$2,500 Season Finale ($1,000,000 Guaranteed)
$2,500 Season Finale ($1,000,000 Guaranteed)
Day 1b Completed

Cimpan Bags Overall Chip Lead on Day 1b of RunGood Season Finale

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Cornel Cimpan
Cornel Cimpan

Day 1b of the $1,000,000 guaranteed RGPS Contenders Season Finale saw several players battle for the chip lead throughout the day, but at the end, it turned into a two-horse race with two-time WPT champion Cornel Cimpan taking the honor with 344,500 chips.

Michael Loncar was the only other player finishing Day 1b over 300,000, as he finished with 310,500.

Overall Day 2 Chip Leaders

PlaceNameFlightChip CountDay 2 Big Blinds
1Cornel Cimpan1b344,500229
2Michael Loncar1b310,500207
3Lane Jacobson1a283,000188
4Richard Peloquin1a274,000182
5Man Pham1a269,000179
6Chad Burum1a263,000175
7Phaly Nou1b260,000173
8Tyler Patterson1a258,500172
9Lam Le1a254,500169
10Xai Vang1b214,000142

Just 75 of the 187 Day 1b entries advanced to Day 2, adding to the 83 survivors from Day 1a. Those 158 players will be joined at noon Monday by any last-minute entries who can buy in with 26 big blinds before registration closes to start level 9.

Among the notables to bag Sunday were Scott Stewart (160,000), Nick Pupillo (155,000), Angela Jordison (143,500) and Johnnie Moreno (68,000), while others such as Sean Drake and Jarod Minghini will have to take that final opportunity for entry before play begins at noon Monday.

Angela Jordison
Angela Jordison

The Day 2 Plan

Ten more 60-minute levels are scheduled Monday, beginning with level 9 at blinds of 1,000 / 1,500 with a 1,500 big blind ante. Players will reach the money on Day 2 with prizepool and payout information available once registration has closed.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for continued coverage from the beautiful Thunder Valley Casino Resort until a champion is crowned on Tuesday.

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Day 2 Seat Draw

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
TableSeatNameChip CountBig Blinds
11Adam Curchack81,00054
12Bob Mather93,50062
14Joshua Steiner118,00078
16Johnnie Moreno68,00045
17Harry Sellers172,500114
18Lee Markholt33,00022
19Frank Szuchopa36,00024
21Jeff Beachy53,50035
22Joe Mussat37,50025
24Paul Hawkins43,00028
25Toko Luu17,00011
26Jeff Spruitenburg30,00020
27Farhad Ghafari145,00096
28Arish Nat67,00044
29Richard Kirlin50,00033
31Dong Meng126,50084
32Charles Swan174,000116
34Andy Witek154,000102
35Antonio Gutierrez121,00080
36David Goodkin155,000103
37Lam Le254,500169
38Marco Johnson26,00017
39Gary Pisarek154,500103
41Mario Lopez158,500105
44Travis Fujisaka212,000141
45Ryan Andrada26,00017
46Phaly Nou260,000173
47Bryant Miller127,00084
48Shain Matthews38,00025
49Reggie Pears38,50025
51Paul Richardson129,00086
52Alan Burgess83,00055
54Stuart Young106,50071
55Jeff Platt36,00024
56Roger Bailey181,000120
57Angela Jordison143,50095
58Jose Cruz37,50025
59Chad Burum263,000175
61Michael Needle94,50063
64Xai Vang214,000142
65Moshe Gavrieli106,00070
66Eliezier Gonzalez129,50086
67Jon Des Pois131,00087
68Brian Estrada53,00035
69Jack Surwald140,00093
71Nicholas Loxley144,00096
72Jesse Dinsley92,50061
74Richard Peloquin274,000182
75Evan Maurer36,00024
76Francis Anderson90,50060
77Man Pham269,000179
78Ben Ludlow152,000101
79Rachel De La Torre97,00064
81David Larson (CA)125,00083
82Ying Wang53,00033
84Stephen Song50,50033
85Sung Keem34,00022
86Max Young54,50036
87Pol Candelon71,00047
88Forrest Kollar79,50053
89Trevor O'Donoghue66,50044
91Feiyue Wu73,50049
92Damion Underwood54,00036
94Francis Nguyen28,00018
95Gene Davenport49,50033
96Joe Fernandez98,00065
97Tyler Patterson258,500172
98Kenny Jones82,50055
99Cedrric Trevino107,50071
101Andrew Ostapchenko178,000118
102Ray Henson181,000120
104Lance Oliver87,00058
105Toan Nguyen151,500101
106Haixia Zhang48,00032
107Jorgio Castro196,000130
108Pierre Philp27,50018
109Kris Burchfield40,50027
111Brett Murray29,00019
112Anthony An145,00096
114Eddie Barna94,00062
115Menram Moeinzaoen58,50039
116Rudy Robledo60,00040
117Shijia Liu150,500100
118Scott Stewart160,000106
119Brandon Zuidema59,00039
121Darren Rabinowitz75,00050
122Greg Pincombe82,00054
124Derrick Nobles125,50083
125Rogelio Avalos36,00024
126Alejandro Madrigal22,00014
127Jon C38,50025
128Kelly Mayhugh96,00064
129Stephen Godfrey77,50051
131Michael Rossito49,00032
132Brock Wilson36,50024
134Nick Pupillo155,000103
135Greg Jennings115,00076
136Victor Paredes70,50047
137Joe Nguyen56,00037
138Michael Lin43,50029
139Elizabeth Smith80,50053
144Connor Henderson111,50074
148JC Tran96,50064
141Jonathan Wang80,00053
142Hock Lau32,00021
146Mike Lancaster43,50029
147Christian Vinluan70,00046
149Pat Lyons45,00030
151Dylan Wilkerson114,00076
152Papa Karn70,00046
154Charisse Case142,00094
156Allen Ayers75,00050
157Mario Quijano71,50047
158Nabil Zumout40,50027
159David Covarrubias56,00037
161Deven Cannon139,00092
162Ben Underwood94,00062
164Lane Jacobson283,000188
166Arthur Tanimoto106,50071
167Noel Rodriguez87,00058
168Glenn Burleson61,00040
169Masoud Shojaei9,5006
171Florencio Arguelles110,00073
172Juan Valadez191,000127
174Michael Loncar310,500207
176Mike Scalise144,50096
177Craig Schott106,00070
178Mark Egbert90,50060
179Allan Fernando88,00058
181Cornel Cimpan344,500229
182Cornel Roman112,50075
184Garrett Gruener119,00079
186Liya Gerasimova192,000128
187Yanki Koppel90,50060
188Justin Saliba34,00022
189Thomas Morris47,00031
191Jasthi Kumar77,50051
192Mike Runnels28,00018
194Sok Chean24,00016
196Wesley Lehman79,00052
197Sasha Sabbaghian107,00071
198Michael Ludwick161,500107
199Dann Turner100,00066
201Mark Dolan52,00034
202Jeffrey Lennon133,00088
204Benny Rosa27,50018
206Adam Brownstone64,50043
207Prab Thonduru74,50049
208Kyle Kitagawa44,50029
209Jesse Hollander142,50095
211Megan Thomson67,50045
212Joe Stapleton56,50037
214Kenny Tran74,50049
216Andrew Moreno169,500113
217Stuart Tuvey125,50083
218Rassoul Malboubi72,50048
219William Prin22,00014
Cornel Cimpan us
Cornel Cimpan
us 344,500
Michael Loncar us
Michael Loncar
us 310,500
Lane Jacobson US
Lane Jacobson
US 283,000
Richard Peloquin US
Richard Peloquin
US 274,000
Man Pham us
Man Pham
us 269,000
Chad Burum us
Chad Burum
us 263,000 263,000
Phaly Nou us
Phaly Nou
us 260,000
Tyler Patterson us
Tyler Patterson
us 258,500
Lam Le US
Lam Le
US 254,500
Xai Vang US
Xai Vang
US 214,000
Travis Fujisaka us
Travis Fujisaka
us 212,000
Jorgio Castro us
Jorgio Castro
us 196,000
Liya Gerasimova ru
Liya Gerasimova
ru 192,000
Juan Valadez US
Juan Valadez
US 191,000
Roger Bailey us
Roger Bailey
us 181,000
Ray Henson us
Ray Henson
us 181,000
Andrew Ostapchenko us
Andrew Ostapchenko
us 178,000
Charles Swan US
Charles Swan
US 174,000
Harry Sellers US
Harry Sellers
US 172,500
Andrew Moreno us
Andrew Moreno
us 169,500
Michael Ludwick US
Michael Ludwick
US 161,500
Scott Stewart us
Scott Stewart
us 160,000
Mario Lopez us
Mario Lopez
us 158,500
David Goodkin us
David Goodkin
us 155,000
Nick Pupillo us
Nick Pupillo
us 155,000

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End of Day 1b Chip Counts (full)

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Cornel Cimpan us
Cornel Cimpan
us 344,500
Michael Loncar us
Michael Loncar
us 310,500
Phaly Nou us
Phaly Nou
us 260,000
Xai Vang US
Xai Vang
US 214,000
Travis Fujisaka us
Travis Fujisaka
us 212,000
Charles Swan US
Charles Swan
US 174,000 49,000
Scott Stewart us
Scott Stewart
us 160,000
Mario Lopez us
Mario Lopez
us 158,500 158,500
Nick Pupillo us
Nick Pupillo
us 155,000
Toan Nguyen nl
Toan Nguyen
nl 151,500 151,500
Shijia Liu us
Shijia Liu
us 150,500 150,500
Anthony An us
Anthony An
us 145,000 145,000
Farhad Ghafari US
Farhad Ghafari
US 145,000 145,000
Mike Scalise US
Mike Scalise
US 144,500 144,500
Nicholas Loxley US
Nicholas Loxley
US 144,000 144,000
Angela Jordison us
Angela Jordison
us 143,500
Jesse Hollander us
Jesse Hollander
us 142,500 105,000
Charisse Case US
Charisse Case
US 142,000 142,000
Deven Cannon us
Deven Cannon
us 139,000 139,000
Jeffrey Lennon us
Jeffrey Lennon
us 133,000 133,000
Paul Richardson us
Paul Richardson
us 129,000
Bryant Miller us
Bryant Miller
us 127,000
Dong Meng us
Dong Meng
us 126,500 126,500
Garrett Gruener us
Garrett Gruener
us 119,000 119,000
Joshua Steiner us
Joshua Steiner
us 118,000 118,000

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Five Hands To Go

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

Tournament staff has just announced that five more hands will be played to complete Day 1b.

Loncar's "Lucky Hand" Solidifies His Chip Lead

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Michael Loncar
Michael Loncar

Michael Loncar has been cruising in the last levels of the day and is currently the only player in the room over 300,000 chips.

In a recent hand picked up on the turn with approximately 15,000 in the middle on a board of {6-Spades}{8-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{q-Spades}, the big blind and cutoff each checked to Loncar on the button who bet 10,000.

Both his opponents folded and the pot was pushed to Loncar.

"My lucky hand" said Loncar as he showed a raggedy {8-Spades}{6-Diamonds} that had flopped him two pair to earn the pot.

Michael Loncar us
Michael Loncar
us 331,000 98,000

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Moreno Cut Down by "Spartacus"

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

Johnnie Moreno raised to 2,800 in the cutoff and was called by Greg "Spartacus" Pincombe on the button.

The flop came {5-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and Moreno bet 3,000.

Pincombe then clicked it to 6,000 and after a brief pause, Moreno folded his hand, leaving himself just under 50,000

Greg Pincombe US
Greg Pincombe
US 61,000 12,000
Johnnie Moreno us
Johnnie Moreno
us 48,000 -25,500

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Loncar Chasing the Chip Lead

MikePatrick • Level 8: Blinds 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Michael Loncar
Michael Loncar

Popular vlogger and coach Michael Loncar is pushing toward the chip lead as the night draws to a close.

After a raise to 5,500 from his opponent in the cutoff, Loncar three-bet to 20,000 from the small blind.

Action folded back to the original raiser who gave his decision some thought before asking Loncar "aces again," then folding.

With the pot Loncar is one of the select few in the field over 200,000 chips.

Michael Loncar us
Michael Loncar
us 233,000 15,000

Tags: Michael Loncar