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The Nightly Turbo: Phil Laak's Record Attempt, Is Online Poker Coming to New Jersey, and More

The Nightly Turbo: Phil Laak's Record Attempt, Is Online Poker Coming to New Jersey, and More 0001

In the news today we've got an update on Phil Laak's attempt to break the world record for most consecutive hours of poker played, the state of online poker in New Jersey, and more. Read the news and go enjoy your weekend.

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Day 7 of the WSOP is in the books. Two bracelets were won and Michael Mizrachi bagged the most chips in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship. Check out the recap of the day to see what else happened.

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Sleepless Nights

Phil Laak's attempt to break the record for most consecutive hours of poker played has commenced and he is currently left with around 29 to 30 hours before he has the record. He has been tweeting updates about how he's feeling, how his roll is looking, and what he's eating. Plenty of people have stopped by to see him and play against him.

Some Tweets:

  • Movement is labored- it is grt when other players post my bb and sb for me
  • My brother just started guessing what my first Hallucination would be. My guess, floating chips.
  • What is happening w the clock? Is it stuck in one of those slow motion molasses type of dreams where only slushy movement can happen?
  • Text 'SUNSHINE' to 20222 to make a $10 donation to camp sunshine.Camp sunshine set this up for us.

Check out his Twitter for more updates as he stays awake to benefit Camp Sunshine and break the record.

GTL - Online Poker

Gym, tan, laundry, online poker? Soon New Jersey residents may get to add online poker to their list of daily activities. A bill was released in New Jersey that would allow the city's 11 casinos to create websites for residents to bet online. The sites would be regulated by the state and would take 20 percent of the new revenue in taxes.

"This bill will provide an astounding number of revenues and jobs for the state of NJ for our casinos who are struggling and for reinvestment in Atlantic City," said Senator Ray Lesniak, the bill sponsor. An estimated 500,000 New Jersey residents have online poker accounts and collectively wager about $150 million a year.

"Establishing intrastate Internet gaming for state residents will enable New Jersey to funnel new and existing online players into sites licensed through Atlantic City's casinos, capturing previously lost tax revenue and offering New Jersey casinos a new channel for driving traffic to the resorts," said William Pascrell III, a lobbyist representing the online entertainment industry.


Annette Says

ESPN The Magazine recently published an interview with Annette Obrestad. In it she discusses everything from playing poker with girls, to how Norwegians perceive her, and why she would rather sit at a table of Doyle Brunson's than a group of online players.

On ladies events, she says, "It's easy money." And: "I've always said that girls suck at poker. I say that because they do. Maybe they just aren't as competitive and don't try to learn from their mistakes. But I don't want them to get better. I like the uneven playing field."

Why would she rather play with a table of Brunsons? "I would much rather sit at a table of Doyle Brunsons. Online players process information so much faster and don't let their egos get in the way of becoming a better player. No disrespect to Doyle, but I'd rather play him."

Check it out here.

IFP Reacts

Recently, the Swiss government ruled that poker was a "game of luck" and making it illegal for hundreds of private games to take place. The International Federation of Poker has issued a response to this ruling.

"This is yet another example of misguided poker thinking by courts and judges who simply do not understand the game - i.e. that poker is a 'mind-sport' of strategic skill far more than luck," IFP President Anthony Holden said. He is speaking on behalf of the IFP and its 25 member nations.

“The same has happened in various US states, at the very moment when America's repressive Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act comes into force. If poker-players and admirers just stand by and watch this happen, we are conceding our rights to external forces who still think poker is a remnant of the old Wild West, rather than the clean, regulated, skilful 'mind-sport' all current poker-players know and love."

Read more about it at

Crazy Last Longer

The Craziest Last Longer promotion at UB and Absolute Poker ends Monday. If you win, you'll win a VIP prize package which consists of a trip to Las Vegas and a buy-in to Event #54 where you and your friend will get to play out your bet.

What you have to do is submit a video explaining what the loser has to do. It can be anything, be creative. There haven't been that many submitted so you have a shot at winning, all you have to do is be really original and creative.

Check out your competition here.

Blow Your Bankroll

Go on a sick heater at the blackjack tables in Vegas and looking for a way to spend your new found cash? Lynn Gilmartin shows you how to French-style. There's a $5k burger involved, you don't want to miss it.

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