Galfond Challenge: Galfond Books Sizable Win Over Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins is stuck after two sessions against Phil Galfond.

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In the aftermath of winning his 25,000-hand match against "Venividi1993", Phil Galfond didn't waste any time with either celebrations or preparations for his ongoing Galfond Challenge series.

Instead, two days after wrapping up his epic victory, Galfond sat right back down at the tables and traded the first blows with opponent No. 2, high-stakes tournament vet Bill Perkins. The stakes: $100/$200 pot-limit Omaha with Galfond laying $1 million against $250,000 that he'd win across either 50,000 hands or a $400,000 stop-loss.

With the match this time taking place on partypoker, the players got off to a bit of a slower-paced start, playing one table rather than the two viewers were used to from the "Venividi1993" match. While Galfond dug himself a hole of about $50K, he recovered for a small loss of just over $1,500. A follow-up session went far better for the Run It Once Poker boss as he savaged Perkins for more than $90,000 to open up a wide lead.

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Day 1

After Galfond opened up winning some pots, Perkins took the lead when Galfond bluffed off a bit into his turned aces full on A53A6. Galfond opted to check and try to win showdown with a straight he made on the river but Perkins had A943.

Perkins pulled further ahead when Galfond defended big blind and they checked through to 7K78. Galfond potted with Q755 and Perkins called. On the Q river, Galfond potted again for $3,597 and Perkins responded by potting it himself. Galfond folded his full house and Perkins was up more than a buy-in.

Perkins continued to show down winners, and Galfond sank to about $45,000 in the hole. On the way, he did dodge several big hands with river checks back, so things could have actually been worse had he opted for some river bluffs.

Galfond began recovering with a big pot when he three-bet preflop to $1,800 and bet small with $1,079 holding AQJ10 on J86. Perkins raised to $3,958 and Galfond called. Both checked the 9, bringing an A river. Galfond potted and got called to scoop a $34K pot. He won another big one defending KQ83 and flopping trips on 343. He checked and Perkins bet one-third pot with $599. Galfond made it $1,798 and Perkins called. Galfond bet $2,398 on the K turn and potted the river for $9,592, getting called twice.

Perkins dropped the rest of his profit when he three-bet and K22 flopped. They both checked to a Q turn. Perkins checked and Galfond potted for $3,599 with QQ103. Perkins raised to $8,997 and Galfond peeled to a 3 river. Perkins check-folded to half pot.

Perkins crawled back in front though, highlighted by winning a four-bet pot with aces over kings when each player checked down a dangerous board after missing turned diamonds.

Hands Played: 388
Results: Bill Perkins +$1,561.86
Full session video

Day 2

Galfond got off to a small early lead, but Perkins worked his way back and scooped some pretty sizable pots and evened things up after around half an hour of play. Perkins continued to show down strong, but Galfond was pleased that he dodged several big ones by checking back marginal hands or potential bluffs on the river.

Galfond began building some momentum when he three-bet J7108 and got an 887 flop. Galfond bet small with a little less than $700 and Perkins peeled for a 7 turn. Galfond opted to check this time and he called $2,457 from Perkins. On the Q river, Perkins barreled again for $7,435. Galfond raised all in and Perkins gave up the five-figure pot. Another big pot with a boat followed as Galfond potted for $2,398 on 5410Q4. Perkins raised to $7,793, and Galfond potted for $25,778 holding QQ94 and Perkins paid it off for a $53,995 pot with what Galfond said was tens full.

Perkins got some back when he four-bet preflop and Galfond called with A3KK. On the 396 flop, Perkins bet half pot and Galfond piled. Perkins stuck it in and had the good preflop with A2A5. The board ran 7, 4 and Perkins dragged a $59K pot with a straight.

Then, they played an $81K pot. Galfond raised preflop and bet $815 on A6Q holding the super-nuts: AAJ7. Perkins raised to $3,644 and Galfond three-bet it to $8,974. Perkins called and they took in a 7 turn. Perkins check-raised all in for Galfond's $31,170 and was staring at a one-outer with a set of queens. The river didn't save him and Galfond collected the enormous pot.

Galfond's hot run continued when both players were dealt aces and got stacks in. Despite Perkins having the more attractive side cards with AAJ8 against AA26, Galfond made a diamond flush. They took a break after about four hours with Galfond sitting on $140K.

After break, Galfond won a $32K pot when he turned the nut straight and checked back, and Perkins potted the river then paid off a pot-sized raise. Perkins struck back on a sick cooler though. Galfond bet all three streets with KKQ9 on 57Q5K. He potted the river for about $5,600 only to be met with a pot-sized check-raise to $22,800. He called and conceded the pot to Perkins' quads.

Hands Played: 625
Results: Phil Galfond +$91,705.91
Full session video

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  • Session No. 2 for Phil Galfond versus Bill Perkins turned out profitably for the Run It Once boss.

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