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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Slow Days at Work

Tweet Tweet March
  • Including @Liv_Boeree in Tweet, Tweet isn't political. It's necessary.

This week was a bit slow on social media, but even slow weeks at work have their entertaining moments.

These look like tiny finger sausages in bins.

This food looks like it was already eaten. Is that the joke? LOLs.

OK, how does someone with “BrokeLiving” in their Twitter handle get into the Oscars? Just curious.

To make up for the fact that she’s wearing black in broad daylight, Liv Boeree brought out her reflective gear.

Too much?

I seriously don’t get it. Now we get “#brokefan.” Is this a joke?! If this is your life, I want to be broke too. #makebrokegreatagain

Massage train unite!

Why so serious? He looks straight-up concerned.

This is looking a little desperate.

That dog looks fierce. Either fake or focused on some food outside of view.

Victory stance to accompany the inspirational quote? CHECK.

Lead images courtesy of Liv Boeree, Jennifer Tilly and Jean Robert Bellande

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