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WCOOP 2020 Day 6: Three New Winners Crowned

2020 WCOOP at PokerStars

Three new champions were crowned on the sixth day of the 2020 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) with Russia's "LeslieGroves" collecting the biggest prize of the day after shipping WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller] for $263,328 including bounties.

"LeslieGroves" faced a tough final table which included the likes of Rodrigo "Seijistar" Seiji, Adrian "Amadi_017" Mateos, Joao "Naza114" Vieira, Ole "wizowizo" Schemion, and David "dpeters17" Peters to name a few.

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"LeslieGroves" Wins 2020 WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller] ($263,628)

Adrian Mateos
Adrian Mateos takes third place in the WCOOP-16-H.

Russia's "LeslieGroves" came out on top of a field of 95 entries in WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller] in just under four hours of play on Day 2. They denied Brazil yet another WCOOP title of the current festival as Rodrigo "Seijistar" Seiji had to settle for the runner-up spot.

After heading into the final day in the middle of the pack with 35 big blinds, they scored the two biggest bounty prizes by knocking out Artur "mararthur1" Martirosian in fourth place and Seiji in heads-up, which boosted the accumulated bounty prizes to a huge $152,422. On top of that came a cash prize of $111,206 for a combined payday of more than 26 times the buy-in.

It was not the first time they reached the final table of a major event on PokerStars as "LeslieGroves" finished eighth in one of the Stadium Series Freezeout Weekly Final - High: $2,100 NLHE. At the end of the festival, they finished seventh in the Stadium Series Freezeout Grand Final - High: $5,200 NLHE which came with a payday of $117,128.

On the final table, Adrian "Amadi_017" Mateos proved to be a cat with many lives and doubled numerous times, most often through Martirosian. However, Mateos failed to earn a third WCOOP title and finished in 3rd place instead. Martirosian ended up in fourth place and earned a bigger payday than the Spaniard also thanks to knocking out Ole "wizowizo" Schemion and Joao "Naza114" Vieira in the same hand.

Final Result 2020 WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller]

2Rodrigo "Seijistar" SeijiBrazil$50,391$111,206$161,597
3Adrian "Amadi_017" MateosSpain$3,750$74,928$78,678
4Artur "mararthur1" MartirosianRussia$48,281$57,905$106,186
5Brunno "botteonpoker" BotteonBrazil$21,250$44,749$65,999
6Thomas "MarToMchat" BoivinBelgium$5,000$34,583$39,583
7Joao "Naza114" VieiraPortugal$13,125$26,726$39,851
8Ole "wizowizo" SchemionGermany$10,938$20,654$31,592
9David "dpeters17" PetersUnited States $16,543$16,543
11Mike “SirWatts” WatsonCanada $13,250$13,250

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"IHackedRNG" Wins First WCOOP Title and $145,278 in PokerStars WCOOP-16-M: $1,050 NLHE Thursday Thrill SE

Tomas Kubaliak
Tomas Kubaliak finishes in second place in WCOOP-16-M.

After just over eight hours on Day 2 of the 2020 PokerStars WCOOP-16-M: $1,050 NLHE Thursday Thrill Special Edition, "IHackedRNG" has gone away with their first WCOOP title and $145,278 in prize money which included $71,611 in bounties. The tournament attracted 1,048 entries on Day 1 to create a prize pool of $1,048,000 with most of it handed out on Day 2.

"IHackedRNG" seems to have won several events on PokerStars already with tournaments like the Big $109s and $215s, Hot $11, Bounty Builder $215 and $33 already under their belt but they get to add one of the most prestigious ones to their scores now with this win here today. "IHackedRNG" defeated Tomas "MASUR0N1KE" Kubaliak heads-up who laid claim to $80,783 for finishing in second place.

They were joined by Gabriel "gtavares10" Tavares, "Schildy1984", "zerodeda", Kelvin "kelvin_fp:ar" Kerber, "olibullrider", Dmitry "yurasov1990" Yurasov, and "Storimos" on the final table.

WCOOP-16-M: $1,050 NLHE Thursday Thrill SE Final Table Results

2Tomas "MASUR0N1KE" KubaliakHungary$7,117$73,666$80,783
3Gabriel "gtavares10" TavaresBrazil$10,539$44,579$55,118
6Kelvin "kelvin_fp:ar" KerberBrazil$5,344$16,762$22,106
8Dmitry "yurasov1990" YurasovBelarus$11,418$8,733$20,151

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WCOOP 2020 Day 6 Results

Just three champions were crowned Thursday night with no new official WCOOP beginning action yesterday to give players a chance to rest up for a big schedule over the weekend.

"herves01" Takes Down WCOOP-16-L: $109 NLHE Mini Thursday Thrill SE

Pablo Brito Silva
Pablo Brito takes fifth place in WCOOP-16-L.

After nearly eight hours of play on Day 2, Jersey's "herves01" finished on top of a massive field of 6,711 entrants to win the $40,574 top prize. This player also collected a huge bounty prize of $24,233 to bring their total winnings up to $64,807.

The final table featured four Brazilians. Three were remaining when the action was five-handed but Pablo "pabritz" Brito, "eduardodantas95", and "Sr.Hell" were eliminated in succession to leave just "herves01" and Ukraine's "kostanellys" remaining for a heads-up battle.

Despite missing out on a WCOOP title, "kostanellys" did manage to collect an impressive runner-up prize of $40,567 along with $1,127 in bounties to bring their total haul in this event up to $41,693.

WCOOP-16-L: $109 NLHE Mini Thursday Thrill SE Final Table Results

5Pablo "pabritz" BritoBrazil$11,563$5,761$17,324

In-Play Results

All three WCOOP events yesterday played to conclusion. Thus there were no in-play events heading into Saturday's Day 7 from Day 6.

Events Scheduled on September 5

Saturday, Sept. 5 is a big day at PokerStars with 12 new events kicking off on Day 7.

Time (ET)Time (BST)Event
10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.WCOOP-19-L: $5.50 NLHE [Freezeout, Afternoon Deep Stack,] $50K Gtd
10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.WCOOP-19-M: $55 NLHE [Freezeout, Afternoon Deep Stack], $150K Gtd
10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.WCOOP-19-H: $530 NLHE [Freezeout, Afternoon Deep Stack], $250K Gtd
12:05 p.m.4:05 p.m.WCOOP-20-L: $11 HORSE, $20K Gtd
12:05 p.m.4:05 p.m.WCOOP-20-M: $109 HORSE, $50K Gtd
12:05 p.m.4:05 p.m.WCOOP-20-H: $1,050 HORSE, $100K Gtd
1:05 p.m.5:05 p.m.WCOOP-21-L: $55 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $250K Gtd
1:05 p.m.5:05 p.m.WCOOP-21-M: $530 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $500K Gtd
1:05 p.m.5:05 p.m.WCOOP-21-H: $5,300 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $500K Gtd
2:05 p.m.6:05 p.m.WCOOP-22-L: $11 NL 5-Card Draw, $15K Gtd
2:05 p.m.6:05 p.m.WCOOP-22-M: $109 NL 5-Card Draw, $25K Gtd
2:05 p.m.6:05 p.m.WCOOP-22-H: $1,050 NL 5-Card Draw, $50K Gtd
  • Russia's "LeslieGroves" collected the biggest prize on Friday night after shipping WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 PKO for $263,328 including bounties.

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Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)