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CardRunners Training: Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald Full Tilt Sunday Major

Today CardRunners instructor and PokerNews contributor Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald reviews hands from the final table of the Sunday Major on Full Tilt, focusing in particular on hands that help illustrate specific concepts or ideas.

Fitzgerald begins with a hand in which he faces a raise before him while on the button and holding {K-Diamonds}{J-Spades}, a spot that allows him to introduce and explain the idea of “three-bet semi-bluffing” — i.e., reraising with medium-strength hands that have the potential to improve postflop.

The next hand shows him raising, getting called, then missing the flop. His opponent’s check opens up a discussion of continuation betting (which Fitzgerald does), then a check-raise evokes further consideration of check-raising ranges and ideas of how best to respond. Take a look:

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