The Bernard Lee Poker Show 12-19: WPT Co-Host Vince Van Patten, RGG Prez Tana Karn

In this episode of The Bernard Lee Poker Show on the PokerNews Podcast Network, Bernard Lee interviews World Poker Tour co-host Vince Van Patten, who has been part of the broadcast for all eighteen WPT seasons. During the interview, Vince discusses how he fell in love with poker, played in California poker rooms, and became part of the WPT hosting team. Additionally, Vince talks about his time on the professional tennis circuit where he was ranked in the top 30 in the world.

Finally, Vince discusses his upcoming movie, 7 Days To Vegas, where Hollywood buddies bet a million dollars on whether the main character, played by Vince, can walk to Las Vegas in one week. The movie will be released on September 20 in select theatres and then can be viewed on iTunes.

Also, during the news portion, RunGoodGear President Tana Karn joins the show to discuss his new concept, The Inaugural Poker Industry Championship, which will be held at the Tulsa Hard Rock Casino on Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Show Time Stamps

0:00Welcome to The Bernard Lee Poker Show as this week’s guest is WPT co-host, Vince Van Patten.
2:12Scott Hall captured the WSOP Circuit Ameristar St. Charles, just outside of St. Louis, over a field of 414 entrants and took home $130,667.
2:47The 2019 British Poker Open held several significant buy-in events during the week at the Alpers Casino in London. The champions including brothers Luc and Sam Greenwood, Stephen Chidwick, Paul Newey and Sam Soverel.
3:53RunGoodGear President Tana Karn joins the show to discuss his latest concept, The Inaugural Poker Industry Championship. The $330 buy-in event which is held for casino employees or media personnel will be played at the Tulsa Hard Rock Casino on Tuesday, November noon. “The overall theme for the RunGood Poker Series is Championship Season, and it was a perfect fit for us…We always love celebrating the folks that are the unsung heroes of any poker tournament.”
7:43Tana Karn also announces a special $135 8-game “mixer” the night before (Monday, November 11th) at 7 pm.
11:25Tana Karn also reviews the RunGood Poker Series Championship Season to date, which include rings to all the event winners. Also, he discusses wearing jerseys for the bounty event.
14:53RunGood Gear Ad
16:35Bernard welcomes WPT co-host, Vince Van Patten.
17:23Vince joins the show.
18:13Vince recalls how he was introduced to the game of poker by his father, well-renown actor Dick Van Patten. “He insisted on it…He had two or three games a week… He taught me how to play… I enjoyed it my whole life.”
19:15Vince remembers going to card rooms in Gardena, California. “When I was 16..but to get in, you had to be 21, (so) I had a fake beard and mustache made so I could actually look over 21.”
20:39Bernard remembers taping and watching/studying the original WPT telecasts in the early days when the show was on the Travel Chanel.
22:41Vince discusses getting the World Poker Tour hosting gig.
24:13Vince recalls his days on the professional tennis circuit where he was ranked in the top 30 in the world.
25:29Vince discusses the difficulties returning to the acting world after being away for so many years playing tennis.
27:00Vince remembers how the original WPT hostess Shana Hiatt, who was his sister-in-law at the time, helped him get the WPT hosting job.
28:06Vince discusses the history of the WPT hosting team being at the events and then with budget cuts, not attending. In today’s world, the team does go to every event.
29:12Originally, Vince and Mike Sexton were not allowed to play in the WPT main events. However, recently, WPT has allowed them to play, and Vince recalls Mike Sexton winning the 2016 WPT Montreal.
32:33Vince discusses his favorite games including no-limit hold’em, pot-limit hold’em and even pineapple.
34:11Vince lists his favorite locations including Borgata, Hard Rock, Commerce, Bicycle and Bellagio.
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36:35Bernard continues his interview with Vince Van Patten.
37:10Vince discusses his new movie, 7 Days To Vegas and how he got started writing this movie. “It’s based on my game in the ’90s that went from a smaller game in San Fernando Valley to when it got to be a big game in Beverly Hills. But it wasn’t about the poker at all. It’s about the crazy people… It’s about the craziest bets that we made.”
38:58Bernard lists many people in the cast include Vince, his wife Eileen Davidson, and Jennifer Tilly.
37:56Vince discusses the genre of gambling movies. “My whole life, I’ve loved the genre of gambling movies, but usually they go to the dark side…That’s not the gambling world that I really know. I grew up and gambled and had a ball. There was a joy to it. There was excitement in the air. There were characters. There was laughter… And that’s what 7 Days To Vegas does.”
41:11Vince recalls some of the crazy prop bets including half-court basketball shots.
43:45Vince recalls the production and the writing process of the movie. “I really had a good time writing it.”

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