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Global Poker League Week 9: Clean Sweep for Adams and Bonomo, Moscow Wolverines Lead Euarasia Conference

Global Poker League
  • In Week 9 of the @GPL, @Tim0theeAdams and @JustinBonomo won their heads-up matches 3-0!

An exciting day of Global Poker League heads-up matches played out yesterday. Two players even signed for clean sweeps in the Eurasia Conference mano-a-mano fights.

Rome Emperors vs. Hong Kong Stars

Timothy Adams vs. Weiyi Zhang

Timothy Adams was the first one to score three wins. The Rome Emperors player had Hong Kong Stars' Weiyi Zhang on the ropes early on in the first match. With his king-five, he rivered a king to beat Zhang's pocket sevens to take a 1-0 lead. In the second match, he quickly pulled away from his opponent. He got it all in with two pair the pair and flush draw of Zhang. The river wasn't one of Zhang's outs and Adams was already secured the victory leading 2-0.

The last heat for the final three points was decided by two big hands in the end. In the first one, Adams flopped a flush against Zhang's two pair. In the second hand, the king-queen from Zhang couldn't beat Adams' ace-six and the Canadian scored the clean sweep, earning nine crucial points for the Emperors.

Moscow Wolverines vs. Paris Aviators

Anatoly Filatov vs. vs. George Danzer

The first two heats were lengthy battles but in the end, Filatov came out on top. In the last hand of the first heat, Danzer's nine-eight was dominated by Filatov's ace-eight and it stayed that way. The next heat was decided by a coin flip; Filatov's pocket deuces were victorious against the ace-eight from Danzer.

Danzer struck back a little bit in the last heat. He took the lead early on in the fight and eventually finished it off by making a flush with his king-trey off suit against Filatov's ace-queen suited.

Filatov probably wasn't very disappointed about that last heat. He still won the match and gave the Moscow Wolverines a decent lead in the Eurasia conference. In the meantime, Filatov himself became the top scorer of the Global Poker League so far. Scoring 56 in his 12 matches, the same amount as Fedor Holz raked in for his team.

London Royals vs. Berlin Bears

Justin Bonomo vs. Dominik Nitsche

Bonomo went off to a flying start for his London Royals, winning the first heat in just four hands. Nitsche tried to bluff Bonomo on a four-six-ten-nine-nine-board, but Bonomo made the correct call with ace-ten.

Nitsche, looking for some costly points for the Berlin Bears, couldn't get things going in the second heat. He was down early in the match and eventually lost his final chips with ace-ten against Bonomo's jacks.

In the final heat, Nitsche had the better start, but Bonomo fought back. He took over the chip lead and ended it in style winning the match with pocket aces.

Global Poker League Eurasia Standings

Thanks to the six points Filatov scored, the Moscow Wolverines still have a big lead in the Eurasia Conference. The London Royals are now solely in second after Bonomo's perfect nine points. The Hong Kong Stars are still in a good spot for the playoffs, but the Paris Aviators and Rome Emperors are on their heels. With only the top four reaching the playoffs in Las Vegas, the Berlin Bears need to score big in the next couple of weeks.

1Moscow Wolverines136(11)
2London Royals122(11)
3Hong Kong Stars113(7)
4Paris Aviators111(10)
5Rome Emperors110(7)
6Berlin Bears100(6)

Global Poker League Schedule September 22:
Americas Conference Heads-Up Matches

Today the Global Poker League will be back with some more heads-up action. This time from the Americas Conference.

Time EDTTime CESTMatch 
1pm19:00Montreal NationalsLA Sunset
  Marc-Andre LadouceurOlivier Busquet
3.30pm21:30Sao Paulo MetropolitansNew York Rounders
  Byron KavermanTom Marchese
6pm00:00San Francisco RushLas Vegas Moneymakers
  Jonathan JaffeJake Cody

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