Poker Hand Featuring Daniel Negreanu Voted Best in PokerStars History by Fans

Last Thursday, PokerStars announced that a hand featuring Jason Mercier was voted the Greatest Hand in the History of PokerStars by a panel of the poker industry’s media voices.

On Tuesday, the results came in from poker fans from around the world, who voted a hand played by Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu as the greatest in PokerStars' history. Fans were given 22 options — all handpicked by PokerStars — and asked to select their favorite. The One Where Daniel Calls It (seen below) received the most tallies, while a hand featuring Phil Hellmuth took the runner-up spot.

Negreanu’s hand took place at the European Poker Tour London Main Event in 2010. The No.1 voted hand featured Negreanu up against the relatively unknown Angel Shlomi who raised almost five times the blind to preflop 475 from under the gun with KK. Farzad Bonyadi called with 66, and Negreanu called from the button with 109.

With three players in the hand, the flop showed 954. Shlomi barreled a pot-sized bet of 1,525, forcing Bonyadi out of the hand. Negreanu called with top pair. The Q came on the turn and Shlomi eased the aggression by throwing out a half-pot bet of 2,125. An unconvinced Negreanu called with still only middle pair. The 8 completed the board and Shlomi fired a third-pot bet of 3,000. Negreanu did the unthinkable and raised to 12,800, while saying to Shlomi, “I’m thinking it’s either aces or kings.” Shlomi snap-folded after the comment and Negreanu took down the pot.

“Just saying that’s what I thought you had, not that I could beat it,” Negreanu closed.

Finishing second in the fan voting was The One Where Phil Hellmuth Runs it Four Times, which was also voted second by the media panel.

As part of a promotion for PokerStars' 100 Billionth Hand Celebration, Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu, Lex Veldhuis, and Liv Boeree will select one hand from the three most popular. From June 24 through 30, players at PokerStars' Zoom no-limit hold’em tables (any stakes) will be able to earn cash rewards by winning a pot post-flop with the exact same hand (including suits) as the one that the three Team Pros select as their favorite. The winning vote will be announced on June 20.

Winning players will receive a cash reward worth 100 big blinds at the stake level they are playing, to a maximum of $100.
 To get in on the action, visit PokerStars.

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