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Off the Felt: Why You Should Follow Gus Hansen and Philipp Gruissem

Off the Felt
  • .@TheRealPhilbort is making miserable mood Instagram vlogs and they are epic.

Instagram is just a perception, right? People post only their best photos, the best meals, the best travel spots - but what you don't see is them lounging in their pajamas on a Thursday night binge-watching something cringeworthy. Or what they *actually* look like when they wake up.

There's at least two people in the poker world who are bringing authenticity to the world of social — Gus Hansen and Philipp Gruissem. These two are bringing something a little different: honesty and truly unfiltered content.

Gruissem is now on a mission to bring you the true life of a poker player with his miserable movies.

He even shows you that a Sunday grind is not all rainbows and unicorns - but instead, sometimes you start your grind hurting and hungry.

Then there's Gus Hansen. It's rare to get an inside look at some of the world's largest cash games but Hansen takes you right in there as if you are sitting side-by-side with the best.

Is the Jedi back? Only time will tell. But at least you have his Instagram account to keep you occupied for the time being.

If you want honesty, these two are a must follow.

Anyway, let's enjoy the best pictures of the week, shall we?

Haralabos Voulgaris got engaged!

What a bae!

Viktor Blom is rarely seen on social media. This week is no exception, but at least we know he's soaking up some sun.

What's his damn secret? Patrik does not age.

Isn't this adorable?


Chase is building a treehouse, and we hope it fits a poker table inside.

Marc-Andre visited Chicago!

All in with this photo.

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