Jacob Seale Wins Final RGPS Ring in Harrah's North Kansas City Main Event for $40,963

Jacob Seale

On Sunday night, Jacob Seale came out on top of a 482-entry field to win the RunGood Poker Series Kansas City $575 Main Event after a three-way deal which saw Seale collect the final Signature Championship ring of the season and $40,963 in prize money.

Seale took the top spot while Ray Rife finished in second place for $37,923. Meanwhile, Shawn Privat took $28,369 for third place after grinding out a short stack for much of the day.

The three players made a deal shortly after Josh Turner was eliminated in fourth place. Turner came into the final table as the chip leader but got aces cracked against Rife and lost a flip to Seale shortly after to fall four-handed.

Prior to the win, Seale had $310,991 in prize money with a prior career-high of $37,428 for finishing runner-up in April's RGPS Harrah's North Kansas City stop. He also finished 12th in this past summer's World Series of Poker Event #84: $1,500 The Closer for $37,215.

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerPrize (USD)
1Jacob Seale$40,963*
2Ray Rife$37,923*
3Shawn Privat$28,369*
4Joshua Turner$17,350
5Chuck Marty$13,048
6Grant Hart$9,953
7Andy Ernstein$7,700
8Jacob Lewis$6,042
9Zachary Carroll$4,808

*Denotes three-handed deal.

Final Table Action

The final table began with Andy Ernstein quickly eliminating two players. Peter Gardner finished in tenth place and then Zachary Carroll ran pocket kings into Ernstein's aces to bust in ninth place.

Despite getting those two knockouts, Ernstein was next to go after losing three big pots to Seale. On the final hand, Ernstein got pocket sevens in against Seale's jacks and hit the rail in seventh place.

Grant Hart lost a big pot to Rife to bust in sixth. Rife, Seale and Hart saw a flop three-handed and Rife checked before calling Hart's shove with middle set to leave Hart drawing to only running aces. He didn't catch up and was later eliminated by Seale for the last of his chips.

RGPS Kansas City Final Table
The RGPS Kansas City Final Table.

Chuck Marty fell in fifth place to Rife. The two got the same hand all in preflop but Rife made a flush on the river to send Marty home with fifth-place money.

Then it was Turner who couldn't seem to buy a break four-handed. Rife turned a set of queens to crack his aces, and then Seale out flipped him to get the last of his chips. After the deal, Seale claimed his first RGPS title and the last of the Signature Championship rings.

The day started with 103 players returning to take their shot at the title. The last 54 players made the money after Jon McAndrew was the stone bubble.

Many of the Kansas City locals found their way into the money including Mason Hinke finishing in 54th place and Kevin "Kevmath" Mathers finishing right behind him in 53rd. Chris "Pug" Juul fell in 31st for $1,246, while the RGPS Council Bluff Main Event champ Derrick Contreras fell in 37th for $1,010.

All week the RGPS events drew record numbers for the stop and it was quite the finale to the Game Seven season of the RGPS. The RGPS will return in February with its brand new season.

  • Jacob Seale topped a 482-entry field to win the @RGPokerSeries @HarrahsNKC Main Event for $40,963.

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