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On the Felt with PokerNews: Lee Davy and Kristy Arnett

Kristy Arnett

Two of our very own PokerNews reporters Lee 'chingster23' Davy and Kristy Arnett are still alive in Event #9: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry. We were able to catch up with them on their dinner break.

Lee Davy

Who have you played with today?

I played with Kathy Liebert, Mathew Franklin, Brent Hanks, Shane Schleger, Lauren Kling, J.J. Liu (who looked like she was going to a wedding), David Singer and Marco Traniello.

Who gave you the most problems at the table?

None of them really gave me any problems. I thought that David Singer would, because he had a lot of chips, but he was pretty quiet.

Tell us about an interesting hand you played in the tournament so far.

Kathy Liebert was in the big blind, and I raised preflop, she called. The flop came {K-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{8-}, and I bet and she check raised me. The turn was a {Q-}, and she bet out 500 or 600. I called. The river was another {Q-} and she bet 1,500. And I was thinking, she's only betting sets and missed flush draws this big, and I figure there are more missed flush draws than sets, so I called and she showed {9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}. I was so proud of myself too. I went outside all excited so I could tell John Eames and the boys, and they all called me a donkey and said I should've folded on the turn.

How many chips do you have now?

I was up to 7,500 quick, but I just got dead from there. I've got about 6,000 now.

Who do you think will last longer? You or Kristy

How many chips has Kristy got? Me!

Lee proceeded to tell us an interesting story about Kristy from last night at his cash game.

I was playing $1/$3 here, and Kristy walks up behind me wearing this black dress, she was talking to her husband who was playing too. One of the guys at the table says to another guy to move over so he can see. Then the big guy goes, “You know who that is right?” And the guy says, “Yeah, that's Maria Ho.” And the big guy just goes, yep, that's Maria Ho.”

Lee followed this story with another story about Kathy Liebert.

I was at the table, and I was eating carrots, and Kathy looks at me and goes, “Are you trying to be healthy?” And I didn't say anything. And she goes, “You do realize you're touching the chips, then eating the carrots right?” And I just said, “Yeah! I used to eat ice cream off the floor when I was younger too.”

Kristy Arnett

Who have you played with today?

Aaron Steury, who I used to play underground cash games with back in Fort Wayne from before we were 18, and he was younger than me. Amanda Musumeci. My table was really good, I got to play a lot of hands and get off to a good start. When I moved I played with Matt Affleck, Mark Rodoja, Ryan D'Angelo, and David Steicke, who busted really quick. My table is tough right now, but I'm playing tight and picking good spots.

Tell us about a hand you played today.

I was in early position, and I raised to 450, and I got flatted by Jesse Martin. The flop came down {3-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}. I was first to act, and I continuation bet 600. And I got called. The turn was another {3-Clubs} and I bet 1,100, and he called again. Then the river was a {q-Diamonds}. I had played with him before, and he knew I played a lot of cash games. I knew he was either going to call or fold whatever I bet, so I shipped the river for 6,000 trying to level him. I didn't think he had aces or kings because he would've three bet me preflop. And I knew that if I shoved the river it would polarize my range. I just wanted to level him, but it didn't work. He was probably wondering what the heck I was doing. There was more thought to it though than, oh I have a full house, I'm gonna ship.

Did Lee Davy tell you about the guy who thought you were Maria Ho?

Yeah, he wrote a really funny post about it on Facebook. I get that sometimes.

Who do you think is going to last longer? You or Lee?

Me, obviously. Just kidding. I don't know. I'm felling good, and playing good, so I think I'm going to last a bit longer. And doesn't he have a short stack?

To keep up with the progress of Davy, Arnett, or anyone else, check into the live blog to see full coverage of Event #9.

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