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Tag: Harry Reid

The Nightly Turbo: Online Poker Bill Unconstitutional and DOJ's Remission Process

A legal expert called the Reid/Kyl online poker bill unconstitutional, and the DOJ made some progress in the repayment of Full Tilt Poker's U.S. customers.

What are Online Poker's Chances During the Congressional Lame-Duck Session?

Does online poker have a chance during Congress' lame-duck session?

Five Thoughts: The Shot-Clock Debate, Lisa Simpson Plays Online Poker, and More

Why tournament poker needs a shot clock, and a breakdown of The Simpsons' online poker episode.

Poker Players Alliance Prepping Letter Detailing Concerns for Reid-Kyl Online Poker Bill

Poker Players Alliance prepping letter for Reid-Kyl online poker bill.

The Nightly Turbo: New Full Tilt Poker Rewards, Lederer Plays High Stakes, and More

Full Tilt Poker will be introducing a new rewards program when it relaunches in November, and Howard Lederer rejoined the high-stakes cash games in Las Vegas.

Opinion: Matthew Kredell Analyzes State Versus Federal Online Poker Legislation

Matthew Kredell analyzes state versus federal online poker legislation.

Poker Players Alliance Reacts to Summary Text of Reid-Kyl Internet Gambling Bill

Poker Players Alliance reacts to the summary text of Reid-Kyl Internet gambling bill.

Summary Text of Reid-Kyl Internet Gambling Bill Goes Public

A look at the summary text of the Harry Reid and Jon Kyl Internet gambling bill.

2012 GOP Platform Includes Clause That Seeks to Prohibit Internet Poker

For the fourth consecutive presidential election, Republicans have included a clause seeking to prohibit Internet poker in the GOP platform. On page 32 of the platform, under a section titled "Making the Internet Family-Friendly," the text...

NY Judge Rules Poker is a Game of Skill; Not Illegal Under Illegal Gambling Business Act

According to a New York judge, poker is a game of skill.

PokerStars Settlement: What Does it Mean for Online Poker Legislation in the U.S?

What implications could the PokerStars settlement have for online poker legislation?

Could the Indian Tribes Be Preparing Their Own Federal Internet Poker Bill?

Are the Indian tribes drafting their own federal online poker legislation?

Exclusive: Barney Frank "Not Optimistic" an Online Poker Bill Will Pass in 2012

Will Internet poker legislation be passed in 2012? Barney Frank gives us his opinion in this exclusive interview.

Republican Presidential Race Could Determine Fate of Online Poker Legislation

The battle for the Republican presidential nomination will have a huge impact on whether federal online poker will be legalized this year.

Five Thoughts: Kid Poker Rehashes Hatred

Daniel Negreanu is always opinionated, but as long as he's bashing Full Tilt Poker and playing well, who can question him?

Will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Push Federal Online Poker Legislation in 2012?

A look at what Harry Reid's latest comments to could mean for federal online poker legislation.

Online Poker: What to Look for in 2012

A look at what could be in store for online poker legislation in 2012.

No End-of-Year Fireworks for Federal Online Poker Legislation in the United States

The opportunity to pass legislation to license and regulate online poker in 2011 has passed.

Members of the Poker Players Alliance Took Action During Congressional Recess

While Congress was on recess, members of the Poker Players Alliance contacted their representatives through various forms of social media, and face-to-face meetings.

Five Thoughts: Online Poker and the Super Committee

The Congressional super committee has unprecedented abilities to push legislation, and needs to raise money fast. Will online poker finally be legalized?