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GPL Results, Standings, and Schedule After Week 5: Big Jump from Sao Paulo

Global Poker League
  • Results, standings, and schedule following Week 5 of Season 1 of the Global Poker League.

Welcome to the weekly rundown of the Global Poker League here on PokerNews. In this space, all of the past week's results from the GPL will be listed, followed by league standings and a look at the following week's schedule.

Week 5 of the GPL resulted in bigger movement from the Americas Conference versus the Eurasia Conference, although the leaderboard shifted in both.

In the Americas Conference, the New York Rounders moved into first place following a 13-point week, but it was the jump made by the Sao Paulo Metropolitans that stood out the most. The Mets added 16 points to the season total and jumped three spots to move into second place in the conference and only four points shy of the Rounders. The Mets earned 10 points from the two six-match matches last Tuesday, a result of two second-place finishes for Felipe Mojave. Then in the heads-up portion last Thursday, Thiago Nishijima won two of three matches against Tom Marchese to add another six points.

While the Mets moved up three spots, it was the Montreal Nationals dropping two spots and falling from first to a tie for third in the conference. This was due to an unimpressive four-point week, with only one point gained in the two six-match matches and three points in the heads-up portion from franchise manager Marc-Andre Ladouceur.

In the Eurasia Conference, two couples of teams swapped positions, with the Paris Aviators jumping into first place over the Moscow Wolverines and bumping the Russian squad down to second, and the London Royals jumped into fourth place and bumped the Berlin Bears down to fifth. The Aviators and the Royals both had 14-point weeks, which was the best in the conference.

Of note, the Rome Emperors scored 13 points in the Eurasia Conference, which was the second best in the conference. Although the team still remains in last place, it is now only four points behind fifth-place Berlin, which is a much more manageable gap going into Week 6. That said, the Emperors will have work cut out for them as the team faces the Aviators in next week's heads-up portion.

Week 5 Results

Match 16-Max  
1Mike LeahParis Aviators7
2Todd BrunsonRome Emperors5
3Igor YaroshevskyMoscow Wolverines3
4Bryan HuangHong Kong Stars2
5Liv BoereeLondon Royals1
6Bill PerkinsBerlin Bears0
Match 26-Max  
1Liv BoereeLondon Royals7
2Igor YaroshevskyMoscow Wolverines5
3Bill PerkinsBerlin Bears3
4Todd BrunsonRome Emperors2
5Mike LeahParis Aviators1
6Bryan HuangHong Kong Stars0
Match 36-Max  
1Tony GreggSan Francisco Rush7
2Felipe RamosSao Paulo Metropolitans5
3Tyler KenneyNew York Rounders3
4Chance KornuthL.A. Sunset2
5Chris MoneymakerLas Vegas Moneymakers1
6Marc-Andre LadouceurMontreal Nationals0
Match 46-Max  
1Tyler KenneyNew York Rounders7
2Felipe RamosSao Paulo Metropolitans5
3Jonathan LittleLas Vegas Moneymakers3
4Tony GreggSan Francisco Rush2
5Marc-Andre LadouceurMontreal Nationals1
6Chance KornuthL.A. Sunset0
Match 5Heads-Up  
Max PescatoriRome Emperors26
Weiyi ZhangHong Kong Stars 1
Match 6Heads-Up  
Igor KurganovLondon Royals26
Bill PerkinsBerlin Bears13
Match 7Heads-Up  
Mike LeahParis Aviators26
Anatoly FilatovMoscow Wolverines13
Match 8Heads-Up  
Thiago NishijimaSao Paulo Mets26
Tom MarcheseNew York Rounders13
Match 9Heads-Up  
Olivier BusquetL.A. Sunset26
Marc-Andre LadouceurMontreal Nationals13
Match 10Heads-Up  
Jonathan LittleLas Vegas Moneymakers26
Kitty KuoSan Francisco Rush13


Americas Conference   
1New York Rounders595
2Sao Paulo Metropolitans553
T-3L.A. Sunset515
T-3Montreal Nationals515
5Las Vegas Moneymakers502
6San Francisco Rush495
Eurasia Conference   
1Paris Aviators657
2Moscow Wolverines646
3Hong Kong Stars514
4London Royals495
5Berlin Bears452
6Rome Emperors411

Next Week's Schedule

DateTime (ET)Match
May 1012 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 1:40 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 3:30 p.m.Americas 6-Max
 5:10 p.m.Americas 6-Max
May 1112 p.m.Hong Kong Stars vs. London Royals
 2:30 p.m.Berlin Bears vs. Moscow Wolverines
 5 p.m.Rome Emperors vs. Paris Aviators
May 121 p.m.New York Rounders vs. San Francisco Rush
 3:30 p.m.Montreal Nationals vs. Sao Paulo Mets
 6 p.m.L.A. Sunset Las Vegas Moneymakers

For full match replays or highlight videos, check out the official GPL website.

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