 3X Winner
Oanh Bui nl
Oanh Bui
92,700 26,700
Jana Delacerra us
Jana Delacerra
Diana Svensk se
Diana Svensk
Heidi May au
Heidi May
74,400 16,400
WSOP 1X Winner
Karen Sortin us
Karen Sortin
73,800 3,800
Lynn Gilmartin au
Lynn Gilmartin
71,500 36,500
Allison Schultz us
Allison Schultz
Alexis Sterner us
Alexis Sterner
70,800 35,800
Karen Hodge us
Karen Hodge
Margaret Zampino us
Margaret Zampino
Wendy Weissman us
Wendy Weissman
Duplynn Rhodes-Brown us
Duplynn Rhodes-Brown
Michelle Reidy us
Michelle Reidy
64,700 -23,300
Julie Cornelius us
Julie Cornelius
63,900 3,900
Vanessa Ames us
Vanessa Ames
Julie Dang us
Julie Dang
Nika Futterman us
Nika Futterman
Amber Chatwin us
Amber Chatwin
57,500 17,000
Lisa Towns us
Lisa Towns

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Deborah Worley-Roberts Eliminates Lavonne Joyce

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante

With the board reading {J-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} {5-Spades} {9-Spades} and over 20,000 in the pot, Lavonne Joyce moved all in for 38,300 in middle position. Deborah Worley-Roberts thought for a long while and eventually called.

Joyce said, "You got me," and Worley-Roberts tabled {5-Hearts}{5-Clubs} for a turned set of fives. That was good for the pot, and Joyce was eliminated for a small profit.

Player Chips Progress
Deborah Worley-Roberts gb
Deborah Worley-Roberts
109,000 58,000
Lavonne Joyce us
Lavonne Joyce

Tags: Deborah Worley-RobertsLavonne Joyce

Natalie Hof Eliminated by Nicole Malekova

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante
Natalie Hof
Natalie Hof

Natalie Hof, an 888 poker ambassador, shoved all in from late position for about 12,000 and was called by Nicole Malekova in the big blind.

Natalie Hof: {K-Spades}{10-Diamonds}
Nicole Malekova: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}

The board ran out {5-Spades}{Q-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{5-Clubs} — no help for Hof as Malekova hit a full house, queens over sevens, and Hof has been eliminated.

Player Chips Progress
Nicole Malekova sk
Nicole Malekova
84,000 84,000
Natalie Hof de
Natalie Hof

Tags: Natalie HofNicole Malekova

Parm Mehmi Keeps Climbing

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante

With the board reading {Q-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{3-Clubs} {9-Clubs} {10-Clubs} and more than 9,000 in the pot, Parm Mehmi bet 14,000 in the small blind. Her lone opponent in middle position thought for some time and then pushed forward chips to call.

Mehmi tabled {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts} for nines full of tens, good for the pot.

Mehmi, who took fifth place in the Ladies Event in 2015, is now over 100,000 chips, vying for the chip lead. Also building a big stack at the same table is Amanda Sizemore, who final tabled with Mehmi in 2015, finishing in third place.

Player Chips Progress
Parm Mehmi us
Parm Mehmi
111,000 41,000
Amanda Sizemore us
Amanda Sizemore
78,000 -1,000

Tags: Amanda SizemoreParm Mehmi

Mandy Baker Bursts Bubble

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante
Mandy Baker
Mandy Baker

The flop read {5-Spades}{7-Spades}{2-Diamonds}, and both Mandy Baker and the player on the button checked. The {7-Clubs} came on the turn, the player on the button checked, and Baker bet 7,500. The player on the button shoved all in for her remaining 17,300. Baker called.

Button: {9-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}
Mandy Baker: {A-Clubs}{7-Hearts}

They both had trip sevens, but Baker had the better kicker with the ace. The {4-Hearts} on the river completed the board — no danger for Baker, and she bursted the bubble.

Player Chips Progress
Mandy Baker us
Mandy Baker
67,000 25,000

Tags: Amanda Baker

Some Updated Counts at Bubble Time

Level 10 : 500-1,000, 100 ante
Player Chips Progress
Vanessa Selbst us
Vanessa Selbst
122,000 34,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Katie Ansorge us
Katie Ansorge
100,000 100,000
Michelle Reidy us
Michelle Reidy
88,000 88,000
Na Young Kim kr
Na Young Kim
83,000 -17,000
Sonia Padovani gb
Sonia Padovani
82,000 82,000
Jana de la Cerra us
Jana de la Cerra
80,000 -15,000
Amanda Sizemore us
Amanda Sizemore
79,000 -18,000
Parm Mehmi us
Parm Mehmi
70,000 11,000
Karen Sortin us
Karen Sortin
70,000 23,000
Kristen Deardorff us
Kristen Deardorff
67,000 3,000
Julie Cornelius us
Julie Cornelius
60,000 31,000
Heidi May au
Heidi May
58,000 25,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Deborah Worley-Roberts gb
Deborah Worley-Roberts
51,000 15,000
D. Joan Rhodes us
D. Joan Rhodes
49,000 -6,000
Kim McClymont ca
Kim McClymont
42,000 1,500
Mandy Baker us
Mandy Baker
42,000 10,000
Estelle Denis fr
Estelle Denis
39,000 39,000
Alexis Sterner us
Alexis Sterner
35,000 -7,000
Lynn Gilmartin au
Lynn Gilmartin
35,000 -3,500
Anne Busch no
Anne Busch
34,000 -4,000
Fatima Nanji ca
Fatima Nanji
31,000 -6,000
Thi Nguyen ca
Thi Nguyen
28,000 8,000
Laura Hoppe us
Laura Hoppe
23,000 -6,000
Shino Fujiwara us
Shino Fujiwara
19,000 8,700
Anna Antimony us
Anna Antimony
18,000 -2,000

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Level: 10

Blinds: 500/1,000

Ante: 100

Bubble Time

Level 9 : 400-800, 100 ante

There are 109 players remaining. That means it is time for hand-for-hand play until the next player busts out.