The Lederer Files: The Beginning of Full Tilt Poker

Since April 15, 2011, the poker world has waited anxiously to hear from Howard Lederer regarding the downfall of Full Tilt Poker. That wait is officially over.

In Part 1 of this exclusive interview series with, Lederer explains the reasoning for his elongated silence. He also discusses the early phases of Full Tilt Poker, including his initial impressions of CEO Ray Bitar, the company's original Board of Directors and investors, and more.

Said Lederer about his decision to come forward: "I just think now is the time for the poker public to get some answers to questions that they deserve to have answered; for them to get some facts that have obviously not been shared with them over the last 15 months.

"There were very good reasons why the company and the principals were not discussing these issues in public during the 15 months, but now that the deal has been completed, I think this is the time."

Here is Part 1 of the Howard Lederer Files:

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