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GPL Results, Standings, and Schedule After Summer Series Heat V: Mustapha Kanit’s Sweep Helps Rome

Global Poker League
  • Mustapha Kanit (Rome Emperors) swept Jake Cody (Las Vegas Moneymakers) in @GPL Summer Series Heat V.

  • Both Montreal and Moscow enjoyed Heat V sweeps to say atop their respective conferences in the @GPL.

Welcome to the weekly rundown of the Global Poker League here on PokerNews. In this space, all of the past week's results from the GPL will be listed, followed by league standings and a look at the following week's schedule.

They've already pushed through the fifth of six "Summer Series" heats on the GPL schedule, setting up one last round of interconference heads-up battles in "The Cube" to play out. Heat V marked "sweeps" week (so to speak), with three of the six matches going 3-0 and both the Montreal Nationals and Moscow Wolverines retaining leads in their respective conferences.

As seen on Poker Central, Sorel Mizzi aided the struggling Berlin Bears with a 2-1 win over Jonathan Jaffe of the San Francisco Rush. Then Igor Kurganov helped secure the London Royals' position in second place in the Eurasia Conference by defeating the New York Rounders' Bryn Kenney two games to one.

The 3-0 sweeps followed thereafter, begun by the first GPL player drafted Mustapha Kanit of the Rome Emperors who won all three of his games against the Las Vegas Moneymakers' Jake Cody. It was an entertaining match despite the cards largely going Kanit's way as he took each of the games in relatively short order.

Montreal's Pascal Lefrançois then matched that feat by sweeping Davidi Kitai of the Paris Aviators three games to none. And Moscow's Sergey Lebedev did the same, winning 3-0 versus João Bauer of the Sao Paulo Metropolitans. Olivier Busquet rounded out Heat V with a 2-1 win for the L.A. Sunset over Weiyi Zhang of the Hong Kong Stars.

As noted, those sweeps for Montreal and Moscow mean they each remain conference frontrunners. Meanwhile the Rome Emperors have passed the Berlin Bears to climb out of the Eurasia Conference cellar, and have already been helped in Heat VI as Kanit earned another win, this time 2-1 versus Byron Kaverman of Sao Paulo.

Listed below are the results from GPL Summer Series Heat V, followed by the standings heading into Heat VI (excluding that first, already-completed Heat VI match):

Summer Series Heat V Results

Match 105Heads-Up  
Sorel MizziBerlin Bears26
Jonathan JaffeSan Francisco Rush13
Match 106Heads-Up  
Igor KurganovLondon Royals26
Bryn KenneyNew York Rounders13
Match 107Heads-Up  
Mustapha KanitRome Emperors39
Jake CodyLas Vegas Moneymakers00
Match 108Heads-Up  
Pascal LefrançoisMontreal Nationals39
Davidi KitaiParis Aviators00
Match 109Heads-Up  
Sergey LebedevMoscow Wolverines39
João BauerSao Paulo Metropolitans00
Match 110Heads-Up  
Olivier BusquetL.A. Sunset26
Weiyi ZhangHong Kong Stars13


Americas Conference   
1Montreal Nationals13914
2L.A. Sunset12813
3Sao Paulo Metropolitans1099
4New York Rounders1028
5San Francisco Rush969
6Las Vegas Moneymakers866
Eurasia Conference   
1Moscow Wolverines11911
2London Royals10911
3Hong Kong Stars1067
4Paris Aviators10110
5Rome Emperors906
6Berlin Bears896

This Week's Schedule (Summer Series Heat VI)

DateTime (ET)Match
July 32 p.m.Sao Paulo Metropolitans vs. Rome Emporers*
July 52 p.m.Las Vegas Moneymakers vs. Hong Kong Stars
July 54:30 p.m.Montreal Nationals vs Berlin Bears
July 62 p.m.L.A. Sunset vs. Moscow Wolverines
July 72 p.m.New York Rounders vs. Paris Aviators
July 82 p.m.San Francisco Rush vs. London Royals

*Won by Rome's Mustapha Kanit over Sao Paulo's Byron Kaverman (2 games to 1)

To watch Global Poker League matches, head over to Poker Central where each and every match can be watched live. Check out as well the official GPL website for full season's results, statistics, match replays, and more.

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