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$10,000 Wynn Millions ($10M GTD)

'LuckyChewy' Felted by Kartalyan

AnthonyThompson • Level 7: 400-800, 800 ante
Andrew Lichtenberger

Artashes Kartalyan raised to 2,000 from middle position and action folded to Andrew Lichtenberger who moved all in for just 100 more from the small blind, Kartalyan called.

Artashes Kartalyan: {7-Hearts}{7-Clubs}
Andrew Lichtenberger: {3-Clubs}{2-Clubs}

Lichtenberger needed some help and found some after the {j-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{a-Diamonds} flop gave him straight and flush draws.

Unfortunately for him, neither the {5-Hearts} turn nor the {a-Spades} river were any help and he took his exit from the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Artashes Kartalyan US
Artashes Kartalyan
US 25,200 -11,400
Andrew Lichtenberger us
Andrew Lichtenberger
us Busted

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