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GPL Results, Standings, and Schedule After Week 1: Hong Kong An Early Surprise

Global Poker League
  • The Global Poker League kicked off this week, so check out the results and standings after Week 1.

Welcome to the weekly rundown of the Global Poker League here on PokerNews. In this space, all of the past week's results from the GPL will be listed, followed by league standings and a look at the following week's schedule.

For full match replays or highlight videos, check out the official GPL website.

Week 1 Results

Match 16-Max  
1Davidi KitaiParis Aviators7
2Igor KurganovLondon Royals5
3Dzmitry UrbanovichMoscow Wolverines3
4Weiyi ZhangHong Kong Stars2
5Walter TreccarichiRome Emperors1
6Dan CatesBerlin Bears0
Match 26-Max  
1Raiden KanHong Kong Stars7
2Walter TreccarichiRome Emperors5
3Davidi KitaiParis Aviators3
4Dzmitry UrbanovichMoscow Wolverines2
5Chris MoormanLondon Royals1
6Dan CatesBerlin Bears0
Match 36-Max  
1Jason WheelersNew York Rounders7
2Anthony ZinnoLas Vegas Moneymakers5
3Byron KavermanSao Paulo Metropolitans3
4Mike McDonaldMontreal Nationals2
5Fedor HolzLos Angeles Sunset1
6Tony GreggSan Francisco Rush0
Match 46-Max  
1Mike McDonaldMontreal Nationals7
2Anthony ZinnoLas Vegas Moneymakers5
3Jason WheelersNew York Rounders3
4Fedor HolzLos Angeles Sunset2
5Byron KavermanSao Paulo Metropolitans1
6Tony GreggSan Francisco Rush0
Match 5Heads-Up  
Randy LewHong Kong Stars39
Sergey LebedevMoscow Wolverines00
Match 6Heads-Up  
Bertrand GrospellierParis Aviators26
Dan CatesBerlin Bears13
Match 7Heads-Up  
Justin BonomoLondon Royals26
Timothy AdamsRome Emperors13
Match 8Heads-Up  
Olivier BusquetLos Angeles Sunset26
Darren EliasSao Paulo Metropolitans13
Match 9Heads-Up  
Anton WiggSan Francisco Rush26
Martin JacobsonMontreal Nationals13
Match 10Heads-Up  
Tom MarcheseNew York Rounders26
Anthony ZinnoLas Vegas Moneymakers13


Americas Conference   
1New York Rounders163
2Las Vegas Moneymakers131
3Montreal Nationals122
4Los Angeles Sunset92
5Sao Paulo Metropolitans71
6San Francisco Rush62
EurAsia Conference   
1Hong Kong Stars184
2Paris Aviators163
3London Royals122
4Rome Emperors91
5Moscow Wolverines50
6Berlin Bears31

Next Week's Schedule

DateTime (ET)Match
April 1212 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 1:40 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 3:30 p.m.Americas 6-Max
 5:10 p.m.Americas 6-Max
April 1312 p.m.London Royals vs. Hong Kong Stars
 2:30 p.m.Paris Aviators vs. Rome Emperors
 5 p.m.Moscow Wolverines vs. Berlin Bears
April 141 p.m.Sao Paulo Metropolitans vs. Montreal Nationals
 3:30 p.m.San Francisco Rush vs. New York Rounders
 6 p.m.Las Vegas Moneymakers vs. Los Angeles Sunset

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