Could You Fold Broadway? Hand Analysis from partypoker UK MILLIONS

In-depth strategy discussion about a hand involving Ryan Riess and Roberto Romanello at the partypoker UK MILLIONS

Every time you sit down to play poker, you hope that things will be smooth sailing. That every pocket pair of yours will hold up, and that there will be no worrying runouts to force you deep into the tank.

However, every once in a while you have to confront situations like that, just like Ryan Riess did against partypoker Team Pro Roberto Romanello earlier this year in the partypoker UK MILLIONS.

It's a tough spot, with the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event champion turning a straight, only for the board to pair on the river - with three clubs on board already! When his opponent bets into him on the river, it takes some really detailed analysis to discover what you should do in this position, but more importantly why Riess did what he did.

Luckily, we have poker coach Gareth James of MTT Poker School who has made a detailed video analyzing the spot, including focusing on solvers and runout comparison.

During the analysis, James also covers:

  • Raising or jamming 15bb pre-flop
  • Flop bet sizing
  • Bet frequency and turn strategy
  • Line analysis
  • Decision making with "hands too good to fold"

Gareth James is the co-author of 'Purposeful Practice for Poker' with Dr. Tricia Cardner. Visit MTT Poker School to learn more about his new MTT Game Changer course.

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