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Avoid Tilt and Gain a Mental Edge with InsuredPlay

Avoid Tilt and Gain a Mental Edge with InsuredPlay 0001


Insurance is comfort.

Comfort is a clear mind.

A clear mind makes correct decisions.

That’s a huge factor in gaining a mental edge at the poker table.

Let’s say you’re taking a shot at a higher level than you typically play. You pick up pocket kings and the maniac moves in. You call and his pocket fives hit a set.

You were about an 80% favorite to win when the money went in the middle, but your opponent hit that miracle card on the river, and now you've lost not only your chips, but also your cool.

With InsuredPlay, you could save both!

How it Works

No matter what the results are, you are guaranteed to win the equity you had in the pot. So if the pot was $100, you would be insured for $20. After the bad beat, you would get $100 deposited into your InsuredPlay account, minus a fee calculated as a small percentage of the pot. The fee you pay is based on the number of insured hands you play in a 30-day stretch, and can be as low as 0.25%.

InsuredPlay supports major online sites and networks like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, iPoker. You can even see how it works with a free sign-up to get insured with play money.

Insuring your hands helps you maintain that level of comfort you need to keep your head clear and make the right decision.

The next hand could be a tough one. If you’re playing on tilt and facing a tough spot, it could cost you even more money in the long run. That downswing gets stuck in the back of your mind and you might be worried about whether it will continue.

However, if you were insured, that loss with KK wouldn’t be clouding your judgment. You would stick to your 'A Game' and forget about the variance in some of the biggest hands you play. You could play almost stress free and maybe even save yourself from smashing a mouse or two.

What’s more, with your hands protected by InsuredPlay, you can feel more comfortable taking a shot at higher stakes.

When you’re just as comfortable at higher stakes, you’ll gain an edge over your opponents. Most importantly, you’ll be paying less rake, earning player points at a faster clip, and making more money. And with your bankroll, your edge grows and grows.

For more information, or to sign up for your account, visit

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