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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Recovering from the Election

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  • Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Take a breath and remember that the election is over. #recovery

As everyone recovers from a hectic and emotional election week, let’s start off with some laughter, mainly at the expense of those confident enough to post on social media.

The real fun begins when you raid the kiddy casino.

Can’t beat em, join em? Emma Casey creepin.

Testing their citizenship luck by banding together in protest.

Ah. These photos never get old. #familyfun

My favorite part about this entire thing is how part of it’s partly feminized. Lip gloss, pink headphones, Hello Kitty.

A star in the making.

Our honorary Tweet, Tweet ambassador…Liv Boeree. Thanks for the smiles. (That title is completely fake, btw.)

Make it rain.

I’d really like to see the before and after shot, please. I need to assess skill.

Golden State fans, rejoice!

Umm, I’m sorry, what….

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