Five of the Best British Poker Players

The Best British Poker Players

British people may be known for forming an orderly queue for pretty much anything, possessing a “stiff upper lip” and have an almost natural ability to talk at length about the weather, but these shores are also the home to some of the world’s best poker players. And since it's the Queen's Birthday today, let's take a look at some of Britain's best!

Chris Moorman

Chris Moorman

It would be a crime to not include 888poker-sponsored player Chris Moorman in any list depicting the best British poker players, or even in a list of the best in the world for that matter.

Hailing from Essex, but now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Moorman is a legend in online poker circles thanks to becoming the first player in the history of the game to accumulate $10 million in online poker tournament winnings; Moorman now has just shy of $15 million in online winnings according to

Moorman has 363 online victories to his name. Let that settle in for a moment. Most mere mortals will never get close to winning an online poker tournament, but Moorman has accomplished the feat 363 times. He’s no slouch in the live arena either, boasting $5,511,699 in winnings, including a World Poker Tour title and a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Chris Moorman Poker Live Stats (June, 2018, Hendonmob)

England's All Time Money List6th
All Time Money List179th
Global Poker Index54th
Best Live Cash$1,068,690
Total Live Earnings$5,511,699

Chris Moorman Poker Online Stats (June, 2018, PocketFives)

United Kingdom ranking7th
Worldwide ranking50th
Number of cashes10,552
Best Online Cash$235,592
Lifetime Earnings$14,972,740

Twitter: @moorman1

Chris Moorman
Chris Moorman

Niall Farrell

Niall Farrell

You would be forgiven for seeing Niall Farrell when he’s playing poker or is away from the table and thinking that he would be an easy target. The Scotsman almost always has a smile on his face, a beer in his hand and seems to be loving life.

Yet underneath his fun-loving exterior is one hell of a poker player — one with nearly $5.1 million in live poker tournament winnings and more than $3.1 million won from the online arena.

Farrell won the second-fastest live poker Triple Crown in history when he took down the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller event at the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe. This victory complemented his European Poker Tour Malta and World Poker Tour Caribbean titles. Farrell’s WSOP win meant he was Scotland’s first bracelet winner and he’s likely to become a multiple bracelet winner in the coming years.

Niall Farrell Poker Stats (June, 2018, Hendonmob)

Scotland All Time Money List1st
All Time Money List198th
Global Poker Index46th
Best Live Cash$867,591
Total Live Earnings$5,075,985

Niall Farrell Poker Online Stats (June, 2018, PocketFives)

United Kingdom ranking35th
Worldwide ranking293th
Number of cashes2,164
Best Online Cash$236,233
Lifetime Earnings$3,113,862

Twitter: @firaldo87poker

Niall Farrell
Niall Farrell

Stephen Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick

Here’s a challenge for you: find someone in the poker community who has a bad word to say about Stephen Chidwick. They don’t exist.

Chidwick is the model professional who takes his trade deadly serious and it shows in his incredible results in all forms of this beautiful game. Chidwick is in the form of his life and has won $6.99 million this year to take his lifetime live poker tournament winnings to $17 million. It is only a matter of time before he overtakes Sam Trickett at the top of the UK all-time money listings; Trickett has $20.8 million to his name.

Being a great guy aside, people love Chidwick because he is a complete player who can rub shoulders with the no-limit hold’em elite online and live, as well as min-betting his way to glory in Stud, Omaha and games as obscure as Badugi and Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw.

As we write this, Chidwick is yet to win a WSOP bracelet. By the time the 2018 WSOP crowns its final champion, it will be a massive surprise if Chidwick isn’t returning home with some much sought-after poker bling adorning his wrist.

Stephen Chidwick Poker Stats (June, 2018, Hendonmob)

England's All Time Money List2nd
All Time Money List24th
Global Poker Index1st
Best Live Cash$1,352,531
Total Live Earnings$17,005,505

Stephen Chidwick Online Poker Stats (June, 2018, PocketFives)

Number of cashes2,282
Best Online Cash$142,155
Lifetime Earnings$5,078,926
Stephen Chidwick
Stephen Chidwick

Patrick Leonard

Patrick Leonard

Patrick Leonard topped the worldwide online poker rankings in 2014 despite him playing a smaller volume than some of his peers. Leonard made the transition from cash games to tournament poker and has never looked back.

The partypoker ambassador has amassed almost $5.3 million from online poker tournaments and an additional $2.2 million from the live arena. Of his live total, $1.265 million stems from three back-to-back-to-back victories in Las Vegas in July 2017 when Leonard triumphed in two $25,000 High Rollers at Aria before winning the $10,400 Bellagio Cup XIII.

It is Leonard’s work off the table that has helped him gain a reputation as one of the good guys. In addition to being one of the founders of a huge staking stable, Leonard campaigns for better structures, clarity and reduced rake for online poker players and was instrumental in helping partypoker improve their tournament schedule and in the removal of rake from the bounty element of progressive knockout tournaments.

Patrick Leonard Live Poker Stats (June, 2018, Hendonmob)

England's All Time Money List40st
All Time Money List658th
Global Poker Index157th
Best Live Cash$475,940
Total Live Earnings$2,213,387

Patrick Leonard Poker Online Stats (June, 2018, PocketFives)

United Kingdom ranking1th
Worldwide ranking11th
Number of cashes2,218
Best Online Cash$275,473
Lifetime Earnings$5,293,530

Twitter: @plenopads

Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard

Conor Beresford

Conor Beresford

It was difficult to think of a fifth British poker player for our list because there is a dozen or more people deserving of their names being published here, but choose we did and we opted for Conor Beresford.

Beresford has $6.44 million in online poker tournament winnings and it seems there isn’t a week goes by that he doesn’t help himself to a five-figure score. Currently ranked 17th in the world by PocketFives, Beresford has been ranked as highly as second in the world during 2016.

The live arena has seen Beresford win $510,373 from tournaments, although he does not play as much live poker as he does online. Beresford told UK & Ireland PokerNews that he was planning on jetting off to Las Vegas for the 2018 WSOP and he made the list of players to watch on our UK & Ireland site on the back of that information. Beresford is definitely a player with huge potential.

Conor Beresford Live Poker Stats (June, 2018, Hendonmob)

England's All Time Money List202nd
All Time Money List3,601th
Global Poker Index268th
Best Live Cash$84,751
Total Live Earnings$510,373

Conor Beresford Online Poker Stats (June, 2018, PocketFives)

United Kingdom ranking3rd
Worldwide ranking17th
Number of cashes5,255
Best Online Cash$171,248
Lifetime Earnings$6,441,912

Twitter: @1_conor_b_1

Conor Beresford
Conor Beresford

  • On the Queen's Birthday, PokerNews takes a look at five of UK's greatest poker players. Who made the cut?

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