888poker Strategy: 5 Tips for 3-Betting in Position from Chris Moorman

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Three-betting can be one of the most basic concepts to learn in poker, but you can always improve your poker game and learn something new.

That's why 888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman is on hand in 888poker's latest Made to Learn video to offer you five tips for three-betting in position.

1. Take the Lead

When you three-bet, you suddenly have the momentum in the hand as the pre-flop aggressor. It gives you multiple opportunities to win the hand. Your opponent could simply fold to your three-bet, handing you the pot without seeing a flop.

Secondly, your continuation bet could see them check-fold the flop. And thirdly, your pre-flop strength could come in hand on the river where you bluff and force them off a hand of their own.

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2. Get Heads-Up

By making it more expensive for players behind you to enter the pot, you ensure that there are fewer people in the pot. When there are less people in the pot, there are more chances for you to win. By three-betting you ensure that you don't get into trouble with random hands seeing a cheap flop and busting you.

3. Avoid Squeezes

By just calling your opponent's raise pre-flop, you leave yourself vulnerable to opponents squeezing/raising behind you. By three-betting, your opponents will now need to cold four-bet to raise you.

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4. Stack Sizes Determine Hand Choice

Whether you are deep stacked or short stacked dictates what hands you should be three-betting:

  • Deep Stacked: 3-bet with hands that can make big pairs, flushes and straights
  • Short Stacked: 3-bet with blocker hands like AxXx

"If you have an ace in your hand it's less likely that your opponent has two aces," says Moorman.

4. Adjust Your Three-Bet Size

Similarly, depending on your stack size change the size of your three-bet. If you are deep-stacked, size up your three-bet size. Conversely, if you are short, size your three-bet down slightly.

  • Short Stacked: ~2.5x the raise
  • Deep Stacked: ~3.25x the raise

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  • Check out these tips on three-betting from 888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman

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