2019 World Series of Poker

Event #32: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship
Day: 2
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2019 World Series of Poker

Final Results
Winning Hand
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Prize Pool
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600,000 / 1,200,000

Event #32: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Day 2 Completed

Howard Mash Leads Day 3 of Event #32: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante
Victor Ramdin
Victor Ramdin

Day 2 of Event #32: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship has concluded with 252 players remaining in the running for the 2019 bracelet and $662,594 first prize. This is almost exactly the figure won by the 2018 Seniors champion Matthew Davis; the field this year totaled 5,916, two off last year’s number.

Leading the Day 3 combatants is Howard Mash, the only player to top 2,000,000 in chips. Close behind him lie Anthony Martin (1,759,000), WPT champion Victor Ramdin (1,688,000), Ron Fetsch and Thomas Loya (both with 1,493,000). John Esposito, Barry Greenstein and Layne Flack will also return to the felt, shorter-stacked but just as dangerous.

Eliminated in the money during Day 2 were start-of-day chip leaders Adilson Moraes and Albert Halfon, three-time bracelet winner Barbara Enright, 2012 champion Allyn Shulman, and Steve Albini. Joe Hachem also busted after the bubble burst; fellow Main Event champion Greg Raymer was out before payouts began at 888th place. For full details of prizes awarded thus far, please see the Payouts tab above.

Play resumes at 11:00 in the Amazon Room tomorrow as the battle for Sunday’s final table commences. Everyone returning is guaranteed at least $3,279 for making it this far, outlasting the majority of a field that rivaled those in the record-breaking Big 50. Pokernews will be standing by to track the action from the first card in the air.

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Seat Draw Day 3 Event #32: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon4781Philip WienerUnited States253,00016
Amazon4782Mehrdad YousefzadehUnited States650,00041
Amazon4783Scott JerzekUnited States665,00042
Amazon4784Michael MooreUnited States695,00043
Amazon4785Ernesto GormazUnited States309,00019
Amazon4786Mark NapolitanoUnited States224,00014
Amazon4787Henry PenaUnited States731,00046
Amazon4788Todd KeikoanUnited States1,190,00074
Amazon4789Louis KokernakUnited States612,00038
Amazon4791Patrick [Removed:349]United States418,00026
Amazon4792Paul PlattnerUnited States424,00027
Amazon4793Barry SchultzUnited States596,00037
Amazon4794Barry GreensteinUnited States942,00059
Amazon4795Ron FetschUnited States1,493,00093
Amazon4796Ali ZihniUnited Kingdom362,00023
Amazon4797Kenneth MilamUnited States365,00023
Amazon4798Bill StablerUnited States302,00019
Amazon4799Denis SimardCanada160,00010
Amazon4801Yue DuChina413,00026
Amazon4802Charles MurrayUnited States324,00020
Amazon4803Scott LazarUnited States346,00022
Amazon4804David TuffingUnited States246,00015
Amazon4805Walter BellUnited States506,00032
Amazon4806Roger StewartUnited States462,00029
Amazon4807Peter CostaUnited Kingdom301,00019
Amazon4808Nicola MarinoCanada165,00010
Amazon4809Sergio GrossoCanada101,0006
Amazon4811Frank CullenUnited States294,00018
Amazon4812Dave WoosterUnited States165,00010
Amazon4813James McnurlanUnited States515,00032
Amazon4814Rick SilvermanUnited States474,00030
Amazon4815Julie ThomasUnited States388,00024
Amazon4816Sean KaneUnited States87,0005
Amazon4817Jeffrey BidelmanUnited States704,00044
Amazon4818Arie KliperIsrael332,00021
Amazon4819Scott DurfeeUnited States120,0008
Amazon4821Robert JepsonUnited States268,00017
Amazon4822Ronald WoodUnited States396,00025
Amazon4823John DubardUnited States260,00016
Amazon4824John BorzioUnited States280,00018
Amazon4825Hamid FeizUnited States1,089,00068
Amazon4826Ricky BishopUnited States101,0006
Amazon4827Anders Hoyer BergNorway373,00023
Amazon4828James PittmanUnited States575,00036
Amazon4829George DavisUnited States706,00044
Amazon4831Barry LeventhalUnited States300,00019
Amazon4832Jacobo FernandezUnited States1,087,00068
Amazon4833John SkrovanUnited States395,00025
Amazon4834Vasyl ZabrodskyyUkraine686,00043
Amazon4835James CownieUnited States300,00019
Amazon4836Jean FontaineFrance327,00020
Amazon4837Timothy LittleUnited States77,0005
Amazon4838James KennedyUnited States965,00060
Amazon4839Brad DesayeUnited States1,268,00079
Amazon4841Henry MlekodayUnited States681,00043
Amazon4842Joseph SomervilleUnited States601,00038
Amazon4843James LemonUnited States269,00017
Amazon4844Robert WongCanada833,00052
Amazon4845Konrad KossUnited States416,00026
Amazon4846Mark WillsUnited States349,00022
Amazon4847Patrick HendricksUnited States431,00027
Amazon4848Justin TsengUnited States240,00015
Amazon4849Randall KimUnited States1,052,00066
Amazon4851Dominick ScarolaUnited States416,00026
Amazon4852Riad AgelUnited States280,00018
Amazon4853Adam RichardsonUnited States402,00025
Amazon4854William Davis (NM)United States470,00029
Amazon4855William HawkUnited States143,0009
Amazon4856Daniel PopeUnited States519,00032
Amazon4857David StonehouseUnited Kingdom616,00039
Amazon4858Mike LisantiCanada343,00021
Amazon4859Keith ClarkeUnited States255,00016
Amazon4861Orlando BarreraUnited States401,00025
Amazon4862David HusseyUnited States1,058,00066
Amazon4863James MaitaUnited States220,00014
Amazon4864Howard MashUnited States2,065,000129
Amazon4865Kenneth GoldsteinUnited States386,00024
Amazon4866Roy SiegelUnited States146,0009
Amazon4867Michael RossiterIreland271,00017
Amazon4868Greg JenningsUnited States639,00040
Amazon4869David RoemerUnited States719,00045
Amazon4871Fred BellUnited States113,0007
Amazon4872Jonathan BramsonUnited States851,00053
Amazon4873Layne FlackUnited States980,00061
Amazon4874William DarlingUnited States208,00013
Amazon4875Julian MannUnited Kingdom253,00016
Amazon4876Samir HusaynueUnited States488,00031
Amazon4877Stephen WoodUnited States279,00017
Amazon4878Lloyd YamadaUnited States821,00051
Amazon4879Billy PapadopoulosUnited States900,00056
Amazon4881Gabor FonaiBrazil744,00047
Amazon4882Antony RingeEstonia412,00026
Amazon4883Mats KarlssonSweden1,043,00065
Amazon4884Ronald LarsenUnited States780,00049
Amazon4885Scott Hamilton-HillNew Zealand267,00017
Amazon4886Peter EichhardtSweden501,00031
Amazon4887John JenkinsUnited States275,00017
Amazon4888Peter LiptonUnited States479,00030
Amazon4889Kenneth DonarskiUnited States1,031,00064
Amazon4891Mitchell LehmanUnited States1,062,00066
Amazon4892Edward MirabelliUnited States100,0006
Amazon4893Robert Scott PendergrastUnited States584,00037
Amazon4894Paul StadtmuellerUnited States207,00013
Amazon4895Monica ScarboroughUnited States36,0002
Amazon4896Bruce HilbertUnited States605,00038
Amazon4897Robert MaroszekUnited States186,00012
Amazon4898Stephen ShawUnited States203,00013
Amazon4899Eddylee MartinCanada272,00017
Amazon4901Alice ParypaUnited States216,00014
Amazon4902Paul WhiteUnited States347,00022
Amazon4903Charles LutzUnited States294,00018
Amazon4904Frank BerryUnited States257,00016
Amazon4905Walter DavisUnited States322,00020
Amazon4906Loyd StedgeUnited States307,00019
Amazon4907Ly HaiUnited States201,00013
Amazon4908DID NOT REPORT 1United States611,00038
Amazon4909Keven SmithUnited States346,00022
Amazon4911Stan JablonskiUnited States284,00018
Amazon4912Thomas CardonaUnited States10
Amazon4913Sasha ChuchkovichUnited States339,00021
Amazon4914Charles MartyUnited States349,00022
Amazon4915Robin MilletteCanada377,00024
Amazon4916Siagzar PayvarUnited States538,00034
Amazon4917James Van AlstyneUnited States974,00061
Amazon4918Mansour AlipourfardUnited States1,115,00070
Amazon4919John WestfallUnited States107,0007
Amazon4921David LimCanada303,00019
Amazon4922Scott AllacherUnited States757,00047
Amazon4923David PetersonUnited States947,00059
Amazon4924Michel BouskilaAustralia355,00022
Amazon4925Ivo DonevAustria843,00053
Amazon4926John PaceUnited States221,00014
Amazon4927Thomas PuccioUnited States213,00013
Amazon4928Jeffrey ForsythUnited States299,00019
Amazon4929Guoliang WeiChina448,00028
Amazon4931Brett ReichardUnited States198,00012
Amazon4932Corky StottUnited States509,00032
Amazon4933Richard CorbinUnited States396,00025
Amazon4934Michel AkrichFrance489,00031
Amazon4935Ben SarnoffUnited States399,00025
Amazon4936Ismael CabreraUnited States394,00025
Amazon4937Edmond IkumaUnited States385,90024
Amazon4938Mitchell GreenblattUnited States276,00017
Amazon4939Thomas Floyd HaiglerUnited States194,00012
Amazon4941Damian ArttUnited States565,00035
Amazon4942Danny LindseyUnited States134,0008
Amazon4943Andreas RoederAustria78,0005
Amazon4944Marc LevinUnited States74,0005
Amazon4945Richard SperbergUnited States600,00038
Amazon4946Valerie Roussel-GalleFrance764,00048
Amazon4947Michael FallasUnited States499,00031
Amazon4948Joseph PizzutoUnited States214,00013
Amazon4949Mike RuterUnited States888,00056
Amazon4951Robert KononenUnited States261,00016
Amazon4952Terry WilkinsUnited States343,00021
Amazon4953Surapaneni RamanadharaoUnited States622,00039
Amazon4954Edward SteeleUnited States120,0008
Amazon4955Patrick MooreUnited States150,4009
Amazon4956Donald MatusowUnited States333,00021
Amazon4957Fred FaourUnited States255,00016
Amazon4958Jeffery BondUnited States450,00028
Amazon4959Ron McMillenUnited States424,00027
Amazon4961Jeffrey RussellUnited States235,00015
Amazon4962Robert JardineCanada302,00019
Amazon4963John HammersmithUnited States207,00013
Amazon4964Avedis ChuldjianUnited States212,00013
Amazon4965Dane NielsenUnited States518,00032
Amazon4966Michael HopkinsUnited States125,0008
Amazon4967Joe SchulmanUnited States443,00028
Amazon4968Peter DykesAustralia111,0007
Amazon4969Steven BlombergUnited States443,00028
Amazon4971Gary BeaverUnited States440,00028
Amazon4972David MoskalykCanada600,00038
Amazon4973William Ellis IIUnited States467,00029
Amazon4974Anthony BlankenshipUnited States395,00025
Amazon4975Chii SunUnited States485,00030
Amazon4976John ConnollyUnited States644,00040
Amazon4977Paul LeckeyIreland733,00046
Amazon4978Steve DoyonUnited States111,0007
Amazon4979William YoungUnited States344,00022
Amazon4981Michael NyeUnited States354,00022
Amazon4982Peter KamarasHungary287,00018
Amazon4983Paul QuinnCanada305,00019
Amazon4984Neil HoUnited States222,00014
Amazon4985Neil CrillyUnited States125,0008
Amazon4986Dan BarnettUnited States469,00029
Amazon4987Terry CarneyUnited States229,00014
Amazon4988Frank MartinUnited States400,00025
Amazon4989Mark ReidUnited States451,00028
Amazon4991William ShillingstadUnited States86,0005
Amazon4992Marc WolpertUnited States801,00050
Amazon4993Giovanni BenedettiUnited States33,0002
Amazon4994DID NOT REPORT 2United States10
Amazon4995Peter MullinUnited States61,0004
Amazon4996Robert PaclebUnited States486,00030
Amazon4997Tim BullardUnited States521,00033
Amazon4998Igor DubinskyUkraine239,00015
Amazon4999Victor RamdinUnited States1,688,000106
Amazon5001Scott NumotoUnited States693,00043
Amazon5002Jeffrey EldredCanada193,00012
Amazon5003Ronald DigirolamoUnited States375,00023
Amazon5004Minh Nguyen (TX)United States190,00012
Amazon5005Everette BrownUnited States433,00027
Amazon5006Matthew ColomaUnited States378,00024
Amazon5007Istvan SzaboUnited States326,00020
Amazon5008Tim BlakeUnited States148,0009
Amazon5009George BabamirzaUnited States448,00028
Amazon5011Steven MillspaughUnited States403,00025
Amazon5012C Thomas SegoUnited States718,00045
Amazon5013Michael SherburnUnited States532,00033
Amazon5014Andrew SanftUnited States290,00018
Amazon5015Dennis JesseeUnited States869,00054
Amazon5016Philip TomUnited States164,00010
Amazon5017Richard JablonkaUnited States183,00011
Amazon5018Peter FennUnited States358,00022
Amazon5019David JamesUnited States10
Amazon5021Joseph UlmanUnited States913,00057
Amazon5022Aki PyysingFinland210,00013
Amazon5023Mitch GarshofskyUnited States116,0007
Amazon5024Joseph PottsUnited States292,00018
Amazon5025Anthony MartinUnited States1,759,000110
Amazon5026Paul FerdianiUnited States294,00018
Amazon5027Andrew MadisonUnited States242,00015
Amazon5028Allan RosenUnited States522,00033
Amazon5029Arthur DuranUnited States522,00033
Amazon5031Lance TahataUnited States464,00029
Amazon5032Walan KiteUnited States215,00013
Amazon5033Clifford PappasUnited States1,105,00069
Amazon5034Anthony BorgiaUnited States957,00060
Amazon5035Scott MahinUnited States320,00020
Amazon5036Melvin PodaimaCanada322,00020
Amazon5037Eben KurtzmanUnited States555,00035
Amazon5038Granville AbbottUnited States430,00027
Amazon5039Scott WylerUnited States625,00039
Amazon5041C AtkinsUnited States356,00022
Amazon5042Sergey AltbreginRussia276,00017
Amazon5043Mark KroonUnited States1,430,00089
Amazon5044Bobby AltmanUnited States252,00016
Amazon5045Dennis BrandUnited States1,012,00063
Amazon5046Farhad JamasiUnited States1,025,00064
Amazon5047Harvey CaspinCanada496,00031
Amazon5048Christopher RyanUnited States226,00014
Amazon5049Charles MooreUnited States114,0007
Amazon5051Dennis MckelveyUnited States587,00037
Amazon5052Don JohnsonUnited States720,00045
Amazon5053Marc SpitaleriUnited States459,00029
Amazon5054Thomas LoyaUnited States1,493,00093
Amazon5055Kevin O'DonnellUnited States764,00048
Amazon5056Jeffrey MatthewsUnited States177,00011
Amazon5057Keith LittlewoodUnited Kingdom385,00024
Amazon5058Alan HoUnited States353,00022
Amazon5059Danut ChisuRomania235,00015

End-of-Day 2 Chip Counts (full)

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
Howard Mash us
Howard Mash
2,065,000 265,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Anthony Martin us
Anthony Martin
1,759,000 120,000
Victor Ramdin us
Victor Ramdin
1,688,000 -92,000
Thomas Loya us
Thomas Loya
1,493,000 1,436,900
Ron Fetsch us
Ron Fetsch
1,493,000 1,324,600
Mark Kroon us
Mark Kroon
1,430,000 230,000
Brad Desaye us
Brad Desaye
1,268,000 -232,000
Todd Keikoan us
Todd Keikoan
1,190,000 1,040,200
Mansour Alipourfard us
Mansour Alipourfard
1,115,000 15,000
Clifford Pappas us
Clifford Pappas
1,105,000 992,600
Hamid Feiz us
Hamid Feiz
1,089,000 965,100
Jacobo Fernandez us
Jacobo Fernandez
1,087,000 137,000
Mitchell Lehman us
Mitchell Lehman
1,062,000 932,800
David Hussey us
David Hussey
1,058,000 -2,000
Randall Kim us
Randall Kim
1,052,000 934,300
Mats Karlsson mt
Mats Karlsson
1,043,000 999,000
Kenneth Donarski us
Kenneth Donarski
1,031,000 968,800
Farhad Jamasi us
Farhad Jamasi
1,025,000 937,400
Dennis Brand us
Dennis Brand
1,012,000 937,100
Layne Flack us
Layne Flack
980,000 647,000
WSOP 6X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer
James Van Alstyne us
James Van Alstyne
974,000 869,500
WSOP 1X Winner
James Kennedy us
James Kennedy
965,000 918,000
Anthony Borgia us
Anthony Borgia
957,000 924,400
David Peterson us
David Peterson
947,000 841,700
Barry Greenstein us
Barry Greenstein
942,000 542,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer

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Day 2 is a Wrap

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante

Day is complete and the field has bagged and tagged for the night. A recap of the day's action will follow shortly.

Four More Hands

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante

Players are close to bagging now and returning at 11:00 tomorrow to play further into the money; the last four hands have been called and soon the full Day 3 field will be known.

Legally Blind but in the Running

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante

Bill Hawk is quietly hanging in with 150,000 chips and has a shot at making it through the end of Day 2.

Hawk is a legally blind ethics professor from Harrisonburg, Virginia, a friend has informed PokerNews. Hawk uses a special scope at the table to see the cards, but he can't see any of the chip stacks around him.

His performance in this tournament is truly remarkable.

Player Chips Progress
William Hawk us
William Hawk
150,000 63,200

Tags: William Hawk

Ramdin, Alipourfard, Kroon Chip Millionaires

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante

WPT Champion Victor Ramdin has had a very profitable last few levels, rising to what is likely to be an end-of-day leading stack. Ramdin already has over $4.5 million in live tournament earnings and though he's made a WSOP final before, cashed numerous times in multiple disciplines and finished 64th in the Main Event, he has no bracelets to his name - yet.

Player Chips Progress
Victor Ramdin us
Victor Ramdin
1,780,000 80,000
Mark Kroon us
Mark Kroon
1,200,000 50,000
Mansour Alipourfard us
Mansour Alipourfard
1,100,000 700,000

Tags: Victor Ramdin

Eliminated in the Money

Level 20 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante

The following players were eliminated during the past few levels, each taking home a cash prize.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel Studer ch
Daniel Studer
Eric Tapager us
Eric Tapager
John Towey
John Towey
Seong Lee us
Seong Lee
Larry Oneal us
Larry Oneal
James Karamanis us
James Karamanis
Barry Lang us
Barry Lang
Wayne Lippman us
Wayne Lippman
John Horvatich us
John Horvatich
Robert Suer us
Robert Suer
Charles Stillman us
Charles Stillman
Carolyn Tulloch ca
Carolyn Tulloch
Warren Jegglie us
Warren Jegglie
Dennis Hatchett us
Dennis Hatchett
Thomas Robinson us
Thomas Robinson
Peter Forsberg us
Peter Forsberg
Javier Sarache us
Javier Sarache
Nigol Manoukian us
Nigol Manoukian
Michael Morusty us
Michael Morusty
James Worth ca
James Worth
John Liebenthal us
John Liebenthal
John Lee us
John Lee
Daniel Heit ca
Daniel Heit
Carl Oman us
Carl Oman
Terrence Stevens
Terrence Stevens

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