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The Nightly Turbo: Harry Reid's Internet Poker Bill Drama, Klipsch Signs Sponsorship Deal with WSOP, and More

The Nightly Turbo: Harry Reid's Internet Poker Bill Drama, Klipsch Signs Sponsorship Deal... 0001

It's the middle of the week. You're halfway to the weekend you were looking for. So to get you there, we're going to get you the top poker news stories of the day, and let you get back to beating the fish. What's on tap? Well, there's a lot of drama surrounding Harry Reid's Internet Poker, we'll tell you about the World Series of Poker's newest sponsor and it just may be music to your ears, and much more.

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Harry Reid's Internet Poker Bill - The Saga Continues

Despite reports earlier today from the Las Vegas Sun, saying that Harry Reid would not be adding passing online poker legislation to his to do list this lame duck session, it seems that Harry Reid's Internet poker bill is still circulating around Congress.

Key opponents of the bill, Spencer Bachus, Dave Camp, and Lamar Smith, the three congressmen who wrote a letter to Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell last week, will be chairmen next year, and will be in a position to block any efforts from Reid to pass any similar legislation.

Guess we'll all just have to wait and see what Congress does in the next few days.

Find out more on this topic by heading over to

Do You Hear What I Hear

"Hoodie, check. iPad, check. Headphones, can't leave without those because you have to drown out the fish some how." We're pretty sure that's how it goes in most poker player's heads when they head to a poker tournament. Well, in case those headphones get lost, or crushed after a bad beat, you can now get a new pair just before the next tournament at a World Series of Poker event. Leading global speaker manufacturer Klipsch and the World Series of Poker have announced a strategic sponsorship whereby Klipsch will play a central role in on-site and online WSOP play.

“Connecting with the WSOP’s large following and educating them on our different audio solutions presents such a wonderful opportunity for Klipsch,” Klipsch President Paul Jacobs said. “We can’t wait to help WSOP participants and fans get and stay in the zone with our headphones and prove we’re their best bet when it comes to high performance audio.”

The Klipsch brand will be prominently featured at all WSOP events, and poker players will be able to purchase Klipsch products at the events.

“Poker players have an unofficial uniform and it starts with a great pair of headphones," WSOP Vice President Ty Stewart said. “Klipsch understands poker culture is pop culture and we plan to introduce them to an entire segment of influencers.” has more about this strategic sponsorship.

California Poker Bill

A intrastate poker bill has been introduced in the California state senate by Senator Louis Correa. The bill, backed by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, is a revised version of the draft the Morongo tried to find a sponsor for in September 2009.

This legislation would put a licensed entity — one that owns a California casino or card club — in charge of the intrastate poker site. Supporters of the legislation see it as a way to keep revenues in the state and protect online players.

David Quintana, political director of the California Tribal Business Alliance called it "the equivalent of the state passing a bill to give Chevron the sole right to operate gas stations in California." has more.

P-p-p-poker Face

The President of the United States has to have a pretty good poker face right? What with negotiating and facing serious issues, you have to be calm under pressure. Randall Lane of The Daily Beast seems to think that Obama's poker playing style might have a bit to do with his concessions against the Republicans recently.

"Barack was a very good, very conservative poker player,” Larry Walsh, executive of Will County, outside Chicago said. “He wasn’t a bluffer. When Barack was betting, you could pretty much know that he had a hand.”

Do we need to send Tom Dwan in there to teach Bluffing 101 to the Chief? We're sure Dwan wouldn't say no. After hearing about Obama's style of play, though, Phil Hellmuth thinks it could be just one big ploy by the President. “You want your opponents to underestimate you. The power players who play for every pot and never blink, all of sudden find themselves, after one big hand, in the taxi home, broke, trying to figure out what happened.”

Find out more about Obama's poker game at The Daily Beast.

WTF Mate?

If you don't understand Australian, you might not understand what's going on in this video. And, yes, we know Australian is not a language, but it might as well be after you listen to this.

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