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GPL Results, Standings, and Schedule After Week 2: Paris and Montreal In Front

Global Poker League
  • Results, standings, and schedule following Week 2 of Season 1 of the Global Poker League.

Welcome to the weekly rundown of the Global Poker League here on PokerNews. In this space, all of the past week's results from the GPL will be listed, followed by league standings and a look at the following week's schedule.

Week 2 saw the biggest positive moves come from the Montreal Nationals in the Americas Conference and the Moscow Wolverines in the EurAsia Conference. Both jumped two spots in their respective conference standings, and each jump meant different things. For Montreal, the team went from the middle of the pack to a nice lead. For Moscow, the team went from the bottom portion of its conference up to third.

Montreal's jump was a turnaround effort by the squad, after it started off with just one point from a fifth-place finish in the conference's first six-max match on Tuesday. Xuan Liu was the player competing for the Nationals and rebounded in the second match with a win for seven points. Then in the heads-up portion on Thursday, Pascal Lefrancois won all three matches against Thiago Nishijima for nine total points.

Although Moscow moved the most places in the EurAsia Conference, it was the Paris Aviators with another good week, banking 15 points total and moving into first place. The Hong Kong Stars got off to a strong start in Week 1, but after a lackluster Week 2 coupled with Paris' success, Celina Lin's squad dropped to seven points behind Paris.

Another big development involved the Berlin Bears, who failed to earn any points in the EurAsia's two six-match matches from Week 1, both times Dan Cates finished in sixth for a big, fat zero. In Week 2, Berlin turned to Dominik Nitsche, and he guided the team to a win in the first match for seven points, then a second-place finish in the second match for five points. Berlin added another six points in the heads-up portion of Week 2 and is now ahead of the Rome Emperors, who had the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Week 2 Results

Match 16-Max  
1Dominik NitscheBerlin Bears7
2Mike LeahParis Aviators5
3Mustapha KanitRome Emperors3
4Bryan HuangHong Kong Stars2
5Vladimir TroyanovskiyMoscow Wolverines1
6Justin BonomoLondon Royals0
Match 26-Max  
1Vladimir TroyanovskiyMoscow Wolverines7
2Dominik NitscheBerlin Bears5
3Mike LeahParis Aviators3
4Mustapha KanitRome Emperors2
5Justin BonomoLondon Royals1
6Dong GuoHong Kong Stars0
Match 36-Max  
1Kitty KuoSan Francisco Rush7
2Joao Pires SimaoSao Paulo Metropolitans5
3Fedor HolzLos Angeles Sunset3
4Jonathan DuhamelLas Vegas Moneymakers2
5Xuan LiuMontreal Nationals1
6Kevin MacPheeNew York Rounders0
Match 46-Max  
1Xuan LiuMontreal Nationals7
2Chance KornuthLos Angeles Sunset5
3Jake CodyLas Vegas Moneymakers3
4Kitty KuoSan Francisco Rush2
5Joao Pires SimaoSao Paulo Metropolitans1
6Kevin MacPheeNew York Rounders0
Match 5Heads-Up  
Sam TrickettLondon Royals26
Randy LewHong Kong Stars13
Match 6Heads-Up  
Alex LuneauParis Aviators26
Dario SammartinoRome Emperors13
Match 7Heads-Up  
Vladimir TroyanovskiyMoscow Wolverines26
Dominik NitscheBerlin Bears13
Match 8Heads-Up  
Pascal LefrancoisMontreal Nationals39
Thiago NishijimaSao Paulo Metropolitans00
Match 9Heads-Up  
Jason MercierNew York Rounders39
Phil GalfondSan Francisco Rush00
Match 10Heads-Up  
Olivier BusquetNew York Rounders26
Jonathan DuhamelLas Vegas Moneymakers13


Americas Conference   
1Montreal Nationals293
2New York Rounders253
3Los Angeles Sunset232
4Las Vegas Moneymakers210
5San Francisco Rush152
6Sao Paulo Metropolitans130
EurAsia Conference   
1Paris Aviators303
2Hong Kong Stars232
3Moscow Wolverines192
4London Royals192
5Berlin Bears181
6Rome Emperors170

Next Week's Schedule

DateTime (ET)Match
April 1912 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 1:40 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 3:30 p.m.Americas 6-Max
 5:10 p.m.Americas 6-Max
April 2012 p.m.Berlin Bears vs. Hong Kong Stars
 2:30 p.m.London Royals vs. Paris Aviators
 5 p.m.Rome Emperors vs. Moscow Wolverines
April 211 p.m.Sao Paulo Metropolitans vs. Las Vegas Moneymakers
 3:30 p.m.Los Angeles Sunset vs. San Francisco Rush
 6 p.m.New York Rounders vs. Montreal Nationals

For full match replays or highlight videos, check out the official GPL website.

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