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The Online Railbird Report: Niki Jedlicka Wins $1.1 Million in Return to Full Tilt Poker

Niki Jedlicka

It has been a long time – about 18 months – since we last saw Niki Jedlicka on Full Tilt Poker, but he came back in a big way this week by winning an astounding $1,075,177 in 12,747 hands over 63 sessions. That was enough to put him in second place on the yearly leaderboard, less than $100K behind Dan "jungleman12" Cates.

There were quite a few big winners this week as both the 2-7 triple draw and 8-Game tables were in full swing. Among those who increased their bankrolls were Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn (+$711,913 in 68 sessions/10,947 hands), Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau (+$709,424 in 18 sessions/3,575 hands), "Follow The Hawk" (+$537,115 in 8 sessions/1,801 hands), "Denoking" (+$349,828 in 4 sessions/429 hands), Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond (+$329,939 in 72 sessions/12,007 hands), and Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius (+$231,778 in 24 sessions/3,439 hands).

On the flip side, Phil "Polarizing" Ivey, who lost $945,412 last week, found himself in the red again this week, albeit a more reasonable $280,246. That's still quite the six-figure loss, but believe it or not six other players lost more including "samrostan," who dropped $1,041,155 in 12,586 hands over 56 sessions. The other big losers included Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (-$876,992 in 97 sessions/12,256 hands), Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion (-$654,968 in 74 sessions/12,015 hands), Kyle "KPR16" Ray (-$331,991 in 37 sessions/5,049 hands), Kyle "cottonseed1" Hendon (-$310,403 in 11 sessions/812 hands), and Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker (-$299,228 in 18 sessions/2,676 hands).

Jedlicka Returns; Big $200/$400 NLHE Action on PokerStars

On Friday, April 4, Niki Jedlicka played three early 8-Game sessions against the likes of Daniel "jungleman12" Cates, Phil "Polarizing" Ivey, Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion, and Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius. Jedlicka finished the day a $512,800 winner, which was more than enough to make him the day's biggest earner.

The Online Railbird Report: Niki Jedlicka Wins .1 Million in Return to Full Tilt Poker 101
Niki Jedlicka

Not far behind though was "Follow The Hawk," who played for six and a half hours against some stiff competition that included "samrostan" and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond. When the dust settled, "Follow The Hawk" was the big winner with $414,200 in profit.

While these games were entertaining, the biggest pots were actually played over at PokerStars in a $200/$400 no-limit hold'em game. Both "Katya_18" and Alex "Kanu7" Millar walked away winners in that game with $172,400 and $152,800 wins, respectively. They were also the beneficiaries of the day's two biggest pots. Have a look.

Hand #1: Action was six-handed when "MalACEsia" ($92,499.15) opened for $800 from the button and Millar ($85,371.37) defended from the big blind, which brought about a flop of {2-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{7-Spades}. After both players checked, the {3-Spades} hit the turn and Millar checked for a second time. "MalACEsia" took the opportunity to bet $1,200, which Millar met with a check-raise to $5,000. "MalACEsia" called, the {10-Hearts} completed the board on the river, and Millar led out for $17,692.50. "MalACEsia" raised to $44,000, Millar moved all in, and "MalACEsia" wasted little time in making the call. "MalACEsia" tabled the {a-Spades}{4-Hearts} for a turned wheel, but it was no good as Millar turned a bigger straight with the {6-Clubs}{4-Clubs}. The $170,938 pot was shipped to Millar.

Hand #2: Once again action was six-handed when it folded around to Millar ($124,022.54) on the button and he raised to $900. "Katya_18" ($80,000) responded with a three-bet to $4,000 from the small blind, the big blind folded, and Millar made the call. Millar then called a bet of $5,037 on the {5-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{3-Spades} flop, the {2-Hearts} arrived on the turn, and "Katya_18" fired out $11,081.40.

Millar called once again, and then the {q-Hearts} completed the board on the river. "Katya_18" bet again, this time $30,473.85, and again Millar called. "Katya_18" rolled over the {k-Spades}{q-Spades} for a missed flush that turned into a pair of queens, and it was good enough to win the $101,585 pot as Millar sent his cards to the muck.

Luneau Finishes as Saturday's Biggest Winner

The Online Railbird Report: Niki Jedlicka Wins .1 Million in Return to Full Tilt Poker 102
Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau

On Saturday, April 5, the 2-7 triple draw and 8-Game tables were jam-packed, and one player taking advantage was Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau. The Frenchman managed to win $113,800 at the 8-Game tables, and topped that by winning $129,000 playing $2,000/$4,000 2-7 triple draw.

What's more, he returned later that afternoon and won an additional $106,900 playing 2-7 triple draw. Finally, he closed out the night by winning $80,000 more at the 8-Game tables. All told, Luneau finished the day a $418,400 winner.

Here are some other notes on Saturday's action:

  • Phil "Polarizing" Ivey had a good day by winning $372,200 playing triple draw against the likes of "samrostan" and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond.
  • "Trueteller" won $300,200 playing 2-7 Triple Draw.
  • Daniel "jungleman12" Cates won $130,000 in a heads-up match against Niki Jedlicka that lasted an hour. However, he lost a little back and ultimately finished the day a $109,600 winner.
  • Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius banked $190,300 playing 8-Game.

Kostritsyn and Galfond Kick Off the Week with Big Wins

On Monday, April 7, Alex "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn topped the daily leaderboard with a hefty $540,100, about half of which came in an hour of $2,000/$4,000 2-7 triple draw against "samrostan," Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, and company. The remainder of his profit took longer to amass, about seven hours, and came from the 8-Game tables.

Likewise, Monday was kind to Phil Galfond, who was busy playing on both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. He won $118,300 playing 8-Game on the former site, and $129,400 playing $100/$200 six-max pot-limit Omaha on the latter. It was at the PLO tables that he won the day's biggest pot.

Jedlicka, Galfond, and Kostritsyn All Win in Tuesday Tussle

On Tuesday, April 8, Niki Jedlicka played 8-Game for six hours in the morning and walked away a $206,400 winner. Likewise, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond won $184,900 playing the same game, while Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn banked $114,900. The triumvirate captured the headlines, but it was over at the $300/$600 tables that the day's two biggest pots occurred, both of which were won by "Denoking," who took "Trueteller" for $119,300. Have a look.

Hand #1: "Denoking" ($134,755.25) opened for $1,800 and then called a three-bet to $6,000 from "Trueteller" ($71,198.50), which brought about a flop of {5-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{3-Spades}. "Trueteller" bet $6,000, "Denoking" called, and the {q-Hearts} came on the turn. "Trueteller" kept the pressure on with a bet of $16,800, but he couldn't shake "Denoking."

When the {9-Spades} completed the board on the river, "Trueteller" moved all in for $42,398.50 and "Denoking" called. "Trueteller" revealed the {a-Diamonds}{j-Spades} for a pure bluff, which was no good as "Denoking" rolled over the {9-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} to take down the $142,397 pot.

Hand #2:

Biggest Winners/Losers (Full Tilt Poker)

Week's Biggest Winners (4/4-4/10): Niki Jedlicka (+$1,075,177), Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn (+$711,913), Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau (+$709,424), "Follow The Hawk" (+$537,115), "Denoking" (+$349,828), Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond (+$329,939), Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius (+$231,778), Daniel "jungleman12" Cates (+$198,495)

Week's Biggest Losers (4/4-4/10): "samrostan" (-$1,041,155), Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (-$876,992), Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion (-$654,968), Kyle "KPR16" Ray (-$331,991), Kyle "cottonseed1" Hendon (-$310,403), Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker (-$299,228), Phil "Polarizing" Ivey (-$280,246)

Year's Biggest Winners: Dan "jungleman12" Cates (+$1,057,182), Niki Jedlicka (+$984,954), Doug "WCGRider" Polk (+$760,028), Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau (+$630,745), "mikki696" (+$541,348), "Tight-Man1" (+$462,119), Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion* (+$380,533)

Year's Biggest Losers: Gus Hansen (-$2,784,306), "samrostan" (-$1,517,750), Phil "Polarizing" Ivey (-$1,350,029), Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion (-$644,445), Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond (-$544,701), Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (-$520,433), Alex "IReadYrSoul" Millar (-$487,236)

*Denotes PokerStars

Data, hands and replayer obtained from

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