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$3,500 NLH Championship



$3,500 NLH Championship
Day 1a Completed

Naor Slobodsky Bags Chip Lead, Katie Lindsay Bags Big on Day 1a of Wynn Fall Classic $3,500 NLH Championship

NicholasBaltz • Level 15: 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Katie Lindsay
Katie Lindsay

It was an action-filled day for Day 1a of the Wynn Fall Classic $3,500 NLH Championship. There is a $3,000,000 guarantee for this marquee event.

After 15 levels of play, it was Naor Slobodskoy (679,000) bagging the chip lead. Slobodskoy, from Isreal, has more than $180,000 in tournament earnings. Following closely behind is Katie Lindsay (644,000). Lindsay has more than $500,000 in tournament earnings and has three cashes during the Wynn Fall Classic.

Other big names and stacks to advance are Kristen Bicknell (549,000), Kenneth Mckeown (634,000), Sean Ragozzini (404,000) Brian Hastings (402,000), and Stephen Song (255,000).

Many well-known players from the poker world came out for their first shot to find a bag for the eventual Day 2 on Monday, November 1. A few of the names to start the day in the field included Daniel Lazrus, Tommy Chen, Antoine Saout, and Tony Miles.

Players trickled in throughout the day as the number of entries swelled to 341. Some notable players to join but not find a bag included, Tony Dunst, Alex Foxen, Brock Wilson, Tim Reilly, Dejuante Alexander, Jesse Sylvia, and Andrew Lichtenberger.

By the end of the day, only 56 players advanced. Anyone who didn’t advance today still has two starting flights to enter on Saturday and Sunday with unlimited rebuys until the beginning of Level 10. Day 1b starts Saturday at noon.

Keep up with all the action on PokerNews on Saturday and through to the conclusion of this tournament to see who will take home the top prize.

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End-of-Day 1a Chip Counts (full)

poolshir • Level 15: 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Naor Slobodskoy il
Naor Slobodskoy
il 679,000
Katie Lindsay us
Katie Lindsay
us 644,000
Kenneth McKeown US
Kenneth McKeown
US 634,000
Kristen Bicknell ca
Kristen Bicknell
ca 549,000 -11,000
Oswin Ziegelbecker at
Oswin Ziegelbecker
at 452,000 12,000
Andrew Hedley gb
Andrew Hedley
gb 448,000 448,000
Joseph Jean us
Joseph Jean
us 432,000 432,000
Scott Hempel ca
Scott Hempel
ca 429,000 87,000
Stefan Huber ch
Stefan Huber
ch 419,000 419,000
David Toscano us
David Toscano
us 415,000 270,000
Sean Ragozzini au
Sean Ragozzini
au 404,000 151,000
Brian Hastings us
Brian Hastings
us 402,000 127,000
Ryan Hughes us
Ryan Hughes
us 368,000 -37,000
Colten Yamagishi ca
Colten Yamagishi
ca 331,000 331,000
Taus Lilius dk
Taus Lilius
dk 324,000 -116,000
Jody Shadbolt US
Jody Shadbolt
US 298,000 298,000
Carlos Mejia us
Carlos Mejia
us 284,000 284,000
Jordyn Miller us
Jordyn Miller
us 271,000 231,000
Daniel Fuhs us
Daniel Fuhs
us 259,000 225,000
Barry Hutter us
Barry Hutter
us 258,000 258,000
Stefan Nemetz at
Stefan Nemetz
at 258,000
Stephen Song us
Stephen Song
us 255,000 -175,000
Loni Harwood us
Loni Harwood
us 243,000 33,000
Sheldon Gross us
Sheldon Gross
us 238,000 238,000
Jun Obara jp
Jun Obara
jp 227,000 165,000

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Four More Hands

NicholasBaltz • Level 15: 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

The clock has been paused and the tournament director has announced each table will play four more hands before bagging and tagging to end the night.

Bicknell Still Climbing

MattHansen • Level 15: 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

With over 125,000 in the pot and {10-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} on the board, Kristen Bicknell bet 26,000 from the small blind. Her opponent in middle position mucked his cards and she took another big pot to move towards the 600K club.

Kristen Bicknell ca
Kristen Bicknell
ca 560,000 85,000

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Song Surging

NicholasBaltz • Level 15: 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

Stephen Song bet 27,000 on the turn {k-Spades}{k-Clubs}{10-Spades}{j-Spades} and forced a fold to win the pot.

Song is chipping up while the final level of the day winds down.

Stephen Song us
Stephen Song
us 430,000 45,000

Tags: Stephen Song

Hastings Check-Raises the Flop

NicholasBaltz • Level 15: 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

A player in the hijack limped in, as did the small blind and Brian Hastings checked his option from the big blind.

On the flop {5-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{3-Clubs}, Hastings checked and the hijack player bet 13,000. The player in the small blind made the call, but Hastings woke up with a raise to 50,000 and both players folded.

Brian Hastings us
Brian Hastings
us 275,000 183,000

Tags: Brian Hastings