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Throwback Thursday: That One Time Antonio...

  • Sarah HerringSarah Herring
  • The prop bet that almost got Antonio Esfandiari banned from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Last year the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure captured the attention of the entire poker world and even the mainstream media. Antonio Esfandiari made a prop bet with Bill Perkins that he would lunge everywhere he went, with a few stipulations. Sasha Salinger got the details on that bet.

Things got a little crazy when it got to the point that even going to the bathroom (which IS a pretty good distance to be fair) took more lunging than it was worth. Esfandiari was almost disqualified from the event after a certain "incident" which must remain unnamed.

With some reserve, Esfandiari agreed to an interview with Sarah Herring during all the drama.

Ultimately Esfandiari donated his prop bet winnings to charity. We all know that in poker, it is about the victory, not the money.

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