The Lederer Files: Black Friday Aftermath, the Search for a Solution

Since April 15, 2011, the poker world has waited anxiously to hear from Howard Lederer about the downfall of Full Tilt Poker. That wait is officially over.

In Part 4 of this exclusive interview series with, Lederer opens up about the first few months after Black Friday, including the devastating news he discovered on April 21, 2012.

On that day, Lederer learned about the $250 million difference in amount owed to Full Tilt Poker's customers and the amount of cash the company had on hand. Lederer says that only he, the CEO, the CFO, and Chris Ferguson knew about the shortfall at first, but the news had to be shared with the members.

"The second we found out, there is absolutely no thought of trying to hide it. It's about trying to fix it," said Lederer. "We immediately called a board meeting and we also invited all of the various company counsels. ... We just shared the numbers with everyone on that call."

The information created a lot of anger among shareholders, according to Lederer, but the company quickly began searching for a solution. A few potential deals with new investors surfaced early on, but Lederer claims the members had a difficult time agreeing on the terms of a deal.

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