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Video Vault: Calling the Clock

Any frequent viewer of PokerNews videos knows about Calling the Clock. The premise is simple: 60 seconds of random questions, some word-association, and some questions guaranteed to have never been thought of by our unsuspecting players. But what happens when we turn the tables on our own unsuspecting PokerNews Hostesses? Here is a special Video Vault on what happens when the clock gets called on the bevy of PokerNews beauties. And if the reader is wondering where my Calling the Clock is, all I can say is that the clock was called a long time ago and the files “magically” disappeared. That’s the story I’m sticking to.

Calling the Clock: Nicki Pickering

The latest addition to the PokerNews Team, the lovely lady from Down Under had the clock called on her by fellow Aussie Lynn Gilmartin. Easily the loudest Calling the Clock ever. A word to the wise: the best questions happen after the clock is stopped.

Calling the Clock: Sarah Grant

This "tall drink of water" finally got the clock called on her after being with PokerNews for almost a year. What took us so long? I am a big fan of Calling the Clock as a hazing of sorts for new players and fellow employees. Somehow Sarah got out of the embarrassment. Not to worry, Kristy Arnett more than made up for it a few weeks ago. Make sure to check out the still image before the video starts - a priceless Sarah moment.

Calling the Clock: Laura Cornelius

Laura Cornelius made it through one tournament without the clock getting called, but I managed to sneak-attack her on Day 4 of the European Poker Tour Berlin. Let’s just say the clock was sufficiently called on the British lass and we learned that she has already had a plethora of poker experiences, including being propositioned by Gus Hansen.

Calling the Clock: Kristy Arnett

The longest Calling the Clock in the history of the series. This is video proof of what happens when best friends go at it on camera. The three minute opus of a poker video gives away a lot of clues about Kristy Arnett and what can best be assumed is a ninja fetish.

Calling the Clock: Lynn Gilmartin

This Calling the Clock happened almost two years ago with former PokerNews hostess Melissa Castello grilling Lynn Gilmartin. Lynn is as perfect as ever, but as you can see, the videos have gotten better and better over the years, thanks in no small part to the PokerNews hostesses that go around calling the clock on unsuspecting players. Here's Lynn Gilmartin.

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