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Mykel Comroe Wins RGPS Bossier City Main Event for $48,110; WSOP's Dennis Jones Takes Second

Mykel Comroe

Mykel Comroe is the newest champion on the 2019 GPI Award-Winning Mid-Major Tour after topping a field of 438 entries at the RunGood Poker Series Bossier City $575 Main Event to win a first-place prize of $48,110 and a RGPS Game Seven Championship Ring by Signature Rings.

A dozen Day-1 levels across three flights led to 91 players finding their way into Sunday’s Day 2, and it took almost 15 hours for Comroe to claim the title. His victory was punctuated by a nearly three-hour heads-up match with longtime WSOP Tournament Supervisor Dennis Jones, who gave Comroe the biggest test he could have asked for en route to triumph.

Comroe entered the day as one of the shortest stacks in the tournament, bringing just 47,000 in chips back to a big blind of 3,000. After waiting until Saturday evening’s Flight C, the final chance to advance to Day 2, he almost didn’t even make it that far: “I busted two times, and I basically got in the car and left,” Comroe said in an interview after the tournament. “That was basically right before late registration ended.”

Luckily, Comroe re-entered for a third time and survived through the last few levels of Day 1 to advance. His Day 2 was a different story, however. According to Comroe, he was able to build early by waking up with big hands anytime opponents went all in.

Final Table Results

PlaceWinnerPrize (USD)
1Mykel Comroe$48,110
2Dennis Jones$29,784
3Martin Ruemenapp$21,747
4Demond Williams$16,162
5Michael Sanders$12,176
6Mark Burford$9,329
7Everett Register$7,249
8Kevin Koch$5,694
9Matthew Register$4,555

Day 2 Action

Roughly half of the returning 91 players were set to get into the money on Day 2, and that was cut in half just before the first break of the day after a little over two hours of play. Players such as Simon Webster, Papa Terry Karn, and Pej Niyati were among those to find the rail before the money was made.

Eliminations continued to pile up, with players such as Judge Leo Booth (35th place - $1,095) and RunGood Ambassadors Preston McEwen (30th place - $1,380) and Ray Henson (15th place - $3,022) among those to make the money but fall short of the final table.

Comroe entered the unofficial final table of 10 with a massive chip lead, carrying momentum from big pots into the evening. Play continued for around a half-hour before Bryan Chaler and Matthew Register hit the rail in quick succession, bringing the field down to eight.

It took nearly another hour for Kevin Koch to become the next casualty. Koch had entered the final table fourth in chips but doubled up Jones in a huge hand where an ace and a king came on the flop and Koch’s ace-king proved no good against Jones’ pocket aces. Moments later, the second member of the Register family was eliminated in seventh place, when Everett Register was eliminated by Comroe.

Final Table Main
RGPS Bossier City Final Table

Comroe continued to build from there, eclipsing three million and accumulating over one-third of the chips in play when he got three streets of value with top two pair against Demond Williams, leaving Williams as one of the shorter stacks in the room. Williams hung around as Flight C chip leader Mark Burford got all in preflop with ace-ten suited against Martin Ruemenapp’s pocket aces in a blind-versus-blind situation to take sixth.

Williams then found a double against Comroe when his nines held against ace-king all in preflop. Meanwhile, [b[Michael Sanders[/b] found himself getting short after entering the final table third in chips. Sanders bowed out to take the field down to four, with Williams becoming the next casualty 15 minutes later when he ran pocket jacks into Ruemenapp’s pocket queens.

Three-handed play then went on for close to an hour, with Comroe, Jones, and Ruemenapp all taking their turn as chip leader during that time. Ruemenapp eventually found himself the odd man out in third when his king-five got in on a king-high flop against Jones’ king-jack and didn’t get there, taking the tournament heads up with Comroe having a significant advantage.

Dennis Jones and Mykel Comroe
Dennis Jones and Mykel Comroe

It looked as if Comroe would end things quickly until a turning point in the match when Jones put in a preflop raise that effectively put him all in. Comroe thought for some time and eventually folded, with Jones then gaining the momentum and building for over an hour from that point.

The other turning point in the match came when Comroe shoved all in over a bet from Jones on a flop that contained two tens and a seven. Jones made a big laydown after over two minutes in the tank and Comroe regained the momentum, ultimately gaining the chip lead along with it. The final hand of the night was one giant exclamation mark on Comroe’s tournament, getting stacks all in preflop with pocket kings to Jones’ ace-king and watching a safe runout lead to the win.

Comroe added after all was said and done, “I wanted to thank two people. For some reason, they stick with me all the time – Omar and Mexican David – they just (are) . . . very good friends and they’re part of this win as well.”

The RGPS Game 7 Season continues to next weekend with a stop at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs just across the river from Omaha, Nebraska. Click here for more information on that tournament.

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  • Mykel Comroe topped 438-entry field to win @RGPokerSeries @Horseshoe_BC $575 Main Event for $48,110.

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